After the attack

It says something about how irrelevant blogs have become, that in the continous media (social and regular) frenzy that has lasted since the horrific terror attacks in Norway on Friday 22/7, I have not once thought to post anything here.

I’ve mostly been active on Twitter and Google+.  I’ve also written an article for Aftenposten about the ideology of the terrorist, Anders Behring Breivik, based on the manifesto he published online and on my own encounters with the counterjihad ideology he shares.  Here’s an English translation.

I’ve been in Dublin all this time, which makes this extra surreal.  Luckily, nobody I know has been killed, as far as I know, but it has felt uncomfortably close for another reason: The terrorist’s many connections to Norway’s online community, particularly the blogger Fjordman, his idol, who I’ve had many discussions with over the years.

I still find myself shaking, from time to time.  And I desperately want my old world back.  But there’s no turning back.  As happened nearly 10 years now, a terrorist attack has irrevocably changed the world I live in.  We have to face it, as best we can.

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  1. Mark Brinton

    I’m so very sorry. Please know that the people of the US, particularly those in Seattle where the Nordic community has deep roots, are keeping Norway in our thoughts and prayers.

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