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From: spaf@cs.purdue.EDU (Gene Spafford)
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Subject: List of Active Newsgroups
Date: 12 May 92 05:05:50 GMT
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Organization: Dept. of Computer Sciences, Purdue Univ.
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Archive-name: active-newsgroups/part1
Last-change: 12 May 1992 by (Gene Spafford)

The following is a list of currently active USENET newsgroups as of
12 May 1992.  This list does not include the gatewayed Internet 
newsgroups (see below).  The groups distributed worldwide are divided
into seven broad classifications: "news", "soc", "talk", "misc",
"sci", "comp" and "rec".  Each of these classifications is organized
into groups and subgroups according to topic.

"comp"  Topics of interest to both computer professionals and
	hobbyists, including topics in computer science, software
	source, and information on hardware and software systems.

"sci"   Discussions marked by special and usually practical knowledge,
	relating to research in or application of the established

"misc"  Groups addressing themes not easily classified under any of the
	other headings or which incorporate themes from multiple

"soc"	Groups primarily addressing social issues and socializing.

"talk"	Groups largely debate-oriented and tending to feature long
	discussions without resolution and without appreciable amounts
	of generally useful information.

"news"	Groups concerned with the news network and software themselves.

"rec"	Groups oriented towards hobbies and recreational activities.

These "world" newsgroups are (usually) circulated around the entire
USENET -- this implies world-wide distribution.  Not all groups
actually enjoy such wide distribution, however.  The European Usenet
and Eunet sites take only a selected subset of the more "technical"
groups, and controversial "noise" groups are often not carried by many
sites in the US and Canada (these groups are often under the "talk"
and "soc" classifications).  Many sites do not carry some or all of
the comp.binaries groups.

There are groups in other subcategories, but they are local: to
institutions, to geographic regions, etc. and they are not listed
here.  Note that these distribution categories can be used to restrict
the propagation of news articles.  Currently, distributions include:
	world		worldwide distribution (default)
	att		limited to AT&T
	can		limited (mostly) to Canada
	eunet		limited (mostly) to European sites in EUNet
	na		limited (mostly) to North America
	usa		limited (mostly) to the United States
There may be other regional and local distribution categories available
at your site.  Most US states have distribution categories named after
the two letter abbreviation for that state or category (e.g., "ga" for
Georgia, "nj" for New Jersey). Please use an appropriate distribution
category if your article is not likely to be of interest to USENET
readers worldwide.  A companion article to this lists all of the
regional distributions and their newsgroups.

Some groups are moderated or are monitored mailing lists.  They can
only be posted to by mailing submissions to the coordinator (provided
in a companion posting).  Some selected sites provide automatic
remailing in support of B2.11 and C news -- posting to one of these
groups automatically mails the article for the poster. Some of the
moderated groups are gatewayed to USENET from the Internet and appear
as newsgroups to facilitate distribution and posting from the Usenet.
Some of these gatewayed Internet newsgroups are listed below, and the
rest appear in a companion posting that lists alternative newsgroup
hierarchies.  Other of the "world" groups are bidirectionally
gatewayed with Internet mailing lists; items submitted from the
Internet side to the digest are split up and submitted to the USENET
group, while articles submitted on the USENET side are bundled up and
submitted to the mailing list.  A complete list of moderated
newsgroups, submission addresses and moderators is given in a
companion posting.

The following "world" groups have been gatewayed with the listed
Internet lists.  Some of them may not still be gatewayed due to
broken software and/or gateways; such groups are marked with an
asterisk ("*") in the list below.  Please contact me if you should know
of their current status.  Also note that the group "comp.lang.forth" is
gatewayed with the Bitnet discussion list "umforth@weizmann.bitnet", and
rec.railroad is run from "railroad@queens.bitnet".
Some of these lists are gated one-way into Usenet groups; those groups
have been marked with a ">" symbol in the list below.

If you are reading this article from a site not on the Usenet, you may
subscribe to Internet lists by writing to the request address.  You
form such an address by putting "-request" before the "@" symbol, as
in "".  This gets your message
directly to the list maintainer instead of broadcasting it to all the
readers of the list.

Also note that moderators of Usenet groups may not be in charge of the
corresponding mailing list or gateway.  For example, the moderator of
comp.sources.unix does not have anything to do with the unix-sources
mailing list; matters concerning the mailing list should be addressed

	Usenet Group		Internet list
	------------		-------------
	comp.lang.modula2	info-m2@ucf1vm.bitnet

Please notify me of any errors or changes to the information in this article.

Gene Spafford
Newsgroup		Description
comp.admin.policy	Discussions of site administration policies.			Artificial intelligence discussions.	All aspects of neural networks.	Natural Language and Knowledge Representation. (Moderated)	Philosophical aspects of Artificial Intelligence.		Artificial intelligence applied to shells.
comp.apps.spreadsheets	Spreadsheets on various platforms.
comp.arch		Computer architecture.	Storage system issues, both hardware and software.
comp.archives		Descriptions of public access archives. (Moderated)
comp.archives.admin	Issues relating to computer archive administration.
comp.bbs.waffle		The Waffle BBS and USENET system on all platforms.
comp.benchmarks		Discussion of benchmarking techniques and results.
comp.binaries.acorn	Binary-only postings for Acorn machines. (Moderated)
comp.binaries.amiga	Encoded public domain programs in binary. (Moderated)
comp.binaries.apple2	Binary-only postings for the Apple II computer.	Binary-only postings for the Atari ST. (Moderated)	Binary-only postings for IBM PC/MS-DOS. (Moderated)	Announcements related to IBM PC archive sites.	Discussions about IBM/PC binary postings.	Requests for IBM PC and compatible programs.
comp.binaries.mac	Encoded Macintosh programs in binary. (Moderated)
comp.binaries.os2	Binaries for use under the OS/2 ABI. (Moderated)
comp.bugs.2bsd		Reports of UNIX* version 2BSD related bugs.
comp.bugs.4bsd		Reports of UNIX version 4BSD related bugs.
comp.bugs.4bsd.ucb-fixes	Bug reports/fixes for BSD Unix. (Moderated)
comp.bugs.misc		General UNIX bug reports and fixes (incl V7, uucp)
comp.bugs.sys5		Reports of USG (System III, V, etc.) bugs.
comp.cog-eng		Cognitive engineering.
comp.compilers		Compiler construction, theory, etc. (Moderated)
comp.compression	Data compression algorithms and theory.
comp.databases		Database and data management issues and theory.
comp.databases.informix	Informix database management software discussions.
comp.databases.ingres	Issues relating to INGRES products.	The SQL database products of the Oracle Corporation.
comp.databases.theory	Discussing advances in database technology.
comp.dcom.cell-relay	Forum for discussion of Cell Relay-based products.
comp.dcom.fax		Fax hardware, software, and protocols.
comp.dcom.lans.ethernet	Discussions of the Ethernet/IEEE 802.3 protocols.
comp.dcom.lans.fddi	Discussions of the FDDI protocol suite.
comp.dcom.lans.misc	Local area network hardware and software.
comp.dcom.modems	Data communications hardware and software.	Info on Cisco routers and bridges.
comp.dcom.telecom	Telecommunications digest. (Moderated)
comp.doc		Archived public-domain documentation. (Moderated)
comp.doc.techreports	Lists of technical reports. (Moderated)
comp.dsp		Digital Signal Processing using computers.		Computer science education.
comp.emacs		EMACS editors of different flavors.
comp.fonts		Typefonts -- design, conversion, use, etc.		Computer graphics, art, animation, image processing.	The Application Visualization System.	Highly technical computer graphics discussion. (Moderated)	Info on scientific visualization.
comp.groupware		Software and hardware for shared interactive environments.
comp.human-factors	Issues related to human-computer interaction (HCI).
comp.infosystems	Any discussion about information systems.
comp.infosystems.gis	All aspects of Geographic Information Systems.
comp.infosystems.wais	The Z39.50-based WAIS full-text search system.
comp.internet.library	Discussing electronic libraries. (Moderated)
comp.ivideodisc		Interactive videodiscs -- uses, potential, etc.
comp.lang.ada		Discussion about Ada*.
comp.lang.apl		Discussion about APL.
comp.lang.c		Discussion about C.
comp.lang.c++		The object-oriented C++ language.
comp.lang.clos		Common Lisp Object System discussions.
comp.lang.eiffel	The object-oriented Eiffel language.
comp.lang.forth		Discussion about Forth.
comp.lang.fortran	Discussion about FORTRAN.
comp.lang.functional	Discussion about functional languages.	The Hermes language for distributed applications.
comp.lang.idl-pvwave	IDL and PV-Wave language discussions.
comp.lang.lisp		Discussion about LISP.
comp.lang.lisp.mcl	Discussing Apple's Macintosh Common Lisp.
comp.lang.misc		Different computer languages not specifically listed.
comp.lang.modula2	Discussion about Modula-2.
comp.lang.modula3	Discussion about the Modula-3 language.
comp.lang.objective-c	The Objective-C language and environment.
comp.lang.pascal	Discussion about Pascal.
comp.lang.perl		Discussion of Larry Wall's Perl system.
comp.lang.postscript	The PostScript Page Description Language.
comp.lang.prolog	Discussion about PROLOG.
comp.lang.scheme	The Scheme Programming language.
comp.lang.sigplan	Info & announcements from ACM SIGPLAN. (Moderated)
comp.lang.smalltalk	Discussion about Smalltalk 80.
comp.lang.tcl		The Tcl programming language and related tools.
comp.lang.verilog	Discussing Verilog and PLI.
comp.lang.vhdl		VHSIC Hardware Description Language, IEEE 1076/87.
comp.laser-printers	Laser printers, hardware & software. (Moderated)
comp.lsi		Large scale integrated circuits.
comp.lsi.testing	Testing of electronic circuits.
comp.mail.elm		Discussion and fixes for ELM mail system.
comp.mail.headers	Gatewayed from the Internet header-people list.
comp.mail.maps		Various maps, including UUCP maps. (Moderated)		The UCI version of the Rand Message Handling system.
comp.mail.misc		General discussions about computer mail.
comp.mail.mush		The Mail User's Shell (MUSH).
comp.mail.sendmail	Configuring and using the BSD sendmail agent.
comp.mail.uucp		Mail in the uucp network environment.
comp.misc		General topics about computers not covered elsewhere.
comp.multimedia		Interactive multimedia technologies of all kinds.
comp.newprod		Announcements of new products of interest. (Moderated)
comp.object		Object-oriented programming and languages.		Topics about the Association for Computing Machinery.		Digital Equipment Computer Users' Society newsgroup.	FidoNews digest, official news of FidoNet Assoc. (Moderated)		Issues and announcements about the IEEE & its members.	The International Student Society for Neural Networks.		Talk about/for the The Sun User's Group.		USENIX Association events and announcements.	Finding lodging during Usenix conferences.
comp.os.coherent	Discussion and support of the Coherent operating system.
comp.os.cpm		Discussion about the CP/M operating system.
comp.os.linux		The free UNIX-clone for the 386/486, LINUX.
comp.os.mach		The MACH OS from CMU & other places.
comp.os.minix		Discussion of Tanenbaum's MINIX system.
comp.os.misc		General OS-oriented discussion not carried elsewhere.	Speculation and debate about Microsoft Windows.	Announcements relating to Windows. (Moderated)		Applications in the Windows environment.		General discussions about Windows issues.	Programming Microsoft Windows.     Development tools in Windows.	32-bit Windows programming interfaces.	Installing and configuring Microsoft Windows.
comp.os.msdos.apps	Discussion of applications that run under MS-DOS.
comp.os.msdos.desqview	QuarterDeck's Desqview and related products.
comp.os.msdos.misc	Miscellaneous topics about MS-DOS machines.
comp.os.msdos.pcgeos	GeoWorks PC/GEOS and PC/GEOS-based packages.
comp.os.msdos.programmer	Programming MS-DOS machines.
comp.os.os2.advocacy	Supporting and flaming OS/2.
comp.os.os2.apps	Discussions of applications under OS/2.
comp.os.os2.misc	Miscellaneous topics about the OS/2 system.
comp.os.os2.networking	Networking in OS/2 environments.
comp.os.os2.programmer	Programming OS/2 machines.
comp.os.os9		Discussions about the os9 operating system.
comp.os.research	Operating systems and related areas. (Moderated)
comp.os.vms		DEC's VAX* line of computers & VMS.
comp.os.vxworks		The VxWorks real-time operating system.
comp.os.xinu		The XINU operating system from Purdue (D. Comer).
comp.parallel		Massively parallel hardware/software. (Moderated)
comp.patents		Discussing patents of computer technology. (Moderated)
comp.periphs		Peripheral devices.
comp.periphs.scsi	Discussion of SCSI-based peripheral devices.
comp.programming	Programming issues that transcend languages and OSs.
comp.protocols.appletalk	Applebus hardware & software.	Networking with IBM mainframes.
comp.protocols.iso	The ISO protocol stack.
comp.protocols.kerberos	The Kerberos authentication server.
comp.protocols.kermit	Info about the Kermit package. (Moderated)
comp.protocols.misc	Various forms and types of FTP protocol.
comp.protocols.nfs	Discussion about the Network File System protocol.
comp.protocols.ppp	Discussion of the Internet Point to Point Protocol.
comp.protocols.tcp-ip	TCP and IP network protocols.
comp.protocols.tcp-ip.ibmpc	TCP/IP for IBM(-like) personal computers.
comp.realtime		Issues related to real-time computing.
comp.research.japan	The nature of research in Japan. (Moderated)
comp.risks		Risks to the public from computers & users. (Moderated)
comp.robotics		All aspects of robots and their applications.
comp.simulation		Simulation methods, problems, uses. (Moderated)
comp.society		The impact of technology on society. (Moderated)
comp.society.development	Computer technology in developing countries.
comp.society.folklore	Computer folklore & culture, past & present. (Moderated)
comp.society.futures	Events in technology affecting future computing.
comp.society.privacy	Effects of technology on privacy. (Moderated)
comp.soft-sys.khoros	The Khoros X11 visualization system.	Software Engineering and related topics.
comp.sources.3b1	Source code-only postings for the AT&T 3b1. (Moderated)
comp.sources.acorn	Source code-only postings for the Acorn. (Moderated)
comp.sources.amiga	Source code-only postings for the Amiga. (Moderated)
comp.sources.apple2	Source code and discussion for the Apple2. (Moderated)	Source code-only postings for the Atari ST. (Moderated)
comp.sources.bugs	Bug reports, fixes, discussion for posted sources.
comp.sources.d		For any discussion of source postings.	Postings of recreational software. (Moderated)	Bug reports and fixes for posted game software.
comp.sources.hp48	Programs for the HP48 and HP28 calculators. (Moderated)
comp.sources.mac	Software for the Apple Macintosh. (Moderated)
comp.sources.misc	Posting of software. (Moderated)
comp.sources.reviewed	Source code evaluated by peer review. (Moderated)
comp.sources.sun	Software for Sun workstations. (Moderated)
comp.sources.unix	Postings of complete, UNIX-oriented sources. (Moderated)
comp.sources.wanted	Requests for software and fixes.
comp.sources.x		Software for the X windows system. (Moderated)
comp.specification	Languages and methodologies for formal specification.
comp.specification.z	Discussion about the formal specification notation Z.
comp.std.c		Discussion about C language standards.
comp.std.c++		Discussion about C++ language, library, standards.
comp.std.internat	Discussion about international standards.
comp.std.misc		Discussion about various standards.
comp.std.mumps		Discussion for the X11.1 committee on Mumps. (Moderated)
comp.std.unix		Discussion for the P1003 committee on UNIX. (Moderated)
comp.sw.components	Software components and related technology.
comp.sys.3b1		Discussion and support of AT&T 7300/3B1/UnixPC.
comp.sys.acorn		Discussion on Acorn and ARM-based computers.
comp.sys.alliant	Info and discussion about Alliant computers.
comp.sys.amiga.advocacy	Why an Amiga is better than XYZ.
comp.sys.amiga.announce	Announcements about the Amiga. (Moderated)
comp.sys.amiga.applications	Miscellaneous applications.	Music, MIDI, speech synthesis, other sounds.
comp.sys.amiga.datacomm	Methods of getting bytes in and out.
comp.sys.amiga.emulations	Various hardware & software emulators.	Discussion of games for the Commodore Amiga.	Charts, graphs, pictures, etc.
comp.sys.amiga.hardware	Amiga computer hardware, Q&A, reviews, etc.
comp.sys.amiga.introduction	Group for newcomers to Amigas.
comp.sys.amiga.marketplace	Where to find it, prices, etc.
comp.sys.amiga.misc	Discussions not falling in another Amiga group.
comp.sys.amiga.multimedia	Animations, video, & multimedia.
comp.sys.amiga.programmer	Developers & hobbyists discuss code.		Reviews of Amiga software, hardware. (Moderated)
comp.sys.apollo		Apollo computer systems.
comp.sys.apple2		Discussion about Apple II micros.
comp.sys.atari.8bit	Discussion about 8 bit Atari micros.	Discussion about 16 bit Atari micros.	Technical discussions of Atari ST hard/software.
comp.sys.att		Discussions about AT&T microcomputers.
comp.sys.cbm		Discussion about Commodore micros.
comp.sys.concurrent	The Concurrent/Masscomp line of computers. (Moderated)
comp.sys.dec		Discussions about DEC computer systems.
comp.sys.dec.micro	DEC Micros (Rainbow, Professional 350/380)
comp.sys.encore		Encore's MultiMax computers.
comp.sys.hp		Discussion about Hewlett-Packard equipment.
comp.sys.hp48		Hewlett-Packard's HP48 and HP28 calculators.	The IBM PC, PC-XT, and PC-AT. (Moderated)	XT/AT/EISA hardware, any vendor.	Discussion about IBM personal computers.	Topics related to IBM's RT computer.	Microchannel hardware, any vendor.		Discussions about Intel systems and parts.
comp.sys.isis		The ISIS distributed system from Cornell.
comp.sys.laptops	Laptop (portable) computers.
comp.sys.m6809		Discussion about 6809's.
comp.sys.m68k		Discussion about 68k's.
comp.sys.m68k.pc	Discussion about 68k-based PCs. (Moderated)
comp.sys.m88k		Discussion about 88k-based computers.
comp.sys.mac.announce	Important notices for Macintosh users. (Moderated)
comp.sys.mac.apps	Discussions of Macintosh applications.
comp.sys.mac.comm	Discussion of Macintosh communications.
comp.sys.mac.databases	Database systems for the Apple Macintosh.
comp.sys.mac.digest	Apple Macintosh: info&uses, but no programs. (Moderated)	Discussions of games on the Macintosh.
comp.sys.mac.hardware	Macintosh hardware issues & discussions.
comp.sys.mac.hypercard	The Macintosh Hypercard: info & uses.
comp.sys.mac.misc	General discussions about the Apple Macintosh.
comp.sys.mac.programmer	Discussion by people programming the Apple Macintosh.
comp.sys.mac.system	Discussions of Macintosh system software.
comp.sys.mac.wanted	Postings of "I want XYZ for my Mac."
comp.sys.mentor		Mentor Graphics products & the Silicon Compiler System.
comp.sys.mips		Systems based on MIPS chips.
comp.sys.misc		Discussion about computers of all kinds.
comp.sys.ncr		Discussion about NCR computers.	The NeXT religion.	Announcements related to the NeXT computer system. (Moderated)	Discussing the physical aspects of NeXT computers.	NeXT hardware, software and jobs.	General discussion about the NeXT computer system.	NeXT related programming issues.	Function, use and availability of NeXT programs.	Discussions related to NeXT system administration.
comp.sys.novell		Discussion of Novell Netware products.
comp.sys.nsc.32k	National Semiconductor 32000 series chips.
comp.sys.palmtops	Super-powered calculators the palm of your hand.
comp.sys.pen		Interacting with computers through pen gestures.		Prime Computer products.
comp.sys.proteon	Proteon gateway products.
comp.sys.pyramid	Pyramid 90x computers.
comp.sys.ridge		Ridge 32 computers and ROS.
comp.sys.sequent	Sequent systems, (Balance and Symmetry).
comp.sys.sgi		Silicon Graphics's Iris workstations and software.
comp.sys.sun.admin	Sun system administration issues and questions.
comp.sys.sun.announce	Sun announcements and Sunergy mailings. (Moderated)
comp.sys.sun.apps	Software applications for Sun computer systems.
comp.sys.sun.hardware	Sun Microsystems hardware.
comp.sys.sun.misc	Miscellaneous discussions about Sun products.
comp.sys.sun.wanted	People looking for Sun products and support.
comp.sys.tahoe		CCI 6/32, Harris HCX/7, & Sperry 7000 computers.
comp.sys.tandy		Discussion about TRS-80's.
comp.sys.ti		Discussion about Texas Instruments.
comp.sys.transputer	The Transputer computer and OCCAM language.
comp.sys.unisys		Sperry, Burroughs, Convergent and Unisys* systems.		Xerox 1100 workstations and protocols.
comp.sys.zenith.z100	The Zenith Z-100 (Heath H-100) family of computers.
comp.terminals		All sorts of terminals.
comp.text		Text processing issues and methods.
comp.text.desktop	Technology & techniques of desktop publishing.
comp.text.frame		Desktop publishing with FrameMaker.
comp.text.interleaf	Applications and use of Interleaf software.
comp.text.sgml		ISO 8879 SGML, structured documents, markup languages.
comp.text.tex		Discussion about the TeX and LaTeX systems & macros.	Information Retrieval topics. (Moderated)
comp.unix.admin		Administering a Unix-based system.
comp.unix.aix		IBM's version of UNIX.
comp.unix.amiga		Minix, SYSV4 and other *nix on an Amiga.
comp.unix.aux		The version of UNIX for Apple Macintosh II computers.
comp.unix.bsd		Discussion of Berkeley Software Distribution UNIX.
comp.unix.internals	Discussions on hacking UNIX internals.
comp.unix.large		UNIX on mainframes and in large networks.
comp.unix.misc		Various topics that don't fit other groups.
comp.unix.msdos		MS-DOS running under UNIX by whatever means.
comp.unix.programmer	Q&A for people programming under Unix.
comp.unix.questions	UNIX neophytes group.		Using and programming the Unix shell.
comp.unix.sysv286	UNIX System V (not XENIX) on the '286.
comp.unix.sysv386	Versions of System V (not Xenix) on Intel 80386-based boxes.
comp.unix.ultrix	Discussions about DEC's Ultrix.
comp.unix.wizards	Questions for only true Unix wizards.
comp.unix.xenix.misc	General discussions regarding XENIX (except SCO).
comp.unix.xenix.sco	XENIX versions from the Santa Cruz Operation.
comp.virus		Computer viruses & security. (Moderated)	The InterViews object-oriented windowing system.	Various issues about windowing systems.		Window systems under MS/DOS.	Writing apps for MS Windows.	Sun Microsystems' NeWS window system.	Discussion about the Open Look GUI.		Discussion about the X Window System.	Getting and using, not programming, applications for X.	The PHIGS extension of the X Window System.	Information for Progressive activists. (Moderated)
misc.books.technical	Discussion of books about technical topics.
misc.consumers		Consumer interests, product reviews, etc.	Discussion about owning and maintaining a house.		Discussion of the educational system.
misc.emerg-services	Forum for paramedics & other first responders.
misc.entrepreneurs	Discussion on operating a business.		Physical fitness, exercise, etc.		Short, tasteful postings about items for sale.	Computers and computer equipment for sale.
misc.handicap		Items of interest for/about the handicapped. (Moderated)
misc.headlines		Current interest: drug testing, terrorism, etc.	Discussion of intellectual property rights.
misc.invest		Investments and the handling of money.	Discussions about contract labor.		Discussion about employment, workplaces, careers.	Announcements of positions available.	Postings of resumes and "situation wanted" articles.		Children, their behavior and activities.		Legalities and the ethics of law.	Discussing the legal climate of the computing world.
misc.misc		Various discussions not fitting in any other group.	News from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, etc. (Moderated)
misc.rural		Devoted to issues concerning rural living.
misc.taxes		Tax laws and advice.
misc.test		For testing of network software.  Very boring.
misc.wanted		Requests for things that are needed (NOT software).
misc.writing		Discussion of writing in all of its forms.

news.admin		Comments directed to news administrators.
news.announce.conferences	Calls for papers and conference announcements. (Moderated)
news.announce.important	General announcements of interest to all. (Moderated)
news.announce.newgroups	Calls for newgroups & announcements of same. (Moderated)
news.announce.newusers	Explanatory postings for new users. (Moderated)
news.answers		Repository for periodic USENET articles. (Moderated)
news.config		Postings of system down times and interruptions.
news.future		The future technology of network news systems.
news.groups		Discussions and lists of newsgroups.
news.lists		News-related statistics and lists. (Moderated)	Maps relating to USENET traffic flows. (Moderated)
news.misc		Discussions of USENET itself.
news.newsites		Postings of new site announcements.
news.newusers.questions	Q & A for users new to the Usenet.	VMS B-news software from Australian National Univ.		Discussion about B-news-compatible software.	Discussion about the "nn" news reader package.	Notesfile software from the Univ. of Illinois.	Discussion of software used to read network news.
news.sysadmin		Comments directed to system administrators.

rec.antiques		Discussing antiques and vintage items.
rec.aquaria		Keeping fish and aquaria as a hobby.
rec.arts.animation	Discussion of various kinds of animation.
rec.arts.anime		Japanese animation fen discussion.
rec.arts.bodyart	Tattoos and body decoration discussions.
rec.arts.books		Books of all genres, and the publishing industry.
rec.arts.cinema		Discussion of the art of cinema. (Moderated)
rec.arts.comics		Comic books, graphic novels, sequential art.
rec.arts.comics.marketplace	The exchange of comics and comic related items.
rec.arts.comics.strips	Discussion of short-form comics.		Any aspects of dance not covered in another newsgroup.
rec.arts.disney		Discussion of any Disney-related subjects.
rec.arts.drwho		Discussion about Dr. Who.
rec.arts.erotica	Erotic fiction and verse. (Moderated)
rec.arts.fine		Fine arts & artists.	Discussions about interactive fiction.
rec.arts.misc		Discussions about the arts not in other groups.
rec.arts.movies		Discussions of movies and movie making.	Reviews of movies. (Moderated)
rec.arts.poems		For the posting of poems.
rec.arts.sf.announce	Major announcements of the SF world. (Moderated)
rec.arts.sf.fandom	Discussions of SF fan activities.
rec.arts.sf.marketplace Personal forsale notices of SF materials.
rec.arts.sf.misc	Science fiction lovers' newsgroup.
rec.arts.sf.movies	Discussing SF motion pictures.	Reviews of science fiction/fantasy/horror works. (Moderated)	Real and speculative aspects of SF science.
rec.arts.sf.starwars	Discussion of the Star Wars universe.		Discussing general television SF.
rec.arts.sf.written	Discussion of written science fiction and fantasy.
rec.arts.startrek.current       New Star Trek shows, movies and books.
rec.arts.startrek.fandom        Star Trek conventions and memorabilia.	Information about the universe of Star Trek. (Moderated)
rec.arts.startrek.misc          General discussions of Star Trek.          Star Trek's depiction of future technologies.	Discussion of all aspects of stage work & theatre.		The boob tube, its history, and past and current shows.	Postings about soap operas.		Discussions of telly shows from the UK.
rec.arts.wobegon	"A Prairie Home Companion" radio show discussion.		High fidelity audio.		Discussions of automobile audio systems.	High-end audio systems. (Moderated)		Professional audio recording and studio engineering.		Automobiles, automotive products and laws.	Driving automobiles.		Discussion of organized, legal auto competitions.		Technical aspects of automobiles, et. al.		Issues pertaining to Volkswagen products.
rec.aviation		Aviation rules, means, and methods.
rec.backcountry		Activities in the Great Outdoors.
rec.bicycles		Bicycles, related products and laws.
rec.birds		Hobbyists interested in bird watching.		Hobbyists interested in boating.	Talk about any boats with oars, paddles, etc.
rec.climbing		Climbing techniques, competition announcements, etc.
rec.collecting		Discussion among collectors of many things.
rec.crafts.brewing	The art of making beers and meads.
rec.crafts.misc		Handiwork arts not covered elsewhere.
rec.crafts.textiles	Sewing, weaving, knitting and other fiber arts.
rec.equestrian		Discussion of things equestrian.
rec.folk-dancing	Folk dances, dancers, and dancing.	Food, cooking, cookbooks, and recipes.		Wines and spirits.	Recipes for interesting food and drink. (Moderated)	Discussion of dining out.		Vegetarians.
rec.gambling		Articles on games of chance & betting.	Discussion of the game of backgammon.		Discussion and hints on board games.	The Cosmic Encounter board game.	Hobbyists interested in bridge.		Chess & computer chess.	The Core War computer challenge.         Discussions of cyberpunk related games. (Moderated)	Discussion of game design related issues.	Discussion and hints about Empire.		Discussion about Role Playing games.		Discussion about Go.		Discussion, hints, etc. about the Hack game.		Games and computer games.		Comments, hints, and info about the Moria game.		Various aspects of multi-users computer games.	Discussions of the LPMUD computer role playing game.	Discussion of the X window system game Netrek (XtrekII).		Discussion about Play by Mail games.	Discussing pinball-related issues.	Discussion of adventure game programming.		Discussion and hints about Rogue.	Discussion about trivia.		Discussion about video games.	Discussions about coin-operated video games.	Strategy and tactics for the distributed game Xtank.	Coding the Xtank game and its robots.
rec.gardens		Gardening, methods and results.
rec.guns		Discussions about firearms. (Moderated)
rec.humor		Jokes and the like.  May be somewhat offensive.
rec.humor.d		Discussions on the content of rec.humor articles.
rec.humor.funny		Jokes that are funny (in the moderator's opinion). (Moderated)	Sagacious advice from the USENET Oracle. (Moderated)	Comments about the USENET Oracle's comments.
rec.hunting		Discussions about hunting. (Moderated)
rec.juggling		Juggling techniques, equipment and events.
rec.kites		Talk about kites and kiting.
rec.mag			Magazine summaries, tables of contents, etc.
rec.martial-arts	Discussion of the various martial art forms.
rec.misc		General topics about recreational/participant sports.
rec.models.railroad	Model railroads of all scales.
rec.models.rc		Radio-controlled models for hobbyists.
rec.models.rockets	Model rockets for hobbyists.		Motorcycles and related products and laws.    Riding motorcycles and ATVs off-road.  Discussion of all aspects of racing motorcycles.	Music with afro-latin influences.	Postings about the Fab Four & their music.	Discussion of jazz, blues, and related types of music.		CDs -- availability and other discussions.	Christian music, both contemporary and traditional.	Discussion about classical music.	C&W music, performers, performances, etc.	Discussion of comedy and novelty music.		Discussion of Bob's works & music.		Discussion of pre-classical European music.		Folks discussing folk music of various sorts.		Funk, rap, hip-hop, house, soul, r&b and related.		Discussion of Kate Bush & other alternative music. (Moderated)		A group for (Grateful) Dead-heads.      Hindustani and Carnatic Indian classical music.           Discussing Indian music in general.	Discussion of all industrial-related music styles.		News and announcements on musical topics. (Moderated)	For performers and their discussions.	Records, tapes, and CDs: wanted, for sale, etc.		Music lovers' group.	"New Age" music discussions.		Discussing the musical group Phish.	Reviews of music of all genres and mediums. (Moderated)		Synthesizers and computer music.		Discussion of music videos and music video software.
rec.nude		Hobbyists interested in naturist/nudist activities.		Talking with members of the high IQ society Mensa.		Society for Creative Anachronism.
rec.pets		Pets, pet care, and household animals in general.
rec.pets.birds		The culture and care of indoor birds.
rec.pets.cats		Discussion about domestic cats.
rec.pets.dogs		Any and all subjects relating to dogs as pets.
rec.pets.herp		Reptiles, amphibians and other exotic vivarium pets.		Hobbyists interested in photography.
rec.puzzles		Puzzles, problems, and quizzes.
rec.puzzles.crosswords	Making and playing gridded word puzzles.
rec.pyrotechnics	Fireworks, rocketry, safety, & other topics.	Amateur radio practices, contests, events, rules, etc.	Discussion about packet radio setups.	Radio use & regulation policy.	Local area broadcast radio. (Moderated)		Citizen-band radio.	Topics relating to noncommercial radio.	Shortwave radio enthusiasts.		Offers to trade and swap radio equipment.
rec.railroad		Real and model train fans' newsgroup.
rec.roller-coaster	Roller coasters and other amusement park rides.
rec.running		Running for enjoyment, sport, exercise, etc.
rec.scouting		Scouting youth organizations worldwide.
rec.scuba		Hobbyists interested in SCUBA diving.
rec.skate		Ice skating and roller skating.
rec.skiing		Hobbyists interested in snow skiing.
rec.skydiving		Hobbyists interested in skydiving.	Discussion about baseball.      Baseball on the collegiate level.	Hoops on the collegiate level.	Discussion about basketball.	Talk of professional basketball.	Discussion about the sport of cricket.        Scores from cricket matches around the globe. (Moderated)		Discussion of flying disc based sports.	Discussion of Australian (Rules) Football.	US-style college football.	Discussion about American-style football.	US-style professional football.		Discussion about all aspects of golfing.	Discussion about ice hockey.  Discussion of the sport of field hockey.		Spectator sports.	Discussing all aspects of the survival game paintball.	Discussion about professional wrestling.		Discussion about the game of rugby.	Discussion about soccer (Association Football).      Training for and competing in swimming events.	Things related to the sport of tennis.	Discussing all aspects of multi-event sports.	Discussion about volleyball.		Traveling all over the world.		Airline travel around the world.		Video and video components.	Technical and regulatory issues of cable television.	Making professional quality video productions.	Pre-recorded video releases on laserdisc and videotape.	Getting shows via satellite.
rec.windsurfing		Riding the waves as a hobby.
rec.woodworking		Hobbyists interested in woodworking.

sci.aeronautics		The science of aeronautics & related technology.
sci.aquaria		Only scientifically-oriented postings about aquaria.
sci.archaeology		Studying antiquities of the world.
sci.astro		Astronomy discussions and information.
sci.astro.fits		Issues related to the Flexible Image Transport System.
sci.astro.hubble	Processing Hubble Space Telescope data. (Moderated)			Biology and related sciences.
sci.chem		Chemistry and related sciences.
sci.classics		Studying classical history, languages, art and more.
sci.comp-aided		The use of computers as tools in scientific research.
sci.crypt		Different methods of data en/decryption.
sci.econ		The science of economics.			The science of education.
sci.electronics		Circuits, theory, electrons and discussions.		Discussions about energy, science & technology.
sci.engr		Technical discussions about engineering tasks.
sci.engr.biomed		Discussing the field of biomedical engineering.
sci.engr.chem		All aspects of chemical engineering.
sci.engr.civil		Topics related to civil engineering.
sci.environment		Discussions about the environment and ecology.
sci.geo.fluids		Discussion of geophysical fluid dynamics.
sci.geo.geology		Discussion of solid earth sciences.
sci.geo.meteorology	Discussion of meteorology and related topics.
sci.lang		Natural languages, communication, etc.
sci.lang.japan		The Japanese language, both spoken and written.
sci.logic		Logic -- math, philosophy & computational aspects.
sci.materials		All aspects of materials engineering.
sci.math		Mathematical discussions and pursuits.
sci.math.research	Discussion of current mathematical research. (Moderated)
sci.math.stat		Statistics discussion.
sci.math.symbolic	Symbolic algebra discussion.			Medicine and its related products and regulations.		AIDS: treatment, pathology/biology of HIV, prevention. (Moderated)		Issues of physics in medical testing/care.
sci.military		Discussion about science & the military. (Moderated)
sci.misc		Short-lived discussions on subjects in the sciences.
sci.nanotech		Self-reproducing molecular-scale machines. (Moderated)
sci.optics		Discussion relating to the science of optics.	Technical philosophy: math, science, logic, etc.
sci.physics		Physical laws, properties, etc.
sci.physics.fusion	Info on fusion, esp. "cold" fusion.
sci.psychology		Topics related to psychology.
sci.psychology.digest	PSYCOLOQUY: Refereed Psychology Journal and Newsletter. (Moderated)
sci.research		Research methods, funding, ethics, and whatever.
sci.skeptic		Skeptics discussing pseudo-science.		Space, space programs, space related research, etc.          Announcements of space-related news items. (Moderated)	The space shuttle and the STS program.		The theory and application of systems science.
sci.virtual-worlds	Modelling the universe. (Moderated)			Discussions of bisexuality.		College, college activities, campus life, etc.	General issues related to graduate schools.	Information about graduate schools.
soc.couples		Discussions for couples (cf.
soc.culture.afghanistan Discussion of the Afghan society.
soc.culture.african	Discussions about Africa & things African.
soc.culture.african.american	Discussions about Afro-American issues.
soc.culture.arabic	Technological & cultural issues, *not* politics.
soc.culture.asean	Countries of the Assoc. of SE Asian Nations.
soc.culture.asian.american	Issues & discussion about Asian-Americans.
soc.culture.australian		Australian culture and society.
soc.culture.bangladesh	Issues & discussion about Bangladesh.
soc.culture.brazil      Talking about the people and country of Brazil.
soc.culture.british	Issues about Britain & those of British descent.
soc.culture.bulgaria    Discussing Bulgarian society.
soc.culture.canada	Discussions of Canada and its people.
soc.culture.caribbean	Life in the Caribbean.
soc.culture.celtic	Irish, Scottish, Breton, Cornish, Manx & Welsh.
soc.culture.china	About China and Chinese culture.
soc.culture.europe	Discussing all aspects of all-European society.
soc.culture.filipino	Group about the Filipino culture.
soc.culture.french	French culture, history, and related discussions.
soc.culture.german	Discussions about German culture and history.
soc.culture.greek	Group about Greeks.
soc.culture.hongkong	Discussions pertaining to Hong Kong.
soc.culture.indian	Group for discussion about India & things Indian.
soc.culture.iranian	Discussions about Iran and things Iranian/Persian.
soc.culture.italian	The Italian people and their culture.
soc.culture.japan	Everything Japanese, except the Japanese language.
soc.culture.jewish	Jewish culture & religion. (cf. talk.politics.mideast)
soc.culture.korean	Discussions about Korean & things Korean.
soc.culture.latin-america	Topics about Latin-America.
soc.culture.lebanon	Discussion about things Lebanese.
soc.culture.magyar	The Hungarian people & their culture.
soc.culture.mexican	Discussion of Mexico's society.
soc.culture.misc	Group for discussion about other cultures.
soc.culture.nepal	Discussion of people and things in & from Nepal.
soc.culture.netherlands People from the Netherlands and Belgium.	Discussion of topics related to New Zealand.
soc.culture.nordic	Discussion about culture up north.
soc.culture.pakistan	Topics of discussion about Pakistan.
soc.culture.polish	Polish culture, Polish past, and Polish politics.
soc.culture.portuguese	Discussion of the people of Portugal.
soc.culture.romanian    Discussion of Romanian and Moldavian people.
soc.culture.soviet	Topics relating to Russian or Soviet culture.
soc.culture.spain	Discussion of culture on the Iberian peninsula.
soc.culture.sri-lanka	Things & people from Sri Lanka.
soc.culture.taiwan	Discussion about things Taiwanese.
soc.culture.thai	Thai people and their culture.
soc.culture.turkish	Discussion about things Turkish.
soc.culture.usa		The culture of the United States of America.
soc.culture.vietnamese	Issues and discussions of Vietnamese culture.
soc.culture.yugoslavia	Discussions of Yugoslavia and its people.
soc.feminism		Discussion of feminism & feminist issues. (Moderated)
soc.history		Discussions of things historical.	Discussing all aspects of libraries.			Issues related to men, their problems & relationships.
soc.misc		Socially-oriented topics not in other groups.
soc.motss		Issues bâ	αp╢ùτÿ┴╜aH╧bVαP▒¬i8âv9╥2p%/Já|ª½2XrÖ