Tuesday, December 15, 2009

40's movies marathon - part 55

Murder, My Sweet (1944, USA, Dmytryk) - This is about as good as noir movie titles get. And the movie itself is good too. I've seen it before, which may be why I was able to follow much of the plot, but the plot is incidental. The approach is expressionistic: Thugs, dames and cops, and Philip Marlowe in the middle. Watched it all.

Wilson (1944, USA, King) - Here I draw the line: A presidential biopic that plays the Hail to the Chief in the intro?! (Every time I hear that tune I think of Blazing Saddles.) Watched: 11 minutes.

Hotel Reserve (1944, USA) - The pre-war French police asks an amateur photographer for help to find a German spy. It's no wonder they lost. Watched: 17 minutes.

Voodoo Man (1944, USA, Beaudine) - Bela Lugosi is kidnapping women for use in a ritual that will bring his dead wife back to life. Finally an enjoyable B-horror! Watched it all.

Dragon Seed (1944, USA, Conway) - Americans pretend what it's like to live in China, an exotic country that is so far away that it was not even possible to get hold of Chinese actors. Watched 13 minutes, then fast forwarded to see what the Japanese soldiers looked like: Mediterranean, with moustaches and lecherous grins.

Bride by Mistake (1944, USA, Wallace) - It's nice to be a veteran. You can relax and play ping-pong, and there's a rich woman living right next door you can go flirt with. Watched: 12 minutes.

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