Monday, July 21, 2008

Random movies, '68 edition

More random movies, all of them from 1968, (why? why not?), which means they're prefiltered by 40 years of film fans and are actually mostly interesting:

I Want Him Dead - Revenge themed spaghetti western. Crappy but fun, like most revenge flicks, (though not up to the Japanese classics).

Petulia - Some sort of sophisticated socialite sex comedy, interweaved with traumatic memories and a touch of sci-fi? Hm what? Watched: 12 minutes. IMDB reviewers say Petulia is underrated and misunderstood. Count me as a misunderstander.

Psych-Out - Haight-Ashbury exploitation, and Jack Nicholson with a ponytail. A lot of fun, but by the time it's all over you'll really, really hate hippies, (this may have been the purpose). IMDB reviewers say the hippie scene wasn't like this at all. Aww.

Spider Baby - Plan 9-style intro speech and bad acting. Watched: 5 minutes, then fast forwarded through the rest. IMDB reviewers say it's a self-parodic cult classic. Okay, but still.

The Night They Raided Minskys - Quick-witted comedy about a burlesque theatre in 1920's New York, telling the urban legend version of how strip tease was invented, (by accident, your honor, I swear!) Works when the plot steps aside.

Danger: Diabolik - Italian crime movie where the hero is some sort of Batman supervillain who dresses like a ninja. And he's a political radical too. Absolutely awesome. IMDB reviewers say it's based on a comic book, which makes sense.

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