40’s movies marathon – part 112

Hamlet (1948, UK, Olivier)

Laurence Olivier’s dad has been murdered, and all he does about it is arrange for a controversial play to be performed, which only confuses the murderer.  Then everybody dies in a hilarious accident.  Watched it all.  (No but really: Don’t tell me the last scene isn’t slapstick.)

Under the Sun of Rome (1948, Italy, Castellani)

A gang of teenage boys try to get into trouble and stay out of trouble at the same time.  Watched: 19 minutes.  I hope Italian moviegoers of the late 40′s didn’t only have neorealist movies to watch.  I see the appeal, but realism can get pretty shallow.

Krakatit (1947, Czechoslovakia, Vávra)

A gang of dethroned aristocrats find it very interesting that Karel Höger has invented an explosive substance that is vastly more powerful than the nuclear bomb.  Very interesting indeed.  Watched it all.  This may be one of the few good SF movies of the 1940′s.  The oppressive atmosphere fits the birth of the Cold War – and, unintentionally, the arrival of Czech Communism a year later.

Easter Parade (1948, USA, Walters)

Fred Astaire is a professional dancer with a keen eye for women’s hats and a thing for Judy Garland.  Watched: 24 minutes.  Seen and liked it before, but this time I got bored.

Coroner Creek (1948, USA, Enright)

It’s hard to say who is more stupid in the opening scene: The evil Indians who set up an ambush by waiting slightly off the road, visible to anyone, or the wagon that travels right into it.  Watched: 5 minutes.

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