1950s movies marathon – part 53

Sabrina (1954, USA, Wilder)

Audrey Hepburn moves upward, into Society in the movie, and into Hollywood in reality.  The laws of stardom require the rising Hepburn to meet the falling Bogart, which should strain any society’s age disparity standard, but oh who cares?  Billy Wilder is the Pixar of the 1950s, the heart of the industry.  Watched it all.

Three Ring Circus (1954, USA)

Watching Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin movies is like watching the decline part of the career of one of those comedians who used to be great on SNL.  The difference is that I don’t have proof, outside of a few scenes in At War With the Army, that they ever had more than potential.  Watched: 10 minutes.

Too Bad She’s Bad (1954, Italy)

The plot of this movie seems to be that Sophia Loren is Sophia Loren, and everyone else isn’t.  This is a good starting point, which I commend.  Watched: 18 minutes.

White Christmas (1954, USA)

The original was pretty good for a Christmas movie, and I’m sure this one may be too, but opening with Bing Crosby singing White Christmas on a French battlefield on Christmas Eve, 1944?  That’s sappy, and, even worse, dishonestly sappy.  Watched: 8 minutes.

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