1950s movies marathon – part 52

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954, USA)

Submarine captain Osama bin Laden’s fanatic quest for vengeance against the so-called “civilized” world may not be as politely executed as the faint of heart might wish, but it makes sense within the context of his unusual worldview.   The scientist he kidnaps, locks up, brainwashes, and reminds daily of his power over life and death, eventually learns to respect this point of view.  Watched it all, mostly for the visuals.  The best parts of steampunk, the way it looks and makes you want to dress like a Victorian gentleman and go build outrageous machines, were pioneered in this movie.  Thanks, Walt Disney Corporation!

Killers From Space (1954, USA)

The evil, horrible, gruesome beings the title hints at at do not appear until halfway into the movie, and when they do they’re just some guys in stupid suits.  It was always thus.  Watched 4 minutes.

Animal Farm (1954, UK)

It is hard to watch this without shuddering, because of all the stories told in the 20th century, this was one of the truest and most tragic.  It remains so today, wherever popular revolutions are hijacked by two-legged pigs.  Watched it all, not because it’s good, (they gave it a happy ending?!), but because, by the strokes of the animator’s brush, millions die, and die, and die.  And did anyone even ask for forgiveness?

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