The racist message of Two Towers

I finally got around to watching this Lord of the Rings movie everyone talks about. I ended up shaking with rage during most of it. This movie is so thoroughly racist, and contains so many thinly veiled allusions to the war on "terror", that it can hardly be a concidence that mr Tolkien decided to release this movie three months before the Iraq war.

I didn't watch the first movie in this series, (and there's a third coming out next month), but the story goes something like this: There are these hobbits, who are extremely kind, goodhearted people. The hobbits have a powerful ring they're trying to take somewhere. To help them with this there are a wizard, a man, an elf and a dwarf. All of them just happen to be white, and to underscore this point for the dull-witted, the wizard is referred to as "Gandalf the White". He even dresses in all white clothes! (All that's missing is the hood.) The man, Aragorn, is some kind of �bermensch, a descendant of the superior Dunedain "race". He's 87 years old, we're told, but looks half his age - thanks to his "superior" genes, no doubt.

Working hard to foil the plans of these good, decent white folks are the "evil" Saruman, and the even more "evil" Sauron, rulers of two countries called Isengard and Mordor. Both are portrayed as near-demonic in their hatred of our white heroes. Sauron is no more than a big, red eye, hovering in the air, clearly implying that he's some kind of "Devil". Both have massive armies at their disposal, consisting entirely of filthy, ugly monsters that happen to be black, every single one of them.

The allegory to America's crusade in the Middle East is obvious, complete with a Good, white country (Israel) surrounded by "evil" darkies (Arabs): The human enclave of Rohan and Gondor, (a shining "white" city), nudged as it is in between Isengard and Mordor. It is clearly on the brink of being wiped out - the exact same defense used by Israel to justify its occupation of Arab soil. Every trick in the book is employed to dehumanize the enemy. Saruman's forces are shown committing "terrorism" against a small village, as if that's somehow the very definition of "evil". And the most effective way to dehumanize someone is of course to show them not as human at all. The enemy forces in Two Towers are literally subhuman, and most of the "heroes" are literally superhuman.

The ring is clearly a metaphor for the nuclear bomb. The good guys have it, and everyone's fine with that, but when the "bad" guys want the same power, that somehow makes them evil. Hypocrisy, anyone? Iraq, anyone?

But, I hear the skeptical reader protest, this is just a movie. You're not supposed to take it seriously. Does everything have to be about politics? Can't we just enjoy a movie like this for what it is, four hours of mindless entertainment? But that is naive. In the current climate, there is no such thing as an apolitical movie, or even an apolitical statement. Politics is all around us, in the air we breathe, in all we do and say. And in this case, the political undertones reek like the breath of one the Saruman's "urukhai" monsters. In one scene, for instance, one of the evil characters, a diplomat from Isengard, mocks the good guys for being "warmongers". And the good king of Rohan, formerly fooled into negotiating with the all-evil Saruman, is told, upon regaining his senses(!), that perhaps he'll feel better "with a sword in your hand". Lets try rewriting that in modern terms: A man coming out of a deep psychological trauma is handed a gun by the doctor who healed him, and is told "maybe you'll feel better with a gun in your hand". Tolkien isn't a right-wing gun nut, he's a right-wing sword nut! Same shit, different century.

And it gets worse. Consider: Almost all the major characters in the movie are male. Most of the women are weak and childlike background characters, who must be stashed away and protected from the "evil" darkies by the brave, heroic males. The two female side characters are both passive and weak, good for nothing but to cook (badly!) for the men.

And in a callous endorsement of the American practice of sending teenage boys to fight the president's dirty wars in faraway countries, the heroes of Two Towers order even male children to take part in the big battle at the end. One of the kids gets a lesson in sword fighting from the �bermensch Aragorn himself. And there's no ambiguity! No hint that it may be wrong to send children to fight the petty wars of their tyrannic leaders. Note also that there are no women fighting - only male children. In Tolkien's universe, even boys outrank adult women.

And there is of course no hint whatsoever that perhaps the other side isn't evil at all, that perhaps it too has its reasons for acting the way it does. Has anyone ever tried talking to Saruman and Sauron? Perhaps they too have grievances. Perhaps if everyone just sat down around a table and talked it all out, some acceptable compromise could be worked out between the white people and the black people. Perhaps they could share this ring between them? It's clearly more than powerful enough for one group alone to monopolize. But no, the conflict can only be resolved, it would seem, by slaughtering all the black people, while heroic music pumps out of the loudspeakers.

Look beneath the fairy tale wrapping. Every scene in this movie screams out the outdated idea that the world can be divided into us, who are good, and them, who are evil. This bipolar worldview is typical of the real life Gandalf and Aragorn - George W. Bush and Tony Blair. The Two Towers - funded by big Hollywood corporations with known Zionist connections - can thus only be seen as an elaborate propaganda spectacle aimed at Bush skeptics at home and abroad. And we Europeans, sadly, are falling for it. Another battle lost to the evil forces of neo-imperialism.


Quote: mr Tolkien decided to release this movie three months before the Iraq war.

Mr. Tolkien is dead and gone for almost a century.

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien was born on January 3, 1892, at Bloemfontein, South Africa (to English parents); So technically, He is S.African although White Anglo Saxon.

I can't really tell if this is meant to be satirical - but if it is its pretty damn funny.

Can I have some of those mind altering drugs you have??? They seem to work quite well - based on your posts here.


This post is garbage. Filled with the rantings of a professional "victim". Get over it and over yourself please.

this has to be Satire.

" Perhaps they too have grievances."

big deal, Ted Bundy had grievances.

maybe they were just psychotic and mentally ill

"mr Tolkien decided to release this movie three months before the Iraq war. "

Mr. Tolkien assumed room temperature 30 years ago. The books, written during the 1940's and published in 1954, would logically have been influenced by World War II.

"Has anyone tried talking to Saurumon and Sauron?"

Oh, my God...! This is hilarious!

Remember when we (Chamberlain) tried talking to Mr. Hitler?

This is great comedy.
And, folks: grow a sense of humor. This IS comedy. Fully intentional comedy. Yeesh. Squares, the lot of you.

This is funnier than shit! I can't wait till December 17th when Sauron and his orcs get their asses kicked onto Middle Earth's ashheap of history!

Gee, do one on Harry Potter, too. Please? Please? Huh?

WHOA! SOMEbody forgot to take his prozac today.

You need to settle down. If you spent less time being filled with your righteous indignation you would realize that you are so off base that it's almost beyond humor.

Umm, is "Following Dictators With Facial Hair Since 1917" not a clue?

Give a cigar to James. Comrade Medvedsilnyn is of course deadly serious, but he's not entirely real.

Bj�rn, the title of your blog [sorry, your good twin's blog] was certainly one of the things that made me suspect satire, as was your first post. The trouble is, lots of us have met too many real-life Comrade Medvedsilnyns.

I hope you will take this the right way when I say I think you're right up there with "Allah" and his blog.

I know this article was meant to be a satire. However, Al-Guardian once published a serious critique of The Two Towers which made a lot of the same points.

I'm not kidding.

I concur yr analysis. The bad guys are white, as is the white mage fighting for RedEye... and by missing the Queen of the Elves, you see only weak women... But your satire tends to get a bit difficult to follow, when we remember that, in Movie One, we learned that those 'darkies' were mad that way by evil people torturing them...

And, as much as I enjoyed your take-off on the books/movies, I hope you understand that people who've READ the books or who understand the movies realize that they can't possibly be twisted to fit the War on Terror, or Iraq War or the Israel situation, since the books were written during and post WWII... no Iraq/Israel bit on the horizon.

But except for these mistrakes, your foamy-mouthed satire is trenchant and puerile. Keep it up.

I sure hope this is satire.

If it is satire: I'll be back for more.

If it isn't satire: You may want to get some therapy. And what's this about the bad guys being all black? They're really a sort of dirty brownish gray mottled color (comes from being dug out of muck and not having a shower afterward). Plus, they're led by a WHITE guy (Saruman) who ALSO dresses in pure white, if you didn't notice.

Damn! That is some good stuff! Your "victimization" schtick is so good, you should be making some side cash from the DNC, NAACP, NOW, etc., et al., ad nauseum. ;)

You've nailed 'em perfectly! Bravo & kudos!

THAT WAS HILARIOUS!!! such parody such irony such a huge line of crap!Charles at LGF warned me of the parody LOL!

Right on!

Let the zionist controled elites know you are on to their game. We see through their propaganda!

Speak truth to power!

Great writing! Your brother is the evil twin, not you. You are a voice in the wilderness. Go Sauron!

Quite funny, however! Given the mad ravings of the Left these days, this kind of satire is rapidly becoming obsolete. Can you really beat the front runner of America's Dem. party saying that the USA should work with the Soviet Union to get Iran to behave? That had me rolling on the floor! Was he caught by a fit of nostalgia? So what's next? Perhaps consulting with the Byzantines on finding a solution to the Isrealo-Palestinian conflict? Will the Dems develop a Roman Empire strategy?

I'm not white but I didn't find the movie racist at all. In fact your modern day desease called 'being political correct' ruined my favorite movie of all time, the Matrix.

The first part was excellent, the second was not too bad but the 3rd part was horrible! Why did they put in all those stupid black actors in? Look, I'm not a racist and in fact Morpheus was my favorite character. Could they not have put in actors like Denzel Washington or Wesley Snipes in? Instead, they put these dumb Black trash actors/actresses like Jada Pinkett Smith and the rest of those idiots. Throughout the 3rd part, I was wondering, am I watching Boy's in the Hood or The Matrix.For some reason, Morpheus assumed a backseat role in the 3rd part when he is the very epitome of the movie Matrix!

I say fuck being politically correct! You stated " The two female side characters are both passive and weak, good for nothing but to cook (badly!) for the men."
How many women in real life do u know of that are kinda swash bukling ass kicking type like Lara Croft in the movie titled Tomb Raider? In order to be politically correct, every movie that now rolls out of Hollywood has these silly women who are obviously trying to ape their male counterparts. I am sick and tired of this desease!

jamuka, matrix reloaded was a great movie if you just skip the Zion scenes and pretend that Jada Pinkett Smith isnt actually in the movie. Oh and LOTR takes place in Middle Earth! I guess Tolkien made this movie to be an allegory to the middle east! lol He even wrote in an Orcish suicide bomber who breached the walls of Helms Deep. Why hasnt he spoke out more on conflict in the middle east?

Haha..great! Keep up the parody.

We like it a lot o'mighty Dark Lord,
er Comrade. Sorry about that slip.
Of course You have issues.
And none of those ssstinking Elves
have ever bothered to negotiate with you.
No not at all. Why else would we have
had to lay to waste the land of the
Elven smiths? They had it coming to them.
Racist Capitalist Pale Faced Elves!


I hereby present you an honorary doctorate in multicultural, minority, and arab studies. You are truly a liberator of the oppressed, even more that Sauron.

Susan Sarandon - Chomsky - Moore
Multiculturalism Department
University of California at Berkley

P.S. Unfortunately, the elvish studies department is forced to file a law suit since you blatantly ignored their vital contributions to Middle Earth society.

The capture of Saddam is a blatant marketing by the zionist occupied US government and zionist Hollywood. This is not coincidence. Saddam was cowering in a hole the whole time and US forces waited until the 3rd movie was set to open. The suppressing of alternate-means of ruling and the destruction of evil forces are manifestations of western unilateralism and imperialism.

"...and I should like to say something here with reference to the many opinions or guesses that I have received or have read concerning the motives and meaning of the tale. The prim motive was the desire of a tale-teller to try his hand at a really long story that would hold the attention of readers, amuse them, delight them, and at times maybe excite them or deeply move them......As for any inner meaning or 'message', it has in the intention of the author none. it is neither allegorical nor topical. As the story grew, it put down roots (into the past) and threw out unexpected branches: but its main theme was settled from the outset by the inevitable choice of the Ring as the link between it and The Hobbit. The crucial chapter, 'The Shadow of the Past', is one of the oldest parts of the tale. It was written long before the foreshadow of 1939 had yet become a threat of inevitable disaster......"

Mr. Tolkien continues writing in the Foreward to the Second Edition to the Lord of the Rings and I have basically surmised tthat The Lord of the Rings HAS NO INNER CURRENT EVENTS REPRESENTATION WHATSOEVER.

When it was released in Britain, people were all "Ooooh, he's refering to WWII." When it was released in the States in the 60s, people thought, "Wow, this is completely based on all of our struggles." And now after the movies were released people think, "I can't believe someone would write something so directed at the political issues and the War on Terrorism of today."

That was not the story's intent.

Swear, if this little article of yours is serious and people who have posted ACTUALLY believe you.....I.....I just can't believe how dumb you are.

People are entitled to believe that LOTR is so all encompasing of human emotions and struggles, that it sometimes relates to our own lives. But what you wrote is just plain dumb.

I only request that you please do some research before writing such a firm view on LOTR. And about the whole female postion, Galadriel is the QUEEN of the elves. She is the oldest, most powerdul, most beautiful creature of them all. And Eowyn? Her whole story revolves around her willingness to fight and defend her people, she may just suprise you in the third film.

Gandalf did try talking to Saruman, but Saruman kicked the crap out of him and wouldn't even listen. If you read the books or did your research properly, Gandalf tried talking to Saruman again after the Ents attacked Orthanc. And hello, you can't talk to Sauron. He is an EYE. He has no physical being whatsoever, that was destroyed by Isildur.

I hope you were just kidding.

Ah, it's nice to see good satire getting out there. It's just a pity you didn't need to deviate very far from the topic. There's not much to get your imagination going is there? The Left has already done all the work for you.

Nice satire!

Just a little detail: Tolkien did NOT write about WW2, if we can believe his own words. Some of The Lord of The Rings was influenced by his participation in WW1, and the main storyline was finished before the outbreak of WW2.

The world he has created is widely based on European pagan prehistory, but at the same time it's main theme is about the fight against pure evil - a very Christian theme from a very religious man. The story has supposedly nothing to do with politics in the real world, but rather the fight against evil in general.

In allot of Disney films the color of some peoples hair deceives weather they are arrogant or humble. For instance notices in mighty ducks the bad guys are blonde haired blue eyed Germans? All the people on the opposition are blonde or have dark blonde hair. They are arrogant and ruthless (like the Nazi's)

Then notice that the good characters have brown hair and are multicultural (the Jewish kid, the black kid and the big tough guy)
Notice also that none of them are as blonde as their opposition.

Another example of this is Harry potter. Harry is humble his hair is brown, his other friend has red hair which means he is a funny side kick and surprise, surprise his opponent who is extremely arrogant has blonde hair.

I have theories about why they do this. The blonde haired blue-eyed people are supposed to represent Nazi Germany and the brown haired people are representing good-hearted wholesome Americans

ps execellent post

You are definetly onto something. I just saw the sequel to two towers, the return of the king. I recommend you that you see it. If it needed to be more obvious, here it is. It is clearly an allegory of how the "liberal" west wins over the "forces of evil", the poor oppressed third world countries. Let me give you some of the points:

1) The homosexuality of the main characters intents to show how "liberal" and "good" the west is. After victory over the forces of "evil" all the main characters end up hugging each other in the same bed. Even two elderly, bearded "uncles" join in. If this wasn't enough, one of the main heroes is even called Merry (=Gay!). For those of us able to see through this propaganda, it really tells a lot of the perversion of western society.

2) One of the main "evil" characters is a skinny little creep with yellow skin. How obvious do they have to make their point! This is clearly "North Korea". He isn't really allied with the "forces of evil" but he helps them anyway and tries to kill the "good" guys. He want's the "ring" (nukes) for himself, but the "good" guys want him to destroy it.

3) Geographic referenses: One of the good, blond kings says that the world is doomed if the enemy overruns the "west bank". This is typical sionist propaganda where the sionist etity claims they need to prolong the apartheid occupation and suffering of the palestinian people because of "security concerns". Mordor, the "evil land" is in the south, and is dry, barren and plagued with natural disasters (vulcanoes, earthquakes), just like northern africa and the middle east. The land of the "good" is in the north and is green, typical european landscape.

4) The "evil" soldiers use elephants, like the Persians or Babylonians did. The "good" soldiers kills the elephants in the most brutal way without mercy, not giving much regard to the fact that they are innocent animals forced into war.

I suggest to everyone that they boicott mr.Tolkien's movies until he stops using racist/apartheid imagery.

le big McShit

"Perhaps if everyone just sat down around a table and talked it all out, some acceptable compromise could be worked out between the white people and the black people."

Man, that is the greatest pile of rubbish I EVER HEARD. And I've heard a lot, take my word for it. You see, you have not read the books, which are, if I remember well, over 60 years old. Boy, you must feel stupid. I bet you are.
Of course, the Zionists are taking over the world! How can we not see it? It is the Protocols of the Elders of Zion happening all over again!!!
Might we take it you're part of an anti-semitistm organiztion?

IF you would have read the books, you'd known that they are one of the greatest masterpieces out there. I would hold respect to you only when you know WTF you're talking about.

it's funny how you morons cannot see through simple programming. you immediately scoff at the implications than just "pure entertainment" are you truly serious? the world is pompus near-sighted assboils are a sad sack. and closet-racists. anytime someone tries to "villanize" whites or any in-human action they undertake it's immediately shot down and is considered "implausable". the "yeah we did heinous things but that was a long time ago" mentality. you people make me sick. have you ever sat down and watched any of the LOTR movies and asked "where are the colored people?" NOT ONE!?? grow a brain.


the "yeah we did heinous things but that was a long time ago" mentality.

Well, it seems that YOU are the one who needs a new brain, pal. Tolkien wrote his books during WWII and the 40's. If I recall, there was still slavery during that time. It does not make this piece a bad one.
Would you claim that Shakespear stinks because there were no black people in his writings? And Plato? Well, you see, Tolkien does not mention anything about the afro - americans or anyone else. At all. And on his books, he never mentions a single skin color, except for, maybe, oliphants and gollum. But I'm not sure about that as well. Nobody said that Aragorn was white ...

Wow...I hope you're kidding.

get a life and maybe do a bit of research before posting such nonsensicle rubbish. this post is without reason and evidence from the texts of the trilogy. racist...nowhere does he mention in his literature the description that says that the hobbits were white. depictions in the films are different fromt he book. gandalf began as gandalf the grey...sauruman was the "white" and he did evil. gollum was of pale skin and did evil. look for something hard enough and you'll find something that you can twist to make it seem true. my advice...READ THE BOOKS!!! oh and just a little note tolkien died on the 2nd sep 1973...doubt he had much to say about the release date.

In the first book, "The Fellowship...", when Frodo first meets Strider. The man who gives him the letter from gandalf talks about the Black Riders as "Spooks" and goes on to say "No Black Man will cross my doorstep".

I saw all the films which I enjoyed. The films led me to the books, which I was enjoying until I read the part I just mentioned. I kind of brothered me which led me to do a search on Google to see what other people are saying on the web. I loved the films and will enjoy them if I come across them in the future. I don't know about the books since I'm still reading it. I wonder why tolkien had the character say the words "Spook" and "Black Men" together. These Black Riders were evil undead so the word "spook" fit. But to have a good natured character go into fit over Spooks and Black Men, when know one thought of the Riders as men, maybe shows some of tolkien's true feelings on people of color invading his England at the time.

First of all, stupid.

Second. Bush, Blair, and Israel are NOT EVEN CLOSE to being "good guys". Oh, and Israelis aren't White. They're Jewish. There's a difference... even the Jews say so. That's why Israel "must always be a Jewish State" to preserve their posterity. Which is very reasonable. Yet America must have an open border policy and enforce multiculturalism. If it doesn't, that's (gasp) RACISM!!! Can you say double-standard boys and girls? Bush knows this, but stands behind his Jewish media bosses to win the next election.

Third. Two words... SEEK THERAPY.

Fourth. The fact that people like you bitch and moan about things being racist IS RACISM. If there was a movie about blacks overcoming White oppressors, that would be fine, right? But a movie about Whites overcoming dark forces that are threatening their society, culture, and their lives, OH, THAT MUST BE RACIST!!! I've got news for you... if the movie has any hidden meanings or not, the TRUTH is not RACISM, it's just TRUTH. If you don't like it, don't watch the movie.

Everyone else already made all the other points I was going to make. Don't quit your dayjob.

It is uneducated bastards liek yourself that give other people bad names. You know nothing of the subject and then assuem you know everything....... but if it was for a joek it was fucknig hilarious :)

i think the films were fantastic, i've got fellowship of the ring and the two towers on dvd and i'm going to get return of the king as soon as it comes out in the shops, i have all three of the books too, i read them when i was much younger, i even went and got the soundtracks for the movies on cd and i listen to them when i'm at work, but i have to say, theres definately something dodgy about the way everyone calls black people black when they actually aren't specifically black to be exact and the way that dark forces and blackness is so scary in european and american culture , i suppose thats what the person was going on about in the first place and the way its so obvious in the films and if you take certain bits from the books you might construe them as describing europeans smashing the black enemies, the most subtle messages can be the most powerfull.

if you ask me i think the lord of the rings books and films were about friendship

I find some peoples desparation to find racism in near enough everything so damn funny, but its also so damn stupid.

Saying things like this -

'2) One of the main "evil" characters is a skinny little creep with yellow skin. How obvious do they have to make their point! This is clearly "North Korea". He isn't really allied with the "forces of evil" but he helps them anyway and tries to kill the "good" guys. He want's the "ring" (nukes) for himself, but the "good" guys want him to destroy it.'

Is just plain stupid, clutching at straws mehthinks....

what a jacko freako wack piehole!

That was the biggest bunch of bullshit I have ever read. What a waste of my time. You make no sence this movie was a story writen in the 40's not some shit about Iraq. Its not racist the bad guys are just monsters! And anyone that just read that is now a lot more stupid. Good work retard.

Interesting article. But Comrade Medvedsilnyn, please don't forget, that Arabs are also "white people"。 In the famous book of
"Arabian Nights", there are also lot of part filled with racism and discrimination on the black people. :)

Israeli didn't occupy any Arabian soil. They built their country on the land of [b]BRITISH[/b] (NOT Arabian) Trust Territory, and former territory of Turkey. Some Arabs live there so that British Trust Territory became "Arabian Soil"? Then there were also Jews and other people live there, why can't we call it "British Soil", "Jewish Soil", "Greek Soil" or "Armenian Soil"??

PS, your favorited Arabs are more racial than any other people. They bomb or kill Jews at Rome, at Vienna, at Buenos Aires, at Istanbul and Cairo only because they are Jews.

indeed very much a creative assumption,yet mr.Bush's effort to re-write mr.tolkien's bestseller and capabilities of doing this have been called into question.He might have you feel that even the air you are breathing is no longer apolitical,probably every single bird flies over the sky should simply bear coloured feathers?supposedly fairly spectacular. futhermore one shall take into account the fact that Jewish people would have suffered much more than they themselves or Palestinians do today if they had lost the first battle during Arab's first invasion in 1948

I think the fact that you can't spell properly says it all. If your going to write anything, please let it be legible.

Your argument is weakened tremendously by your inability to research, spell and frankly THINK straight!!! I am currently researching to write a paper on the LOTR's movies and whilst I find your review interesting (or to be more accurate 'hilarious') you should remember that it is writing such as yours that weakens any plausible suggestion that racism is frequently reformulated in modern cinema. Racism is an issue worth noting within the films, however you should remember that the films and books are very different and that before you make such attacks on other peoples work, perhaps it would be better to watch the whole movie properly - when frodo and sam are captured near the end of the second movie, the Captain of Gondor says the following:

"the enemy...his sense of duty was no less than yours I take it. You wonder what his name is, where he came from and if he was really evil at heart. What lies or threats led him on this long march from home and if he would not rather have stayed there in peace..."

Please consider what you write before you write it, otherwise you just waste peoples time and devalidate any argument that Jackson's movies reinforce racial, colour sterotypes.

come on now people-
It seems we have a few that have a ‘trained’ eye to spot racism. Your eyes are so well trained to spot every nuance, you probably detected the film developers were all white as well.

what an evil conspiracy- writing a book on pre- ancient europe and not including diversity of skin color. what was tolkien and peter jackson conspiring to do- sounds like a conspiracy from the right to me. hahah

with a little diversity training, tolkien and jackson could remake the story about a fellowship of people with all skin colors... and the story could just revolve around how everybody gets along.

i think they are very gay too but the movie isnt so bad on drugs.

ur all a bunch of wankers

its true that most movies are discriminant. if you have a white movie there are only whites in it if you have black movies there are only blacks in it ame goes for asian people. only few movies have all races in it. i still dont get why humans HATE humans we are all diferent but still the same in a way.

its true that most movies are discriminant. if you have a white movie there are only whites in it if you have black movies there are only blacks in it ame goes for asian people. only few movies have all races in it. i still dont get why humans HATE humans we are all diferent but still the same in a way. and this book was made along time ago so he probably was a racist to blacks because he was raised by white parants.

the idea is true in a way, but i don't thnk that Peter Jackson is racist or intended to make the movie look that way. i read all three books and at the end it does hint to racist views. a lot of white south africans in the time of JRR Tolkien were racist or looked down at the black afrikans and vice versa blacks didn't like white much(obviously), which caused a lot of turmoil(fighting etc) in that country. i have almost no doubt that JRR Tolkien was influenced by that and i wouldn't be surprised if the author had been racist at all.
but to say the movie was racist? i dont know about that. i liked all three movies. and i'm half black/white =). the movie should be looked at for what it is, which is entertaining and not some subliminal kind of propaganda against the black race or any other race that isn't white.

a great post...seen the movie and find quite resemblance.....!

You dumb wanker.
The books were written in the mid 50's.
How could he have seen some war in iraq 50 years in the future?

Shakespeare's Othello featured a Moor.

There is no such thing as a white or black human being. Those terms are racist.

The 3rd Matrix sucked because of the screenplay. And why not say, the acting was bad, the color of one's skin does not determine bad acting.

There are many issues in the Ring trilogy. We must all educate ourselves and see it for what it is. An education into our past. Tolkien was not an American.

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We have seen and read Tolkein's books/movies, and in the book it clearly states at the beginning that the series has no allegory. He said that he hated allegorance since he grew old enough to sense it's presence. Therefor, this racist message has nothing to do with the war, or anything at that.

Sir, Tolkien has been dead for a looong time. Sauron is an eye because he doesn't have all his "strength" back to make himself into a "human" form. I don't know why the orcs are "black" but I believe that is because they are filthy? Or maybe because they were formed of mud? You said yourself you haven't even seen the first one, so how can you say this movie is "racist" if you don't know the whole story? Gandalf USED to be Gray, he has not always been White. It seems to me that you are bent on ruining this movie for the rest of us.

I've read the books and they are wonderful. They are not racist as you say. In the beginning of the books, Tolkien says that these books contain no allegory. These books were written a long time ago when certain things that would be considered "racist" today wouldn't be then, anyway.

BUDDY- THE MOVIE IS BASED ON A BOOK- was written LONG before this Iraq war-???...when writing a good story- THESE ARE JUST THE BASICS- dont make a big deal out of something so TOTALLY stupid...oh-my-god. And when you say: Gandalf the White- WHITE MAGIC- ever hear of it? this was heard of a LONG time before people were ever really racist in the first place~...and evil is considered to be dark- WHAT DO YOU THINK- its supposed to be all happy and goodness- you really have no imagination. The movie delievers only morals to the audience- friendship, loyalty, nobility...and so much more. And women for the longest time had been considered weak against a man, they didnt have as much power as a man did- honestly, most people know that. AND HELLO0O0O0O0O...ohmy said something about talking all they're problems out together- **AHAHAH- i laugh at you**right, like it's that easy- They call it the EVIL SIDE BECAUSE THEY ARE CORRUPTED AND WANT ONLY POWEEERRRR- they want to control. and By the way- Gandalf had already talked to Sauruman in the first movie((seeing as you havent SEEN it)) so thats sort of ignorant. If your going to complain about one of the best stories ever written- you must be pretty dull. Seriously- I love this story so much- DONT DISS IT.

Race is a huge issue in this movie...but it is not portrayed in the form of white and black. instead it is in the form of dwarves, humans, wizards, hobbits...etc. the whole point of the movie and of the book is to argue that the races must come together to fight for their earth -- before it is destroyed by hate and greed. the different races in the book represent the different races on earth (which, by the way, are not just black and white). in relating the movie to iraq, first, tolkein wrote the story in the 40s before george w was even born and, second, if you want to make an analogy, I would argue that sauron and sauruman represent the united states and the others represent the rest of the world. you really shouldn't write comments about a book you haven't read or researched. you sound quite ignorant.

A good thoughtful post, i too noticed some disturbing things in the movies (the book itself is very racist). For one the men of the east who help Sauron look like Arabs, dress like Arabs, they ride elephants (an eastern association - India, Britain was experiencing rebellion from India when the book was written). All the talk of the 'shadow in the east' and the evil there, there was even an orc suicide bomber in the movie (he carries a bomb to the city and blows it up, killing himself and breaching the walls. Clearly to me, this movie was designed with a point towards underlining current global political themes such as the so called 'war on terror'. I did not even think the films were that good, i found them shallow and glossy, with emphasis on huge special effects bonanzas to sparkle up the trailers for the movie at the expense of the 'heart' of the story which lay in it's characters. Too many fight scenes.

lotr was written in 1954..the closest relation to politics would probably be one in relation to hitler..who in the world at that time would know about george bush and tony blair? tolkien is definitely no exception. use some brains for goodness sakes!

This had to be a joke. If not, now I know why America is so populated with idiots from other countries.

You stupid bastard. If you've got your head shoved so far up your ass that you can call Tolkien a racist you either have too much time on your hands or just want something to bitch about. Tolkien died over 30 years ago and wrote the books over 50 years ago. They were written as bedtime stories for his kids! He had no clue that a war with Iraq was going to break out. He probably didn't even know that they would make a movie out of his books. I've never thought very highly of communist bastards like you, but now that i have i've realized something: you are all a bunch of depraved morons that just want to cause problems for the rest of the world. Do everyone a favor and don't try to fuck everything up for everybody else. Gayn cacken ofn yam.

Hey SharpShooter, Bangkok...

you said -
"since the books were written during and post WWII... no Iraq/Israel bit on the horizon.

But except for these mistrakes, your foamy-mouthed satire"

For Sharpshooter and all you other stupid people who also happen to be closet racists.

The Isreali agenda started in 1897 when Theodor Herzi in Basel, publicised claims for a Jewish state on Palestinian soil. It then went on with the Balfour declaration in 1917 and the start of mass immigration into Isreal until post WWII when the Jews finally declared thier own state...

This Tolkien guy was born and raised in SA which was at the heart of Aparthied back in the 1940's and you lot are telling me he isn't racist? You lot grow a brain if you seriously think you can make these films and then convince people like me that they aren't racist! Ofcourse they're racists its full of racist undertones. Not that I care however for if a white boy is proud of his skin colour and see colour as a big deal then he can go make any film he wants if he has the money. You closet racists can watch these films and enjoy it. I watched enjoyed some special effects - but overall thought it was very shit film, but didn't mind the racist undertones. Afterall it was my choice to watch the film and subliminal effects of political propoganda trying to convince me that I'm evil because i was born a certain colour is the price i pay for watching the film. Anyway i'm not stupid enough to take any kind of crappy hollywood film seriously.


It is always one of those things in history that people try and apply the moral standards of their time to people/events of times gone past. Most people condisder themselves to be part of civilised society, but you can bet that in another hundred years the folks will be saying "god, how barbaric it was back then in 1990 etc..."....
My point is that Tolkein can not be judged using our standards. The truth of the matter is that he deliberately set out to create an epic English lengend with its own lore and languages, he wanted to create a myth that would be adopted in English culture.
That is why all the heroes and nations are based on european races, so people in England (at that time) could identitify with them.
As to the depiction of evil, the usage of black for evil is not restricted to "racist white cultures" as some seem to has been fearful of the darkness since ancient times, and it was with the advent of fire and hence light that civlisation developed. Many cultures use black and red to colour evil deities or use it in relation with death. Anyway, i thought the orcs were more greenish, and the concept of the industrious orcs burning trees etc, lent itself to a darker appearance.
The only concept which did seem racist in the story was of the Men of the East. Allied with evil, they had no redeeming qualities. However, once again you have to remember that this mythos was created for English culture, and the East was in ancient times seen as a source of danger. Tolkien never really explained properly the other forms of Man on Middle Earth, and so we never know why the East men were allied to Sauron, maybe he had already enslaved them or were they just inherently evil? THis is the only valid point that people can argue about if they are trying to determine whether Tolkein was racist, but as i said, if you are going to damn Tolkein, you'll have to damn the whole culture he was living in an asian who grew up in england i am acutely aware of how racism develops, but to be honest one thing i came to realise as i grew older was that on a basic level if you haven't interacted with people outside your culture, how are you supposed to be tolerant to them? The England of Tolkein's time was very different to that of today.
The reason i love the Lord of the Rings is because of the universal concepts which are expressed in the stories. Loyalty, friendship, family, death, hope, despair, destiny, all these values which transcend race or nation. If you are to accuse Tolkein of anything bad, it is that he did not realise the scope of his work, the depth to which his stories would touch people of so many different backgrounds. His books have become successful all over the world, and I am sure if he realised that his epic stories have been adopted by all humananity, he would have been both surprised and pleased.


Lol, excellent piece, sir!

This movie rocks. It's not a racist undertone, it's a culturual undertone. The good guys represent the noble defenders of our sacred Western Christendom that's so important to our survival. The evil ones are like the mindless, murderous barbarians (Turks, etc) who tried to destroy the cultural treasure of Christendom.

And sometimes, my friend, there are things worth dying for. The defense of Western Civilization from barbarians is one of those things.

"The ring is clearly a metaphor for the nuclear bomb. The good guys have it, and everyone's fine with that, but when the "bad" guys want the same power, that somehow makes them evil. Hypocrisy, anyone? Iraq, anyone?"

Possible? Prolly not man. Ok so the story was written around the time of WWII and the whole nuke thing could be, except that Tolkien started writing and developing this saga before the first world war had started. The ring was first heard of in The Hobbit. (prequel)
As for the racists comments, don't go there man. I have not a racist thought toward blacks or any other color in my head. I have seen several tv shows and even a few movies that are solely black. Im not bitching. People from similar cultures and points of view usually are entertained by ideas that are similar. So the LOTR didn't have blacks(which back then would be walking a finer line than now), BET doesn't have whites.

This is the biggest load of shit ive ever read.
And ive read that theres a big potato in the sky that will save us all if we just believe.

Conspiracy theories are one thing but this is such bull i could hardly finish it. Enjoy your world man.

Probably you are right.

You make me totally sick....these movies were based off of the WONDERFUL BOOKS that Tolkien wrote almost a century before those movies. You have no room to say that this in ANY way is related to the Iraq war. These are different circumstances entirely...people like you make this world alot tougher to live in, rather then make it easier.

Pretty close to the outlook of most of the middle class fanatics that call themselves communists/maoists/marxists.

But at times you take your premise too far and the comedy goes out with the believabilty.

Cheap target anyway because most of these people sort their heads out some time after their 19th birthday.

Between 15 and 19 is the most extreme stage. These kids are intelligent enough but there is a childish need for a simple dogma with which to organise and test their own and other peoples world view against.

Life experience usually smooths down the edges of their flinty logic.

Dr Timmy recommends a generous dose of sacred mushrooms for all you Maoists out there.
Also try getting laid.

What a maroon you are. The lord of the Rings is about Northern European Mythology and Herritage. If thats too much for your poor little head to accept then dont watch it.

I am going to be completly honest the people defending LOTR here seem like real decent people and I can't see a lick of racism in any of them but the people who denounce it are filled to the gills with hate and I'll tell you straight up unlike these denouncers I am a white racist for this reason only in the modern world it is a crime to be white we are guilted in school about are past and told how open minded it is to have interracial relationships.....bullcrap a world where everyone is the same and there are no ethnic differences is just boreing and it's a world I wouldn't want to live in I'm no Nazi I don't hate the black man but I am proud to be white and would have it no other way. by the way FUCK YOU NUBIANTUT1!!! you hateful cocksucker

Congrats Thanksgiving Day!

Hello all!
Happy Independence Day!

Hello! I am erik and i like this site. Bay... ;)

Yo brothers! Good site ;)
Thaks ;)

Erm...I would seriously like to argue with you. First of all..I read all the other comments about the story. Much has been said. But much more I need to say, before I am satisfied.

Tolkien firstly, as said here before Tolkien wrote the books at the time of the second world war. But the story was made up by him alot earlier. And you cannot possibly comment on anything about LotR, when you havent read the books..and the history of MIddle Earth. You see..Tolkien wrote detailed history to Middle Earth. With gods..and rulers..and if you could make yourself read the Silmarillion or Unfinished Tales, then you would truly see, that Tolkien was as far off from racism as possible. (I would also suggest you read his lifestory)

Now commenting your comments:

As for the first part of your revew..I�ll just say what plenty of others say. Tolkien died on the 70ties. And he was not a person, who could see the future. Hereby I would also like to say that, this is why LotR is so great. It is fantasy, but still it has the problems of real life in it. And we can compare this great story with our lives, even though the story is in a world, wich was made up by Tolkien alone. So..Tolkien wrote a story, wich was entirely fantasy, but still close to real life, and its problems, even now 40 years past the time, LotR was written. I would seriously like, for you to see, how great this story is..I feel sorry for you, for you do not understand how genious this story is.

As for the second part of your story. Gandalf was at first said here before. And Saruman was white..but yet, evil. And bloody hell! You should seriously read Silmarillion. For within it you would see, why Aragorn was so old, and yet looked so young. READ THE SILMARILLION. The story behind the Dunedains long lasting life is so far off from racism, as a story can be. Also I do not understand, why you hate the colour white so much. Gandalf was white, because he was good. The colour white, has ever been the colour of the christian god. While the evil was darn, or flames (red) and I have to tell you the fact, that Tolkien was a deeply religious man. So it is logical he uses the colour white to reffer at goodness. (God I�m so holding myself back, from insulting you for your ignorance in the worst way)

As for the thrid paragraf.

Sauron "is" reffered to as the devil. You idiot! As I sayd, Tolkien was a christian. So of course he made the greatest of the "bad guys" something wich resembeles to the devil. If you compare everything with racism, the you should read other fantasy books. In there also, dark is evil. And thats NORMAL! For humans have always been afraid of the dark.

As for the fourth paragraf.

As said before. It was wrote loong before today. So Tolkien didn`t know about Iraq. Fool you are! Ignorant fool! And by the way..those orcs which destroyed the village, were actually under the command of Saruman, the "white(!!)" And as for the orcs being blakc..this is in the movie. Really orcs came in all colours..yellow, green. (And if you compare the "yellow" now to people at Asia, then I�ll kill you.)

As for the Fifth and sixth paragraph.

The ring allegory you are seeking, is nowhere, besides your head. For Tolkien seriously has told, that the idea for the ring came long before even the second world war. Once again I will have to comment you as: Ignorant fool! As for the political truly are obsessed with it. And compare every single thing with it. I suggest you take a break from it for a while. You may call me "blind" you may think I�m a fool saying this. Once again I will have to state, how Brilliant this story is..for in it are truly the political problems of this world..though all of the story is in another world. As for you telling that Tolkien was a sword guy! I HAVE NO WORDS! Tolkien went to war..he lost all of his friends in the first world war, while he was a private. If you even think of him as someone, who wants war..then you are the greatest of idiots, I have ever seen. As for you claiming that in the movie Theoden takes his sword, to make war as soon as he is cured..ACH! For some thing you have to fight..would you let your country be destroyed by invaders, who attack with only the reason to destroy your people... If not then you are a fool! For the lives of your people you have to fight! For Theoden has done nothing to the Uruk-Hai..yet they attack. As for the allegory of them being black.. Again I have no words for your ignorance. If you would watch the first movie, then you would know, that the orcs were once elves..the "highest" and "noblest" of the "white guys" And they were tortured and mutilated, by the dark god..(Who once wasnt dark, and the beginning) until they became orcs.

As for the seventh Paragraph.

You are once again a ignorant fool! For Eowin..the one you claim to be weak..kills one of the greatest enemyes at the 3rd part of LotR. And Arwen, the elf..she bravely took his sword and faced the greatest of the "black guys" in the first part of LotR. Females have done alot in Middle Earth..since you are so ignorant about the history of Middle Earth, you cannot know. In the first age of Middle Earth, Luthien the elven maden helped a man, to get into the stronghold of the "evil" god. To steal a thing he possessed. The elven maiden, but the way, did more work than the man. One of the many examples... (Ignorant fool!) Of cource there are less female heroes, than male ones, but you can once again compare it to real life..and LotR is very much alike real life..Tolkien ment it to be that way.

As for the eight paragraph.

Truly you are a fool. Again he compares this to real life..and in the book, and in the movie aswell, kids fightning we�re made sad, and dramatical. As for the history of Middle Earth, kids have done nothing, yet women have done alot. I could bring you many examples, but I suggest you read Silmarillion and the books yourself.

In the nineth paragraph.

The orcs and the elves. The evil men, and good men. The trolls and dwarves. Those races have ever hated each other. And they will, in Tolkien universe, for ever. And it is not racism. Its good and evil..and evil was made black, because of the black colours I�ve said before. As for the other side, not being evil..that is truth you know.. In Tolkiens universe nothing was evil at start. (Read the Silmarillion) As for the ring..well it is probably the only evil thing in MIddle Earth ever. It can corrupt you, make you do, what it wants. And with it Sauron can get his power back, and destroy all the realms of MIddle Earth. So cannot be shared. (Read or watch the movie of "Fellowship of the Ring" the first part of LotR) And Sauron..well to say it simple, he has a little grudge agaings the "good/white" guys. For the things, they�ve done to him. (and that is not racism aswell..he was oce honoured..more simple to say, he was corrupted by the evli god Melkor..evil alone gives birth to evil.) Again I will have to suggest you read the Silmarillion. For within that book, you will find your answers.

As for the last paragraph.

Again you are an Ignorante fool! For Bush and the other guys, you mention, were not even borned, when Tolkien wrote this book. I could tell, Tolkien is right now laughing at your statements in his grave..for this is what he wanted in LotR. For it to be compared to real life. The Master in his tale brought forth all of the problems of this world. And he was not racist. And the thought he is, exists only in the mind of you, and the people who agree with you.

I shall comment you as: Retarded/Ignorante fool/racist. Yes it is you, who is the racist. For you see racism in everything. I have no doubt that you could make some fairy-tales seem like Racism.

I would like to debate you after you�ve read LotR books, seen all of the movies and read Silmarillion. Then we shall see if you still think, that story containes racism.

Um, I hope this was meant to be funny. If it was, then it was halarious. If it was actually serious and this is how you feel......You better look into your facts more and get the whole story.

If this is comedy, I fail to see the humor in it. Light and darkness have always been used to represent good and evil. Even the Bible uses that analogy... or do you think God's racist too?
Secondly, Tolkien is dead,or are your sources on that as poor as your attempt at self righteous, self indulgent blabbering?

duremar is i and no anymore!

Wasn't J.R.R.Tolkien raised in Africa when he was young? I assure you that Lord of the Rings has nothing to do with modern politics. Tolkien himself denied that LOTR was based on his experiance in World War II! So actually research about J.R.R Tolkien, Peter Jackson and the tales of Middle-Earth before writing crap which is obviously not true!

Mr. Author:

I am Julia. I am from Argentina, so you will have to make an effort to understand if I make grammatical mistakes.

I'm writing to tell you that I have no idea why you've come to this critic against Professor JRR TOlkien, whose literature knowledge and abilities are unquestionable, and obviously, has nothing to do with modern politics, because of the simple fact that he has passed away in the 70s.

Anyway, I think that any critic must be accepted and listened, and then discussed.

I think, respecfully, that your comments have no sense and no point, because it is evident that you have no idea neither about the book nor about his author. Therefore, I'd like you to know a little so that you can think about everything you wrote.

"The allegory to America's crusade in the Middle East is obvious, complete with a Good, white country (Israel) surrounded by "evil" darkies (Arabs): The human enclave of Rohan and Gondor, (a shining "white" city), nudged as it is in between Isengard and Mordor. It is clearly on the brink of being wiped out - the exact same defense used by Israel to justify its occupation of Arab soil. Every trick in the book is employed to dehumanize the enemy. Saruman's forces are shown committing "terrorism" against a small village, as if that's somehow the very definition of "evil". And the most effective way to dehumanize someone is of course to show them not as human at all. The enemy forces in Two Towers are literally subhuman, and most of the "heroes" are literally superhuman.
The ring is clearly a metaphor for the nuclear bomb. The good guys have it, and everyone's fine with that, but when the "bad" guys want the same power, that somehow makes them evil. Hypocrisy, anyone? Iraq, anyone?"

Nuclear bomb?? Blair??? Bush?? Israel???? GOOD GUYS?!?!?!?!?!? All I can say is "YOU HAVE NO IDEA OF WORLD HISTORY!!!!!"

" Politics is all around us, in the air we breathe, in all we do and say." You live in politics, I see ART, I read LITERATURE!! I don't find politics there!!!!

Why can't I post anymore??

"And it gets worse. Consider: Almost all the major characters in the movie are male. Most of the women are weak and childlike background characters, who must be stashed away and protected from the "evil" darkies by the brave, heroic males. The two female side characters are both passive and weak, good for nothing but to cook (badly!) for the men. "

About female presence, I completely disagree with you. There was three women, not two. And they were all wise, not weak. If you want to make a stronger critic about women in Tolkien's World, then read "The Silmarillion". There you can find lots of wise and strong women such as the semigoddes Luthien, her mother Melian, or the famous Galadriel wich appears in Peter Jackson's movies. After reading that book, you can notice Tolkien's evident devotion to women.

(JUlia, Argentina)


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About a month ago, Norwegian blogger Bjorn Staerk composed a sumptuous satire of the marxoid mentality in a parodistic review of the Lord of the Rings: Working hard to foil the plans of these good, decent white folks are the "evil" Saruman, and the eve...

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