40’s movies marathon – part 113

Key Largo (1948, USA, Huston)

The five hotel guests who look and act like gangsters, actually are.  Especially the one who looks like Edward G. Robinson.  Watched it all.  I didn’t realize the first time I saw this movie how retro it is.  The gangster movie had been dead for a decade.  The bad guys are exiles who want to recapture their golden youth.  But a great storm has swept the world, and revealed “Rocco”, “Curly” and “Toots” for the clowns they are.

The Earth Trembles (1948, Italy, Visconti)

The fishermen of a Sicilian village are being exploited.  If only there were some sort of political system that could put power in the hands of the common laborer..  Watched: 16 minutes.

Another Shore (1948) - Robert Beatty

Another Shore (1948, UK, Crichton)

Robert Beatty hangs around in the Dublin streets all day, hoping that an old person will have an accident, so he can help and be rewarded and get rich and go live in a South Sea island paradise for the rest of his life.  Hey that’s clever – I think I’ll head over to Dublin myself and try it out.  Watched it all.

Adventures of Don Juan (1948, USA, Sherman)

How I hate Errol Flynn.  His smirk.  His self-righteousness.  The way he flynns his way through swordfights.  Luckily I’ve read his Wikipedia entry.  I know his career is going downhill at this point, and is about to reach bottom.  When it does, I’ll watch his movies.  And I’ll enjoy it.  (Geez, what did Errol Flynn ever do to me?)  Watched: 6 minutes.

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  1. Ørjan

    No wonder a seasoned USA apologist such as yourself would support extraordinary rendition.

  2. Bjørn Stærk

    Hey I’ve been against extraordinary rendition since the dawn of time, (or at least 2004). Linking to TV Tropes is different in that it’s like the CIA giving you a ticket to Syria, which you use, and there you give yourself up to the police and ask to be tortured for a while. Then you head over to Egypt to get tortured some more.

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