40′s movies marathon – part 71

Roughly Speaking (1945) - Rosalind Russell, Jack Carson

Roughly Speaking (1945, USA, Curtiz) – Rosalind Russell is an ambitious proto-feminist who wants it all in early 20th century America: A personality of her own, a husband, children, and a career.  And she more or less gets it too.  She has her fair share of poor luck, but she always makes the best of it, always ready to start over again in a new direction.  She’s a stoic feminist hero, (the best kind).  Watched it all.

Johnny Angel (1945, USA, Marin) – A captain loses his father at sea under mysterious circumstances.  He goes looking for answers (I’m fairly sure it’s answers) among local prostitutes.  Watched it all.

Brief Encounter (1945, USA, Lean) – A brainy married couple are unhappy and listen to Rachmaninoff, while having internal monologues about how depressed they are.  Well, maybe they shouldn’t be listening to Rachmaninoff all the time then.  Watched: 16 minutes.  IMDB says this is the 207th best movie of all time, which means I’m an idiot, or possibly everyone else is.

Murder, He Says (1945, USA, Marshall) – The local sheriff claims he’s fearless, but he’s actually a coward.  See, that’s a whatchamacallit, a joke.  And there are more!  Watched: 3 minutes.

The Dolly Sisters (1945, USA, Cummings) – Life was jolly in ye jolly old times.  Watched: 10 minutes.

Anchors Aweigh (1945, USA, Sidney) – On leave from the Navy, Gene Kelly is cockblocked by Frank Sinatra.  I can never get over how different young Sinatra looks from how his voice sounds.  At 30, he still looks like an awkward teenage boy.  Watched: 39 minutes.

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