Friday, April 27, 2001

Dirty Harry Mayor: I don't want any more trouble like you had last year in the Fillmore district. Understand? That's my policy.
Harry: Well, when an adult male is chasing a female with the intent to commit rape, I shoot the bastard, that's my policy.

Dirty Harry (1971), another Clint Eastwood ode to violence, back in the days before he sold out to the Oscars. Instead of trying to think of some lame "do you feel lucky" pun, I think I'll let Harry say the immortal words himself. Enjoy.

First I would like to heartily welcome all those people who found this blog while searching for porn on AOL. Linking to the cute newsreaders at NakedNews has put me at 7th on that particular search query, and number one on others. I never judge anyone who reads my blog, although I certainly hope the two of you who came here looking for pedophily had purely academic motives in mind.

Second, as a consequence of my new, sexually liberated reader base, I would like to announce Threepwood Premium, my new pay service. In addition to all the usual high quality blogging you've come to expect around here, subscribers of Threepwood Premium will also have access to RealVideo clips of me reading my blog entries, while undressing. Yes, you heard correctly. Details to follow.

Well, it's a thought, anyway. Of course, my burn rate is somewhat lower than Salon's, so I may not have to resort to "erotic art" yet.

Thursday, April 26, 2001

Suck: 10 Reasons Not To Go To the Movies. Personally I let the Filthy Critic watch new movies for me, so I don't have to.

Is blogging news? I like to think the two are related, although I take some pride in not sinking to the level of professional journalism. Which is why I'm glad I don't live in Italy, where the "absurd anarchy" of online news now has been regulated.

Swedish web publishers aren't much better off really, with their morally upright NSP vigilante making the net safe for sensitive politicians, and now that I've first started on a knee-jerk libertarian rant, how about the british RIP bill? Carnivore in the USA? Son-of-CDA in Australia? Obviously, the threat to freedom of speech and privacy here is purely theoretical, as democratic governments have always been careful to avoid power abuse - (or the discovery of it, I can't remember which, but one out of two isn't too bad.) Sure, I belive you, the intention is good. Just stand over there against the wall and don't move while I figure out how to set up this freenet node.

Come to think of it, there's a whole lot of countries I'm glad I don't live in these days - including Norway, and you might think that's a self contradiction, but I only keep my physical presence located here - my mind is actually kept in an alien spaceship hovering 50 km above a secret pacific vulcano, researching humanity for reasons which shall become all too clear to you all when I'm done. Ok, so the diplomatic immunity defense might not hold up in a real court, but then there's quite a lot of reality which doesn't hold up in my courts either.

Wednesday, April 25, 2001

Flashback News Agency #140. (Subscribe here.)

Tuesday, April 24, 2001

Gamasutra has an ongoing postmortem feature where game developers write about what they did right and wrong in their recent games. It gives a good and fairly honest look behind the scenes - better than the official propaganda and the drooling "please-give-me-a-tour-at-your-company" fan-sites, anyway. Warren Spector on Deus Ex, Tony Oakden on Fallout Tactics, Erich Schaefer on Diablo II, Brandon Reinhart on Unreal Tournament, and Andrew Evans on ... Sheep?