Sunday, August 3, 2008

Well you can't expect everyone to like you

Oh yes, once again with the corporate intrigue and the greedy soulless men in suits. The aborted 1996 series Profit is a charming entry in the psychopathic protagonist genre. It foreshadows the kind of cable series that a few years later would be praised as dark and complex, series like The Sopranos and Deadwood, but Profit is really not that complex: This is soap opera, only better written and with an inverted moral scale. It's fun, but a lot of my enjoyment came from its historical value. They're trying to do something unusual here, but they're not quite there yet. 90's TV conventions make this a "bad deed of the week"-kind of thing. Now if someone made this today .. well, they did, and it's called Dexter. And when the BBC (always ahead) made this in 1990 they called it House of Cards. Both of them are better, but I admire the attempt, and I'm not surprised to learn that one of Profit's creators, David Greenwalt, went on to the Whedonverse, where he co-created Angel. (Speaking of the Whedonverse: Yes! Yes! Yes!!)



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