Friday, October 30, 2009

40's movies marathon - part 37

Scene from the Moscow Trials, which were absolutely totally I-swear-by-Stalin's-glorious-moustache fairMission to Moscow (1943, USA) - Contrary to what you have been told, Russia is nothing at all like brainwashed leader-worshipping Germany. German soldiers are buffoons, Soviet soldiers are exotic. German leaders are fanatics, Soviet leaders are kind old men with grandfather beards, honest men of integrity who want nothing but peace for the world. And the Moscow trials were fair! Based on the book by ambassador Joseph Davies, a Soviet apologist. Watched it all, because I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Somebody ought to .. er, do something about these Communists infiltrating Hollywood.

No Time for Love (1943, USA) - Claudette Colbert is an educated woman with a promising career in photography. But what she really needs in her life is a macho blue-collar worker who knows what he wants and is not afraid to take it. Watched: 24 minutes.

It's That Man Again (1943, UK) - I suspect this may be funny in a Spike Milligan sort of way if you're able to follow along. It's too quick for me. Watched: 4 minutes.

Background to Danger (1943, USA) - As the announcer breathlessly informs us, the fate of the war lies not in actual battles fought by actual soldiers but in silly spy games among diplomats in neutral Turkey. Watched: 6 minutes.

Corregidor (1943, USA) - Just dreadful, but it begins Dramatically on the Philippines on December 6 1941, so I guess that makes it all okay. Watched: 3 minutes.

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