10 year blog anniversary

I just realized – I started my first blog 10 years ago, in February 2001.  Woo!

Actually, including pre-blogs, my full online writing history looks like this:

1995-1997..8: Heated, enlightening discussions on BBS’s, (a non-internet modem-based forum technology)

1997-2000: Rare and increasingly pointless discussions on Usenet, (large, unmoderated anonymous forums – yikes!)

November 2000 – February 2001: A bloggish diary and a few articles at Kuro5hin, a writing collective. Here’s a typical post.

February 2001 – July 2001: First blog, Threepwood ‘01, which had a profile somewhat like this one. Some culture, some opinion. Here’s a post on why games are fun.

September 2001 – 2007: The war blog, inspired by the September 11 attacks, morphing gradually into an essay blog. Here are my favorite posts.

2008: An unblog in static HTML. Here’s an essay on historical mythologies, one of my all-time favorites.

2008 – present: Max 256, the antidote to my bloggers block.  (Occasional essays sold separately.)

March 2010 – present: Twitter, hyperactivity for the rest of us.

If blogs are now “dead”, at least I’m no worse off than when I started. They’re certainly as free as they always were. I’m free to think. Free to experiment, and invent new rules for new games.

Strange as it may seem, all my blog experiments have represented what I found most relevant to focus on at the time.  At the moment, I do not simply not write about current events – I find it entirely irrelevant to do so.  That may change.  Everything changes.  But whatever happens, I will keep searching for some way to express it.