Monday, January 19, 2009

30's movies marathon - part 14

Mr Deeds Goes to Town (1936, USA) - A small town guy inherits millions in New York, where he outwits swindlers and cynics by being so simple he's clever. In the war of city against town, I'm on the side of the city, and Mr Deeds is wish fullfilment for people who think that living in a small town makes them honest and real. But .. I love it, it's adorable. It's so simple and nice that it outwits clever analysis. Watched it all.

Sabotage (1936, UK) - What could it be, it's a mirage / You're scheming on a thing, that's sabotage. But as for this movie, Hitchcock must have still been learning at the time. Watched: 17 minutes. IMDB reviewers say it's one of his most underappreciated movies, which is a stupid thing to say.

One Fatal Hour (1936, USA) - A decent family woman finds her murderous past turned into a radio play, which is bad for some reason. Only Humphrey Bogart is interesting in this comedy, he plays the radio manager like a hardboiled detective. Watched: 21 minutes.

Wife vs Secretary
(1936, USA) - Wealthy New Yorkers flirt and banter. It's all fun and games in the magazine publishing business, and although I expect a minor crisis two thirds into the movie involving Clark Gable's wife learning a new emotion called "jealousy", it will no doubt all be resolved in a sophisticated manner. Watched: 38 minutes, then fast-forwarded to the crisis. (It's actually four fifths in.)

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