Saturday, December 5, 2009

40's movies marathon - part 51

The Hairy Ape (1944, USA) - Two egos collide on a steamboat: A spoiled, rich girl and a grunt from the engine room. This is an odd movie in many ways, some good and some bad. The best way to watch it is as a non-fantasy version of King Kong. Watched it all.

Cobra Woman (1944, USA) - Some guy goes to Cobra Island, where the cobra people live, to find his cobra woman, who has been kidnapped by her evil cobra twin. In glorious cobra color. Watched: 18 minutes.

Since You Went Away (1944, USA) - Claudette Colbert in a Serious Role, further proof of the evils of war. And who decided that 3 hour movies needed overtures? Watched: 12 minutes.

Pin Up Girl (1944, USA) - Betty Grable sings and dances, and there's a sort of plot here too. Light and fun. Watched it all.

The Conspirators (1944, USA) - Spy vs Spy in Lisbon. This sort of movie works better with Cold War communists. Watched: 23 minutes.

Buffalo Bill (1944, USA) - Joel McCrea is a simple man out of the West who sympathizes with Indians and feels bad about all those buffalos he helps slaughter. Watched: 49 minutes, which is the time it took for McCrea's unceasing earnestness to grind me down.

Phantom Lady (1944, USA) - A man's wife is murdered while he's out with an inconvenient alibi. I feel a hunt for the real killer coming on. Watched: 11 minutes.

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