I have a long and troubled relationship with Selling DRM-free MP3′s back when most record companies were still learning how to code HTML, they’ve always had this spark of unfulfilled potential about them. DRM is stupid for a lot of reasons, such as “what do you do when the technology changes“. eMusic is the one company that have always understood this, and yet they always make some mistake that balances out their good intentions. Back in 2001, the mistake was to sell low quality MP3 files. (I asked them why, they said they didn’t have the storage space for higher quality. Well, that’s allright then!) Today it’s their pricing model. doesn’t have prices, they have “credits”. You subscribe to a plan that gives you a number of credits every month. Mistake #1: You’re not allowed to have an audiobook subscription without a music subscription. What if you only want audiobooks? (I do.) Not possible. It says so on the website. Except it is possible, if you send them an e-mail about it. What? Mistake #2: When you’ve finished your one book of the month, there’s no obvious way to buy more credits. The page for doing this is well hidden, and you must spend those extra credits within 90 days, so think carefully. Other stores encourage you to spend money. eMusic have created something closer to a rationing system. And still they’re better than most competitors. Is it any wonder I pirate first, and buy the things I like on CD and DVD afterwards?