1950s movies marathon – part 5

Gun Crazy (1950, USA, Lewis)

John Dall’s not such a bad boy really, he just likes to steal guns, and fondle them at night, and maybe shoot them, that’s all. It takes reform school and a Bad Woman to turn him into a criminal. Watched it all before, and again now. Dall’s performance in Rope was so great that it rubs off on his character here.

A Ticket to Tomahawk (1950, USA)

Look, I don’t ask much from special effects, but don’t show me what’s obviously just a model train, making me expect a movie about model train enthusiasts, and then tell me it’s supposed to be real.  Watched: 5 minutes.

Broken Arrow (1950, USA, Daves)

The Apaches here are played and written like Klingons, or is it the other way around?  Whatever it is, this is one of those movies where every scene resonates like the lines of an epic ballad.  Watched it all.

Scandal (1950, Japan, Kurosawa)

The photograph of Toshiro Mifune standing next some random woman is a big deal to the scandalsheets, and to him too, for some reason.  Watched: 25 minutes.

The White-Haired Girl (1950, China)

The oppressed peasants of China truly are wonderful people.  Let’s hope some over-educated fool doesn’t come along and starve them all to death.  Watched: 8 minutes, then fast-forwarded to see the Red Army reunite the young lovers who were torn apart by their cruel landlord, which inspires the People to break out into a song arguing for the landlord’s execution.

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