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2015-04-29 07:16

Vil ha.

One year of journalism without subscriptions, without ads and without clickbait

2015-04-26 20:16

2015-04-19 10:44

Jeg skriver om John Brown og den amerikanske borgerkrigen. Politisk vold for en god sak, med paralleller til moderne terrorisme.

Det hadde egentlig vært gøy med en real John Brown-debatt. Lurer på hvor frontene ville gå.

«John Browns lik råtner i graven, men sjelen hans marsjerer videre. Halleluja, halleluja!»

2015-04-18 07:15

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2015-04-06 08:26

An anatomy of a journalistic failure

2015-04-03 07:10

“I find myself nursing some small ember of sympathy for Franzen. His essay reminds me of lots of conversations I’ve had over the years. I’ll be talking with someone — a smart, well-read person — and when they find out I write about climate change, they’ll kind of hesitate, and I’ll prod, and they’ll tell me their Climate Thing.”

The author argues in a New Yorker essay that our climate obsession is dooming birds, which is pretty much all wrong.

2015-04-03 05:37

Elites in the United States and at Davos, unnerved by the western civic decay that they themselves have caused, are dancing desperately up Singapore's garden paths seeking elegant reassurance from Lee Kuan Yew's achievements that ultimately, 'th...

2015-04-03 04:58

On Thursday, April 4th, 1985, a blast of dystopian satire hit the UK airwaves. Max Headroom&colon; 20 Minutes into the Future was a snarky take on media and corporate greed, told through the eyes of...

2015-04-02 06:46

“By ‘Reformation,’ of course, Hirsi Ali means the Protestant one. Enabled, she argues, by new technology (printing press), ongoing urbanization, and the support of states resentful of Papal domination, the Reformation upended Europe, opening the door to secular, rational societies. About four hundred and fifty years and several continental genocides later, but hey. Now, Ayaan Hirsi Ali insists, Islam must have its Reformation. Now.

Except Islam already had a Reformation.

Its Air Force is bombing Yemen.”

When I started reading Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Heretic&colon; Why Islam Needs A Reformation Now, I kept returning to the front cover just to be sure I wasn't accidentally reading one of her previous books. Once more we are reading a blog post that has metastasized into a book, dull and listless despit