Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ex libris

A month ago I found an ex libris bookplate - ie. "this book belongs to .." - in an old, used book. It looked like this:

The text is in Norse, and is based on saying 58 in Håvamål. It means "rarely does sleeping man win victory". I love it, both the literal and the metaphorical meaning. So I played around with the picture, and made this:

Ie. I saw something that I liked, (thank you mr Tischendorf, whoever you were!), and I made it my own. And then I had it sent to an online printer of stickers. I'm going to place this in all the books that I read from now on.

This is such a nerdy thing to do. It's possibly even retarded. But I love that picture, (I may change the design later, but not the slogan). And I believe in doing retarded things, if they're unusual.

It's not original, though. Bookplates have a long tradition among bibliophiles. Perhaps it's time to revive it?



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