40′s movies marathon – part 74

Scarlet Street (1945) - Edward G Robinson, Joan Bennett

Scarlet Street (1945, USA, Lang) – Wouldn’t it be nice if Edward G. Robinson saved a young woman on the street and it turned into a romance and an opportunity to live out all those dreams about being an artist that he buried decades ago?  Yes, it would!  But the woman he saves is Joan Bennett, who steals his money and destroys his dreams.  Watched it all.

Hotel Berlin
(1945, USA, Godfrey) – ‘Schnuppi’ and other blond Germans prepare for the end of the Reich in a hotel in Berlin.  Some of them want to escape and start the Nazi movement all over again .. IN AMERICA!!!!!  Watched: 19 minutes.

The Atom Strikes (1945)

The Atom Strikes (1945, USA) – A look at the terrible structural damage caused to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Not so much look at the human damage.  There are hardly any humans around at all.  Watched it all.  You know, they shouldn’t have done that.  It wasn’t right.  They could have tried some other way first to demonstrate the power of their fully operational battle station.

Back to Bataan (1945, USA, Dmytryk) – Oh, enough with the war movies now.  Watched: 7 minutes.

Confidential Agent (1945) - Charles Boyer, Lauren Bacall

Confidential Agent (1945, USA, Shumlin) – Charles Boyer comes out of the Spanish civil war with the idea that he’s being pursued by fascist agents.  Lauren Bacall finds this highly amusing, and laughs mockingly all throughout their thrilling fascist agent-related adventures.  Watched it all.

Kitty (1945, USA, Leisen) – Poor thief Paulette Goddard is dressed up as a lady, in order to say something or other about Class Boundaries.  Watched: 15 minutes.

4 thoughts on “40′s movies marathon – part 74

  1. Sprudlum

    Your recount of “The Atom Strikes” reminded me of the news story some time ago of
    Tsutomu Yamaguchi, who survived the nuclear strike on Hiroshima and then escaped to his hometown of Nagasaki, and survived that second nuclear strike as well.

    He went on to live until 93, in what condition I do not know.

    Incredible story.

  2. Bjørn Stærk

    “Wow, you do watch some obscure movies.”

    They’re the reason I’m doing it this way. To find the movies I wouldn’t see if I just followed some list. Especially the ones that aren’t necessarily very good, but have something unique and interesting about them.

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