Saturday, November 1, 2008

Silent movie marathon - part 3

The Adventures of Prince Achmed (1926, Germany) - Arabian Nights-based fairy tale. Animated with silhouettes, which looks amazing. Look! Watched it all.

The Bat (1926, USA) - Jewel thief dressed as a bat (if a bat looked like a mouse) baffles the police. Reminds me of a kid telling a story with action figures. Watched: 10 minutes.

Ménilmontant (1926, France) - Drama from the bleak and menacing school of film-making. Life in Paris really, really sucks. Watched it all, not because I liked it, but because it's compelling and doesn't feel old.

The Blue Bird (1918, USA) - Probably a morality tale. There's a bird of happiness which only some people can see, and then there's a rich family and a poor family and one that is normal. They all live on the same street, just waiting to bump into each other for valuable life lesson purposes. Watched: 11 minutes. (Having checked IMDB, I see there's also a fairy involved.)

Oktyabr (1928, Soviet Union) - Mm .. Soviet propaganda, where hysterical mobs of rich ladies beat up workers in the streets. Fairly truthful account, in the sense that, yes, the October revolution took place in October. (Well, it was actually November). The version I saw was with sound effects, which is silly, but it was set to music by Shostakovich, whose '1917' symphony is my favourite of the few positive outcomes of communism. Watched it all, but it lacks focus.

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