Friday, July 17, 2009

40's movies marathon - part 18

Sullivan's Travels (1941, USA) - Satire about a movie director who sets out to live as a tramp to learn what it's like to be poor, so that he can make that big serious movie he always dreamed about. He's followed by a bus full of journalists, looking for a human interest story. Best line: "How do you feel about the labor situation?", said to a pair of hobos on a train. Watched it all.

Topper Returns (1941, USA) - The original Topper had Cary Grant as an irresponsible playboy who kills himself and his wife in a drunken driving accident, then returns as a ghost to teach others to do likewise. This does not. I'm not sure what it has. Watched: 10 minutes.

Peer Gynt
(1941, USA) - I wish there was some way to separate Peer Gynt from Grieg's music, which is all wrong for it. This is a silent movie, which means you get to watch Charlton Heston (at 17, his first role) for 90 minutes while you listen to Grieg. Watched: 12 minutes.

Confessions of a Boston Blackie (1941, USA) - Stupid art world crime stuff. Watched: 9 minutes.

Western Union (1941, USA) - IMDB reviewers say this western about building telegraph lines is really good. I bet they're just saying that because it's directed by Fritz Lang. Watched: 16 minutes.

The Bride Came C.O.D. (1941, USA) - The movie came D.O.A. Watched: 5 minutes.

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