Graphics files
3DART05B.ZIP 3D artist, graphic newsletter
ATTRIB.ZIP   Character attributes on PC video boards
BARYCEN1.ZIP Intersection check with Barycentric Coordinates
BEGINNER.ZIP Graphics programming info and sources
BITROTAT.ZIP A summary of Bitmap rotations
BLOBBYSU.ZIP How to make Blobby polygons
CG-JOURN.ZIP Computer graphics & img. process. journals
CGBO.ZIP     Top 10 of  computer graphics books
DAVID_C.ZIP  Raster to Vector article with source
DITHER.ZIP   Document describing dithering
EGATECH.ZIP  EGA technical information
EGA_PROG.ZIP EGA programming information
GLCOMPIL.ZIP .gl compiler in C.
GRAFIK.ZIP   Nybörjarens guide till Grafik
MAC3DPRG.ZIP About the Third dimension
PATCHSPH.ZIP Defining a sphere with Bezier patches
POINTNPO.ZIP Point in polygon by winding number
POLYCLIP.ZIP Polygon clipping algorithm
POLYGON2.ZIP Polygon to triangle algorithm
PROGINFO.ZIP Programming info for VGA graphics
QUATERNI.ZIP Rotatations using Euler parameters
RGB.ZIP      The RGB vaules and their names
TESSELSP.ZIP Polygon representation of a spheres surface
TEXTURE-.ZIP Bibliography on texture mapping
TRACING1.ZIP About different methods of shading
VECTORS.ZIP  Info on vectorcoding( mainly for 68000, but a good tutorial...)
VGADOC01.ZIP VGA programming documentation
VGADOC3.ZIP  Register level (s)vga programming info and card tester
XINTRO18.ZIP Introduction to Mode X version 1.8 w/source and pics

             PC Graphics/Demo/Games sources
1SVGA.ZIP    Lots of good looking (S)VGA utils and source code (pascal)
3DLAB110.ZIP 3D-Labyrinth 1.10 - almost all source (pascal)
ANMFORMT.ZIP Deluxepaint animation ".anm" viewer + source
BARS.ZIP     Copper bars by Patch (asm)
BLIT.ZIP     Picture blitting code + theory (C)
BMSCALER.ZIP Bitmap scaling trainer by Tumblin (modeX, C)
BURN.ZIP     Excellent fire routine by Frank Patxi (pascal)
CROSFADE.ZIP Cross fade from one pic to another - mode13h (asm/C)
C_PLASMA.ZIP Plasma - in C this time..
DBVGAL17.ZIP Dave boynton (vesa) vga library 1.7 + src
DEMOSTUF.ZIP Lots of demo stuff: stars,rotate,magnify,3D maze (pascal/asm)
DFLAT15.ZIP  D-Flat 15 windowing system (C)
DIGITAL-.ZIP Digital Image Warping buglist
FADECODE.ZIP FadeCode - palette manipulation intro + source (asm/c) by Esak
FADE_TP.ZIP  Fade screen out by Mike Schutz (pascal)
FAKEMODE.ZIP FakeMode specs + sample code - 3840 colors w/standard VGA
FASTSCRL.ZIP Fast Scrolling in Mode X article
FASTVGA.ZIP  Fast VGA video routines in assembler
FGFDEMO.ZIP  Fastgraph/Fonts demo 1.2 + source
FILL1C.ZIP   Fast Floodfill algorithm
FILL2C.ZIP   Generalized polygon fill algorithm
FIRECODE.ZIP Fireplasma demosource
FSTSCRL1.ZIP Fast scroll source
FULLR_2.ZIP  Fullrot #2 - 320x200x256 rotation, 32bit pm by scott deming (c)
GEMSIV.ZIP   Graphics Gems IV - source code (C)
GIFCSRC.ZIP  GIF image compression source
GIFSAVE.ZIP  Ave pics as .GIF (C src)
GIF_CSRC.ZIP GIF decoder source (c)
GOUSHAD.ZIP  At the end some Gouraud shading code by The Faker (pascal)
GRAPHGEM.ZIP Graphics gems i/ii/iii books source code
GRAPHPRO.ZIP Graphics programming files from Dr. Dobb's Journal
GTCMOUS1.ZIP 80x25 vga text mode "graphic" mouse (C src)
GURUMODE.ZIP 12 tweaked 256 color modes (asm)
HANDSRC.ZIP  Software for the powerglove
HOBBSPR2.ZIP Horiz scrolling with Hobbes library (C++)
HSV.ZIP      Convert from hsv to rbg, c source
ISAD2SRC.ZIP VGA/Adlib loader source (asm)
LINE13X.ZIP  Linedrawing source for PC
MICROCAD.ZIP Simple CAD program (vector graphics) with c source
MKFNT8.ZIP   Font editor
MKTIL16A.ZIP PC Tile editor
MODEX32.ZIP  Michael abrash's xmode routines in 32bit pm by k.yogaratnam
MORPHT.ZIP   Source for a image Morphing program
OVL-BITM.ZIP Complete source code to bitmap coding, great for 3d-programmers!
PARALLAX.ZIP Parallax scrolling engine + demo w/some source (asm/pascal)
PASSRC.ZIP   Bouncing ball on moving plate by HALi (pascal)
PAS_SRC.ZIP  Joystick and keyboard units (pascal/asm) by Ronny Wester
PGHAND2.ZIP  Software for the powerglove
PIXELATE.ZIP Bitmap scaling - two separate routines (asm)
PLOT3D.ZIP   Plot 3D surfaces, with Source
PSY_KIT.ZIP  Psychose Inc demomaker kit
RECT.ZIP     Rutin för rektanglar i Mode-X
ROTAT_BM.ZIP En beskrivning på hur man roterar en bitmap
RPG_SCRL.ZIP How to scroll tile-based RPG world - mode 13h (asm/pascal)
RT.ZIP       Commented VGA loader source
SCALE.ZIP    Bitmap scaling in modeX/mode13h (asm) by John A. Slagel
SCALE_BM.ZIP En beskrivning på hur man skalar en bitmap
SCROLL2.ZIP  Vertical screen scroll in mode X
SEGA.ZIP     VGA 320 * 400 * 256 * 2 frames routines.
SHADEBOB.ZIP ShadeBob source by Nutcracker (asm)
SHOWFC11.ZIP Showface 1.1 - view facesaver (face) files (asm)
SHOW_PCX.ZIP Show_pcx.pas by zsoft - show 2/4/16/256 color pcx (pascal)
SIV1.ZIP     SenSiv Scrolling Routines - asm, 286+
SJM386_1.ZIP Basic 3D effects demo with source - 386+, xlib, lex, yacc
SPRITES.ZIP  Mode13h sprite engine w/source (TP6)
TEXMPSRC.ZIP "Slimy" (warping) texture mapping by SliQ (asm/C)
TEXTTEXT.ZIP One approach to real time texture mapping
TEXTUR2.ZIP  Texturemapping demos
TEXTURE3.ZIP Texture mapping routines with source & exe
TEXT_ENG.ZIP Texture mapping in C with comments (djgpp, watcom)
TF_SOURC.ZIP Mcga/svga/vesa source by aardvark (asm/pascal)
TF_TEXMP.ZIP Full screen (320x200) texture mapping by aardvark (pascal)
TGASAVE.ZIP  Save pics in .TGA (C src)
TPLAS11.ZIP  Tom's Plasma 1.1 - plasma fractal w/source
TUT10.ZIP    VGA trainer in chain-4 (pascal)
TUT11.ZIP    VGA trainer in cross fading (pascal)
TUT12.ZIP    VGA trainer full-screen scrolling (pascal)
TUT13.ZIP    VGA trainer 3D starfield (pascal)
TUT14.ZIP    VGA trainer glenzing, polygons, fixed point math
TUT15.ZIP    VGA trainer in plasma (pascal)
TUT16.ZIP    VGA trainer in bitmap scaling (pascal)
TUT1_9.ZIP   VGA trainer make demo effects with TP6/7 w/pascal source
UNITS.ZIP    Units by ole westgaard - graphics/fonts/ints (asm/pascal)
VESASP12.ZIP Vesa bios extension v1.2 specs.
VESATES2.ZIP 640x480x256 svga vesa demo - graphics/sound/mouse (c++)
VESAVGA.ZIP  Basic 256 color svga VESA routines (asm)
VGAKIT50.ZIP VGA sourcecodes
VID_SRC.ZIP  Video 0.02 - routines to access VideoBlaster (C)
VOXEL.ZIP    The Voxel Landscape demo, how i did it.
VRSERVER.ZIP Vertical Retrace Interrupt Server 1.1 (asm)
WORMHOLE.ZIP Wormhole effect with asm/C code
XCODE.ZIP    "wrapped sprite code" - pcx/pcc, sprites, scrolling, modex
XLIB06.ZIP   Good modex sprite library, vga256, (free, turbo c/tasm source)
XSCALEBM.ZIP Bitmap scale/clip by John Slagel - 386, mode X, Xlib, asm
XSHARP22.ZIP X-Sharp 3D animation package #22 by Michael Abrash
YANNS3D.ZIP  3D stuff - pmode/rmode, fixed point math by Yann (asm)

             Fractal sources , Docs & Programs
FRACTAL.ZIP  Fractal curves and surfaces
MANDEL.ZIP   A utility to generate mandel's fractal geometry.
FRACTALS.ZIP References for getting started with fractals
FRACT30.ZIP  Mandelbrot/julia set 2d/3d ega/vga fractal generator
FRACXTR5.ZIP Extra datafiles for Fractint
FRAIN182.ZIP Fractint, the ultimate fractal generator
FRASR182.ZIP The source to Fractint
4DFRACT.ZIP  Source to a 4D fractal
MOUNTAIN.ZIP Fractal mountain generator
THREED.ZIP   Mandelbrot & 3D sources
FDESI313.ZIP Fractal Designer 3.08 and 3.13 w/source (C)
BTM.ZIP      Source for a new way of making mandelbrot
CLOUD.ZIP    Source for fractal clouds
FP104.ZIP    Fractal paint program for PC
FRACTFLY.ZIP Fractal fly through, needs fractint
FRASR172.ZIP The Fractint Source V17.2
GIFLIB12.ZIP C library for writing/reading Gif files
LYAP.ZIP     Lyaponov Fractal source
MOUNT2.ZIP   Mandelbrot mountain source
CNEWTON3.ZIP Map of newtons method of solving Z^3 =1
OLIVERF.ZIP  Fractal drawing program with source
PLASMA.ZIP   Source for plasma clouds
SMOKE.ZIP    Create a image of a 3D chaotic attractor
FRACTFAQ.ZIP Frequently asked questions about fractals

             Raytracing sources & Docs
POVINF.ZIP   Persistence of Vision Raytracer,  Basic Information
POVSRC.ZIP   Persistence of Vision Raytracer source
STNV4N1.ZIP  Raytracing News magazine Vol4 #1
STNV4N2.ZIP  Raytracing News magazine Vol4 #2
PHONG.ZIP    Example of phong shading
CODET.ZIP    Raytracing sourcecode
BALLS.ZIP    Some shaded spheres with reflection
BEACH_BA.ZIP The Beach-Ball C-source.
DBW_PICT.ZIP Dkbtrace example files
DKB211DT.ZIP DKBtrace 2.11 datas
DKB212SR.ZIP DKBtrace 2.12 sources
DKBUTDOC.ZIP DKB trace docs and utils
DKBUTSRC.ZIP DKB Trace 2.12, Source code
POVTSRC.ZIP  Transputer version of POV-raytracer
PSRAYTRA.ZIP Postscript Raytracer source
PVDOC.ZIP    Persistence of vision raytracer docs
RAYTRACE.ZIP Ray tracing Jell-O, from Pixar
PVSRC.ZIP    Persistence of vision C source, Ray Tracing
JIREND.ZIP   Rend386 raytracer with source
QUARTICS.ZIP Quartic shapes module source for DKB trace
RAY-TRAC.ZIP Winner of Minimal Raytracer contest source
RAYSRC.ZIP   Source for a raytracer
RAYTRA2.ZIP  Raytracing source
RAY_NEWS.ZIP Raytracing news
ROTATE.ZIP   C source for rotation of a bitmap
RS113.ZIP    Raytrace scene generator with source
RSHADE.ZIP   Source for a raytracer in C
RTNEWS3.ZIP  Raytracing News vol3 issue 4
RTSYSTEM.ZIP Example of realtime raytracing (PC only)
TEXTURE.ZIP  GFA source for texturemapping
TRANFAST.ZIP Transputer version of POV-raytracer
WINFERN.ZIP  A fern generator
YCCMRMSG.ZIP Raytracing mail from 'You Can Call me Ray'
MATRIXC.ZIP  Matrix and 3D geometry functions by Nigel Salt (C)
RTSRC800.ZIP Antonio Costa's raytracer 8.0.0 + utils (awk/sed/..) source
RTN.ZIP      Raytracing News, index file
RTNEWS1.ZIP  Raytracing Newsletter
RTNEWS2.ZIP  Raytracing Newsletter
RTNEWS4.ZIP  Raytracing Newsletter
RTNEWS5.ZIP  Raytracing Newsletter
RTNV2N1.ZIP  Raytracing Newsletter
RTNV2N2.ZIP  Raytracing Newsletter
RTNV2N4.ZIP  Raytracing Newsletter
RTNV2N5.ZIP  Raytracing Newsletter
RTNV2N6.ZIP  Raytracing Newsletter
RTNV2N7.ZIP  Raytracing Newsletter
RTNV2N8.ZIP  Raytracing Newsletter
RTNV3N1.ZIP  Raytracing Newsletter
RTNV3N2.ZIP  Raytracing Newsletter
RTNV3N3.ZIP  Raytracing Newsletter
RTNV3N4.ZIP  Raytracing Newsletter
RTNV4N1.ZIP  Raytracing Newsletter
RTNV4N2.ZIP  Raytracing Newsletter
RTNV4N3.ZIP  Raytracing Newsletter
RTNV5N1.ZIP  Raytracing Newsletter
RTNV5N2.ZIP  Raytracing Newsletter
RTNV5N3.ZIP  Raytracing Newsletter
RTNV6N1.ZIP  Raytracing Newsletter
RTNV6N2.ZIP  Raytracing Newsletter
RTNV6N3.ZIP  Raytracing Newsletter
RTNV7N1.ZIP  Raytracing Newsletter
RTNV7N2.ZIP  Raytracing Newsletter
RTNV7N2P.ZIP Raytracing Newsletter
RTNV7N3.ZIP  Raytracing Newsletter
RTNV7N4.ZIP  Raytracing Newsletter
RTNV7N5.ZIP  Raytracing Newsletter
RTNV8N1.ZIP  Raytracing Newsletter
RTNEWS6.ZIP  Raytracing Newsletter
RTNEWS7.ZIP  Raytracing Newsletter

             WordUP Graphics Toolkits
DSIK_C.ZIP   Digital sound interface kit 1.01a - 386+, wav/mods (c)
DSIK_PAS.ZIP Digital sound interface kit 1.01a - 386+, wav/mods (pascal)
WGT4.ZIP     Wordup Graphics Toolkit 4.0 for 320x200x256 (C)
WGT4HELP.ZIP Wordup graphics toolkit 4.0 help in borland thelp format
WGT5BETA.ZIP Wgt 5.0 for watcom c beta release - 10 oct 1994
WGT_CD.ZIP   Wgt cd-rom audio player (for cd games) (bc++ 3.1 source)
WGT_GN.ZIP   Gooroo nation megademo 2.0 - wgt (asm/c) source to effects
WGTFNT10.ZIP Wordup Graphics Toolkit font utils 1.0
WGTMAP42.ZIP WGT Map Maker 4.2
WGTTPLY2.ZIP Wgt4 texture mapped polygon patch - 7 oct 1994
WGTTUT1.ZIP  Wgt graphics tutorial #1 - filled polygons (solid) (c)
WGTTUT2.ZIP  Wgt graphics tutorial #2 - gouraud shaded polygons (c)
WGTTUT3.ZIP  Wgt graphics tutorial #3 - texture mapped polygons (c)
WGTTUT4.ZIP  Wgt graphics tutorial #4 - dirty rectangle animation (c)