Sunday, September 28, 2008

I prefer the term "survivor"

So what would really happen after the world ends? Peter Bagge's answer in Apocalypse Nerd isn't very different from anyone else's: The survivors of North Korea's nuclear attack on Seattle would remain civilized until their first missed meal, and then turn on each other like starved animals. So maybe in real life they wouldn't turn so quickly into desperate killers as Perry and Gordo does here, but then again I've never gone to bed hungry, so what do I know? The style is very Bagge: Down-to-earth slapstick with bitter humor - much more bitter than in his Hate comics. The survivors are not actually forced by circumstance to become barbarians, it's more like they've been given an excuse to think they have no choice, and eagerly take it, (bemoaning what they've become while they rob the houses of their victims). It's almost funny. Almost.

Btw, go read Peter Bagge's political strips at Reason.



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