Saturday, July 4, 2009

40's movies marathon - part 16

Sieg Im Westen (1941, Germany) - The story so far: Germany has successfully defended itself against Czechoslovakia, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Holland, Belgium and France, and somehow finds itself in control of Western, Northern and Central Europe. Now if only some stupid fuck doesn't go and invade the Soviet Union, nothing can go wrong. Anyway, this is a movie for and by war nerds. No I don't want to know how they captured that fortress in Holland. Watched: 26 minutes.

'Pimpernel' Smith (1941, UK) - "In Nazi Germany, nobody can expect to be saved by anybody!" boasts the spokesperson for the Ministry of Propaganda as he dismisses rumors of a modern-day pimpernel who rescues scientists from Germany. Nazi stereotypes from during the war suffer from a lack of imagination. They're just small-time crooks, mean and stupid. Watched: 7 minutes.

Here Comes Mr. Jordan (1941, USA) - An over-eager Angel of Death fetches the soul of boxer Robert Montgomery before his time. As compensation, he gets to do the Quantum Leap thing, jumping into bodies to make things better. This could be enjoyable if the main character wasn't so retarded. Watched: 32 minutes.

Sergeant York (1941, USA) - Gary Cooper is a violent drunkard. But Jesus and the Great War will no doubt sort him out. Watched: 18 minutes.

Stukas (1941, Germany) - No subtitles, but the message seems to be: Our wholesome and cheerful pilots, when the time comes, for the Fatherland their lives joyfully sacrifice will. Watched: 4 minutes.

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