Friday, August 14, 2009


I've had a fragment of a tune in my head for 16 years. It began with the intro to the PC game Syndicate, in 1993:

Later I learned where they stole it from:

Gustav Holst - Mars, Bringer of War, 1914-16

Turns out everybody's stealing from Holst. Listening to The Planets is like listening to a modern movie soundtrack. Did you hear bits of Star Wars in there? This one is more blatant:

Hans Zimmer - Barbarian Horde, 2000

Hans Zimmer churns out all these aggressive and pompous soundtracks for aggressive and pompous Hollywood movies. I think I dislike him more than I like him, but it's close, and anyone who steals this fragment from Mars has my approval. To me, it'll always be that tune from Syndicate.



At 14 August, 2009 21:42 , Anonymous abre said...

It seems like almost every sci-fi movie I've ever watched have had themes based on "Mars", more or less. And quite a few of the composers have listened closely to "Saturn" and "Neptune" too, I think.

Brilliant music. Holst, that is.


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