Tuesday, September 22, 2009

40's movies marathon - part 27

The Glass Key (1942, USA) - I'm not sure what's happening here. There are various corrupt officials and/or gangsters scheming against and murdering each other. And there's an election, and everybody is a candidate. I like it. It's perfect. I especially enjoyed the relationship between Alan Ladd, the cool second-in-command of the relatively good guy, and a sadistic thug who keeps wanting to beat him up. Watched it all.

Jungle Book (1942, USA) - It's brave to make the Jungle Book without the necessary special effects technology. The Korda brothers successfully portrayed fairy tale magic in The Thief of Bagdad, but their animal effects are just silly. When Shere Khan attacks Mowgli's father, you can see that it's just a Hobbes-like toy tiger thrown at him. Watched: 14 minutes.

Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942, USA) - James Cagney is the perfect patriot. Born with a flag in his hand, he goes through life as a harmless entertainer. And then he gets to tell it all to the OMG The President! It's interesting that the movie is faithful to Roosevelt's paralysis: He's portrayed sitting, not even rising to shake Cagney's hand, even though the viewers would have thought he could walk. Watched: 25 minutes, then fast forwarded to see the patriotic musical numbers, which are sickening.

The Falcon Takes Over (1942, USA) - Cheap and ugly. Watched: 5 minutes.

The Spoilers (1942, USA) - John Wayne, Randolph Scott and Marlene Dietrich display entrepreneurial spirit in Alaska. Watched: 17 minutes.

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At 28 October, 2009 03:34 , Anonymous Sprudlum said...

"The Glass Key" :

"I like it. It's perfect".

Ikke rart du likte historien : dette er jo en filmatisering av Dashiell Hammets tøffe krim fra 1931, og Hammet (Pinkerton detective turned fiction writer) var forfatteren som innledet den amerikanske 'hardboiled' krimsjangeren.

Mest kjente roman : "The Maltese Falcon" fra 1931, filmatisert av John Huston med Humphrey Bogart som Sam Spade.

Men du har nok sett den og..


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