Monday, March 16, 2009

30's movies marathon - part 23

Topper (1937, USA) - Manny-man man's man Cary Grant plays an irresponsible playboy who kills himself and his wife in a drunk driving accident. They then return as ghosts to teach a respectable banker to be an irresponsible drunk driver too, (or at least help him stand up to his shrewish wife). Loved it. Watched it all.

The Good Earth (1937, USA) - I don't know which is more stupid: A movie set in China where all the main characters are white, or this, where the characters are Chinese, but they're all played by white actors. Watched: 14 minutes. IMDB reviewers beg us to consider the casting in the context of its era, and not condemn it out of "political correctness". I wonder if they excuse all 30's racism equally?

Conquest (1937, USA) - Polish countess Greta Garbo is pressured into offering herself to Napoleon in the hope of securing freedom for her people, but all she gets in return is rape and dishonor. She falls in love with him anyway, but again (and again, and again) she is betrayed by his ego and ambition - just like Europe. Excellent. Watched it all.

Range Defenders (1937, USA) - Oh God, it's a horrible, ultracheap Western. Noooooo...! When did they begin making good ones?! Watched: 5 minutes.

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