Free Mullah Krekar!

Imagine yourself as a refugee from occupied Norway during World War 2. After a hazardous journey you make your way into a part of the free world, for instance the Soviet Union, and apply for refugee status. The authorities sympathize. They hate the Nazi's, and they know what conditions you've lived under. "But", they point out, "according to the Norwegian police, and several witnesses currently held at Grini concentration camp, in June 1942 you took part in an act of sabotage against the German forces. Furthermore, we notice that you belong to an austere Christian sect that believes the husband is the head of the family. Here in the Soviet Union gender discrimination is illegal. You are a criminal and fanatic, and must go to jail." Would this be reasonable?

Of course not. But change the words and dates a bit, and this is exactly how the Norwegian authorities have treated Mullah Krekar, a rebel leader from Iraq-occupied Kurdistan. It is perhaps unfair to compare the Baath regime to the Nazi's, (unlike a certain other regime), but they were a foreign occupant, and Krekar did the right thing by resisting them. Now he faces several years in prison for "attempted murder". Let's take a closer look at the so-called "case" against him.

The rebels in Kurdistan are divided into competing guerilla groups. The largest is known as PUK, an extremist pro-American group, essentially a death squad, the kind that always finds itself attracted to the smell of money and raw power that Washington projects. Mullah Krekar and other pious Kurds found the power worship of PUK hard to swallow, and formed various anti-Saddam guerillas along more religious lines. At first, these groups were small and ineffective, easily bullied by both PUK and Iraqi forces. But in late 2001 three of these groups merged to form Ansar al-Islam, and Mullah Krekar was elected leader. PUK and the Americans were furious! As more and more villages signed up with Ansar, Washington hatched a smear campaign. Ansar al-Islam would be dragged into the recently launched "war on terror", and demonized as the "missing link" between al-Qaeda and the regime in Baghdad. Nobody messes with Washington's puppets. Nobody.

It was a brilliant stunt. Krekar was vulnerable as a Muslim and as a Kurd. As a Muslim because, as "everyone" knows, all Muslims are evil terrorists who chop off limbs for fun, and as a Kurd because, being an enemy of PUK, he could be plausibly smeared as the friend of his enemy's enemy - Saddam. The accusations were ridiculous, as any honest person who knows anything about Islam and the Kurds will know. But Western "journalists" took the hint, and, like a pack of hyena descending on a prey, filled the media with horror story after horror story about this newly discovered devil in human form. Many of these accusations came to form a central part of the American "case" for invading Iraq, and were mentioned in Colin Powell's now notorious presentation at the UN.

The Norwegian police did not want to appear any less rabid. Krekar has had refugee status in Norway for the last ten years. He's never broken the law, speaks fluent Norwegian, and has nothing but respect for the society that has taken him under its wings - the butterfly of Europe, as he poetically put it. In short, he's a model immigrant. But when Krekar returned to Norway to visit his family in 2002, at the height of the media hysteria, the police quickly drummed up a charge of "terrorism", and had him arrested. The charge was based on insinuations, faked documents and witness statements extracted under torture. It was a mess, and it didn't take long before it all fell apart like a house of cards. After long months behind prison walls, the courts ordered Krekar released. Those of us who believe that the limited resources of law enforcement are better spent fighting white collar crime than the illusory "terrorists" of neo-conservative fantasy, hoped that the persecution would end there, that after such a humiliating defeat the authorities would leave the poor man alone.

We were wrong. Two weeks ago, Krekar was again brutally arrested. The charge was new - attempted murder of enemy PUK forces, (which somehow is "illegal" by Norwegian law) - but beneath the surface little had changed: Insinuations, faked documents and witness statements extracted under torture formed the bulk of the evidence against him. Some of it points unambigously to the real power behind the scenes: Several of the witnesses were "found" by the CIA, and many are currently held under appaling conditions by PUK. Great care had been taken to smear Krekar's character. Even some of his statements on the internet, where he advises fellow believers on religious issues, have been picked apart and twisted to portray him as an "evil" Muslim. Nothing is sacred when the prestige of top officials is on the line, and Norway's loyalty to the US is in doubt.

Krekar's lawyer Brynjar Meling has taken a brave and lonely stand against the forces of xenophobia. He has tried to point out, although with little success, that cultural practices that strike many Westerners as "fanatical" and "backwards" may in fact be perfectly legitimate from the point of view of other civilizations. And Islam has a better claim to be called a civilization than the West. They gave us classical philosophy and modern science. Now we're repaying the favor by carpet bombing their cities and imprisoning their leading thinkers.

For a while it seemed that sanity would prevail after all. A court in Oslo, displaying both rare courage and clarity of thought, rejected the arrest of Krekar, and questioned the quality of the evidence against him. The court also called for a thorough sociocultural evaluation of Krekar's beliefs, which - hold onto your funny hats - the police had shockingly failed to provide. In other words, the authorities were trying to frame a person from a culture they didn't understand, for crimes he didn't commit, with evidence made up by the Americans.

But in a country where Ibn Warraq's Why I Am Not A Muslim, a falsification of Islamic thought comparable to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, is a best seller, such a glimmer of sanity could only be brief. Perhaps the US ambassador made a call to the PM's office, or perhaps Bondevik, an experienced puppet of the Bush regime, didn't need to be reminded of his duties. Perhaps the call went directly to a sympathetic judge, and perhaps money changed hands. We may never know exactly what took place behind the stage, who pulled who's strings on who's orders. But the effect was clearly visible: barely a week later an appeals court overturned the decision to free Krekar from custody. It did so in words that might have been written by a neo-conservative. And perhaps they were. There's no justice in the shadow of Washington, and no sleep for the wicked puppets of Zionism.

You may be asking yourself: What can I do to help this poor man? Not much, perhaps, considering the powers we're up against, but we can raise some noise, and force the forces of reaction to take notice of us. As a start, I encourage you to place the image to the right on your website, where as many people as possible can see it. Krekar will probably go to prison, (unless he suffers an "accident"), but he will not be forgotten. We'll make sure of that.

End the travesty - Free Mullah Krekar!


hahahaha...too funny!

Well, he's free now. Unfortunately.

We should've sent him to US or Jordan when we had the chance. Now were stuck with this fundamentalist fanatic for a long while. His traitor lawyer can go with him when we ship him out.

What a load of crap you write. Especially the 'rules for posting' give much away. Was mr Stalin from the 'right' or 'left'? What kind of pious Muslims are mr Krekar's militia?

This "mullah" is a fucking wanker. A fucking joke. An insult to all muslims. I hope he is sent back to Iraq, where he belongs. He is not wanted in Norway!

mullah krekar is a terrorist like many others of his race just we k n o w hes a terrorist and norway is not a place for terrorists and people like him. and dont be so pathetic and compare the baath regime to the nazis, id rather be a nazi than mulla krekar, compare it to hitler if you must you red communist shite

M.K. Is a honored Islamic leader. Norwegian potatos is more terrorists than him.

fuck you paki islam isnt gonna take over the world and you and your hottentott mullah helper of islam can get back to pakistan cos we dont want you and your problems here.
wherever there are muslims there are problems and is there any other kind of people in the world that could hijack airplains and crash them into buildings with thousands of people and burn people alive


There are 1,3 billion muslims in the world; if they were all bad you'd be in knee-deep shit. You are clearly a victim of western propaganda, since you don't see that terrorism comes in all forms, and is not exclusive to Islamists. Terrorism is a tactic of using force or threatening to do so against civilians, with the objective of forcing an enemy to favorable terms,political or sociological, by creating fear, demoralization, or political discord in the attacked population. The United States for example, has killed countless civilians for years for political and echonomical reasons. They are in fact the only nation in history ever found guilty for terrorism by the world court. Not that it helped much; the US don't give a rats ass about international law, since they don't fancy seing their ex-presidents stand trial for warcrimes.

You are also clearly a racist. All though I certanly don't respect racists, I tolerate them as long as they restrain their activities. But what I do NOT tolerate, is traitors. And you ARE a traitor,æ, not just to your country, but to all mankind. When you speak favorably of the Nazis, you soil the memory of every decent man and woman who died in the wake of their terror, whether they were soldiers killed in battle or innocent civilians killed during bombing runs. On behalf of every decent human being I give you the following message:
WE don't want YOU here, traitor!

Mullah Krekar can go fuck himself. He's a terrorist and a scum of the Earth. The sooner he leaves, the better. His lawyer is just that; a lawyer. (And a damn good one, at that.) He is doing his job and is upholding one of the founding principles of our great democracy; that everyone, good or bad, has the right to legal aid.


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why does anyone want to free this sucker? he doesnt do a damn decent thing except talking to his 'freedom fighters' over the internet. i'm sick and tired of the wacky man! i'm glad he is going back to iraq where he will hopefully get what he deserves. there is only one thing the norweigan goverment have done wrong in this case: and thats letting him into to the country.

btw, he does not speak fluent norweigan at all! all he say in norweigan is 'no no no! this is wrong.' evertime a female lifts him

well if everything youve wrote in your article is correct and you look like youve done your home-work, than i belive Mullah Krekar should leave norways prison system a free man.
and please to some of the other writers
if mullah krekar was fighting iraq soldiers in kuwait and the americans are persuading the norwegian officials to imprison him.
witch is the kind of thing they do in my country as well
how can they trying saddam for invading kuwait

i hate pakis and muslims i think they all should die horrible painful deaths

Of course you Norwegians must free this lovely misunderstood pious Muslim who is only following teachings from the holy Quran! Ansar al -Islam can indeed proudly accept many instances of blowing up Infidels and beheading Kurds who dared to profane Allah's orders. If some were tortured to teach them a little respect well all these sinful ones are going to burn in Hell through Eternity anyway. Perhaps many of you may not be aware of Mullah Krekar's expertise with eye
gouging - this takes considerable skill and the Mullah is one of the Best just as Al Zarqawi is a dab hand with sawing off heads... Just think how Mullah Krekar will be able to contribute his talents to Norwegian culture, sorta latter day Viking you might say - with Religion and ATTITUDE.
Good people support Mullah Krekar and make sure he is getting all the Welfare payments he is entitled to. One day Mullah Krekar will rule an Islamic Norway with Sharia Law instead of your decadent Western Laws. Democracy will be a thing of the past like alcohol, pork and music. Just think, you lucky Norwegian Men - you will be able to have 4 wives at the same time and as many concubines and African slaves [shipped from Darfur] as you want. When you get tired of them divorce is easy - just say 'I divorce thee' three times and you're a free man again ready for next batch of burka babes... Problem Teenagers will be encouraged to go on Jihad [those who haven't been
beaten to death already or stoned into a jelly]
and can explode themselves and others in a glorious Islam Bang when they meet 72 virgins.
It is men like Mullah Krekar who will found a new, better, Islamic Norway. Let us praise Allah
that Mullah Krekar decided to reside in the grateful country of Norway.

mamosta krekar he is a kurdish prophit evri jahil impolit and terorist want say to him

Fuck this Krekar peice of shit. Send him back to Kurdistan we will fuck him up terorrist peice of shit. He has killed many innocent Kurds that fucking gaylord.

i always love mullah krekar cz i knew him when i was infant in kurdistan ,honest 2 god his brilliant muslim & i always called him by phone cz im proud of him in kurdistan only between other mulla ,others sceared of die but krekar his angel of death 2 kill kafir ppl inshallah his kurd & generation of salahaddin auoby so no way we got to go a head 4 this great islam ;;i love u mamosta krekar more then all kurd ppl ,u the 1 between all of us may ASllah help u

his great leader , the one who love his people & religion

It is men like Mullah Krekar who will found a new, better, Islamic Norway. Let us praise Allah
that Mullah Krekar decided to reside in the grateful country of Norway

M.K. Is a honored Islamic leader. Norwegian potatos is more terrorists than him.

One day, hopefully!, the European citizens will finally realise how their politicians shitted all over them by bringing in and harbouring these Islamic militants. Lets hope its not too late then.

You have to think!!! anyone who is going to mess with the americans and their cronies will be wiped out no matter what. they will be put in deep shit just like this guy finds himself in. Terrorism is a term used relatively by people. With all the western propaganda the difference between a legitimate struggle and pure terrorism has been blurred and infact they are termed as one and the same. the powerful these days justify all their unjust deeds as anti-terrorist activities. we just have to be smart and fair to decide whether we will buy the western and specially US govts stories. open your minds and be fair!

islamic fundamentalists using terror tactics on civilians compared to escapees from the nazis in WW2... man you must be either bloody stupid or on their payroll...

"Before you go, I feel as if I ought to tell you something, since Kate won't. If you are offended about it please don't blame her

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Mullah Krekar needs to get sent out of Norway. Also the Norweigen government needs to wake up and quit being sympethetic for these bastards. Norway takes better care of them then they do for there own citizens! Now thats messed up!

Kick Krekar out of Norway and the rest of them!

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Jews suffered during WW2, no doubt about it.
How many jews have blown themselves up in, say, a German restaurant? None?
Only the evil monkey-people of Islam does these silly deeds...burnemall

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