40′s movies marathon – part 61

Spellbound (1945, USA, Hitchcock) – Gregory Peck suffers from a quite incredible psychosis, and gets help from Ingrid Bergman, who is somewhat less insane. I like plots based on psychoanalysis, even if it’s bullshit.  It’s also a good excuse to hire Salvador Dali to design the sets of your movie.  Watched it all.

Along Came Jones (1945, USA, Heisler) – Gary Cooper does his honorable-and-dumb-but-actually-kind-of-smart routine in the Old West.  Watched: 35 minutes.

‘I Know Where I’m Going!’ (1945, UK, Powell & Pressburger) – Mary Poppins goes to get married on the Hebrides, which is full of eccentric Scotsmen.  Watched it all. 

Journey Together (1945, UK, Boulting) – Goddam Edward G. Robinson shows up everywhere, even in RAF docudramas.  I wish he’d stick to gangster movies, then it would be easier to avoid him.  Watched: 22 minutes.

The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945, USA, Lewin) – Another Victorian morality tale that never goes out of fashion, long after Victorian morality has.  The picture of Evil Dorian, shown suddenly in color in this black and white movie, is the most shocking visual in the marathon yet.  Watched it all.

Woman Who Came Back (1945, USA, Colmes) – Arguably the least spooky way an undead witch can punish the town that murdered her 300 years ago is to confuse people to death by dressing and cackling like a senile old woman.  Also, I firmly believe that any condemned witch who rises from her grave to avenge herself invalidates any claim to her own innocence.  Watched: 6 minutes.

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