Wednesday, July 9, 2008

256 words or less (or else!)

Now that the Google has turned your brains into mush, (something Microsoft never managed), bloggers have only two (yes, only two - don't question me, just read and believe) options: We can try to retrain your brains by writing long, difficult essays, or adapt to your short attention span by writing short, superficial blog entries. (For you youngsters out there, a blog entry is sort of like a long Twitter message, a maxi-twitter if you like - we used this in the old days back when horse-carriages roamed the world.) Not being quite sure which strategy will work out in the long run, I'm going with both. Long essays go there, while anything I write here is guaranteed to be 256 words or less. I can offer this money-back-guarantee because you're too lazy to verify it, and if you do verify it you're too polite to complain. Also because it's fun. As Shakespeare once said, the old-fashioned art of selecting your words in such a manner as to have as few of them as possible without loosing any meaning, is the very central characteristic, the essence if you like, or at least the foundation, of the practice of writing in a manner that many people will find poignant, enjoyable and educational, ie. not a waste of time, (though of course this does not guarantee quality as such, and there are plenty of other important caveats, such as the author's writing ability, but you get the drift). And that clocks us in at exactly 256 words, hooray!



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