The best movies of 1954

The 1950s movies marathon crawls on, one fast-forward button press at a time. 1954 went slower than usual, but not because of the movies. Here are my favorites.

For the visuals

Track of the Cat

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Heroic priests

On the Waterfront

Father Brown

Doomed love


Garden of Evil


Creature From the Black Lagoon

Nazi’s, anti-Nazis, ex-Nazi’s and post-Nazi’s


Nineteen Eighty-Four


Night People

I can’t pretend to hate Hitchcock any more

Rear Window

Dial M for Murder

Prototypes for later classics

Secret of the Incas


Japan discovers its sense of fun

Seven Samurai


Next up: 1955, a year that surprised everyone by coming right after 1954.