Listened to this week: Miklos Rozsa, Python Lee Jackson, Ayumi Hamasaki, Air, Kenny Ball

Miklos Rozsa – Theme from the 1961 movie King of Kings

This version is without the choir, but what I like is that it’s clearly just some student orchestra playing in a mall, and one of my dreams (it’s true) is that one day I’ll walk into a mall and find a student orchestra there playing the theme from King of Kings. Here’s the actual theme, with epic movie font and everything.

Python Lee Jackson – In a Broken Dream, from 1969

A one hit wonder, with Rod Stewart on vocals.

Ayumi Hamasaki – Depend on You, from the 1999 album A Song for XX

For some reason it’s the transition at 0:50 that gets me. Always.

Air – Tropical Disease, from the 2009 album Love 2

Let me take this opportunity to ask how come every single review ever written about Air’s 2001 album 10 000 Hz Legend calls it a disappointment.  I listened to it for years before I learned how horrible it was.

Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen – Midnight in Moscow, from 1961

Don’t say the Soviet Ministry of Culture never produced any hits.  There’s this song, (here covered by some goofy English “jazzmen”), and then there’s .. probably many more.