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Subject: Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists, Part III
Date: Sat, 18 Jul 1992 18:20:36 GMT
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[This is the third of three articles on mailing lists.]

    Contact: bunker!stpstn!objc-request (Anthony A. Datri)

    Purpose: The Objective-C mailing list is for the discussion of
    Stepstone's Objective-C language, Objective-C compiler, Objective-C
    interpreter, and the ICPak-201 user interface library.

    Contact:  (Paul Vixie)

    Purpose:  A mailing list where students of Objectivism can discuss
    their ideas, concrete issues, exchange news, etc.  Any issue that
    may have some relevance to Objectivists is appropriate here.

    Contact: (T. William Wells)

    Purpose: A mailing list for discussion of the philosophy of
    Objectivism. This is not a general Objectivism mailing list;
    discussions are restricted to the philosophy itself.

    Contact:	utzoo!trigraph!oda-request	(Les Gondor)

    Purpose: ODA is a mailing list for topics related to the ISO 8613
    standard for Office Document Architecture, and ODIF (Office
    Document Interchange Format).

    Contact: uunet!samsung!wizvax!offroad-request  (Stephanie P. Gilgut)

    Purpose: To discuss/share experiences about 4X4 offroad
    adventures, tips and anything else related to 4 wheel drive, off
    roading, etc.  This list is reflector driven.

Oglasna Deska
    Contact: Oglasna-Deska@IJS.AC.Mail.YU (Jure Marn)
          or Oglasna.Deska@Uni-LJ.AC.Mail.YU

    Purpose: "Oglasna Deska" (bulletin board) is transcripts taken from
    SLON, which is a nickname for Decnet connecting several computers in
    Yugoslavia.  There is a conference similar to Usenet running under
    SLON and the articles and replies are occasionally saved and sent to
    the world.  The topics cover wide area, the language used is Slovene,
    Croatian or Serbian, and some articles are in English.  At the moment
    there is no interaction possible so the participation is reduced to
    reading.  The topics covered are equivalent to Usenet groups talk.
    politics.misc (from Ljubljana and Belgrade),, rec.humor,
    comp.networks.*, and rec.climbing.  Misc.invest is in the offing.


    Purpose: The oh-motss (Ohio Members Of The Same Sex) mailing list
    is for open discussion of lesbian, gay, and bisexual issues in and
    affecting Ohio.  The mailing list is not moderated, and is open to
    all, regardless of location or sexuality.  Further, participation
    on the list does not necessarily indicate a person's sexual
    preference or orientation.  The subscriber list is known only to
    the list owner.

    Contact: (Wayne Geiser)

    Purpose: Subscribers to on-this-day receive a daily listing of
    interesting birthdays, events, religious holidays, astronomical
    events, etc.  The messages are sent out in the wee hours of the
    morning, so you should have it for your morning coffee.  :-)

    Contact: (Ben Golding)

    Purpose: The On-U Sound mailing list encourages discussions
    related to the Adrian Sherwood's On-U Sound label and the artists
    that record on it.  This includes Tack>>Head, Gary Clail, The Dub
    Syndicate, African Head Charge, Bim Sherman, Mark Stewart, etc.

    Contact: (Helen Trillian Rose)

    Purpose: a discussion list for *everything* having to do with irc.
    Its main purpose is irc routing discussions, protocol discussions,
    and announcements of new versions (of irc clients and servers).

    Contact: (Steve Kinzler,
						 Ray Moody)

    Purpose:  A cooperative effort for creative humor.  The Usenet
    Oracle answers any questions posed to it.  Send mail to (or {ames,rutgers}!iuvax!oracle)
    with the word "help" in the subject line for complete details
    on how to participate.

    A distribution list is available for receiving compilations of
    the best Oracle answers (the Usenet Oracularities, also posted
    to rec.humor).  Send mail to

    Contact: (Mitch Collinsworth)

    Purpose:  Discuss all aspects of the sport of orienteering.

    Contact:  (Brad Blumenthal)

    Purpose: This unmoderated mailing list is for discussion of all
    facets of origami, the Japanese art of paper folding.  Topics
    include bibliographies, folding techniques, display ideas,
    descriptions of new folds, creativity, materials, organizations,
    computer representations of folds, etc.

    Contact: (Stacey Greenstein)

    Purpose: To discuss the religions, philosophy, etc. of paganism.

    Contact: (Dave Gross)

    Purpose:  To discuss the life and works of Ernest Hemingway.

    Contact:  (Dave Rand)

    Purpose: a mailing list for people interested in the pc532
    project. This is a National Semiconductor NS32532 based system,
    offered for a very low cost.

    Contact: (Brian Smithson)

    Purpose: Discussion forum for users or potential users of PC/GEOS
    products, including GeoWorks Ensemble, GeoWorks Pro, GeoWorks POS,
    and third party products.  Topics include general information, tips,
    techniques, applications, experiences, etc.  The pcgeos-list is
    also gatewayed to the Usenet newgroup comp.os.msdos.pcgeos.

    Contact:  (Robert E. Seastrom)

    Purpose: This mailing list exists in order to facilitate
    communication and cooperation between owners of vintage DEC
    computers, specifically, but not limited to, the PDP-8 series of
    minicomputers.  Discussions of all manner of hardware, software,
    programming techniques are invited.  Ownership of an 'antique'
    computer is not required for membership, but flames from people
    who feel that anything that is not cutting edge technology is
    worthless are discouraged.

People of the South Wind
    Contact: (Ryan Waldron)

    Purpose: This is a Kansas mailing list which discusses songs, 
    concerts, etc. of the rock group Kansas.  This mailing list is
    simply an echo site, so all posts get bounced from that address 
    to all the people subscribed.

    Contact: (Ivan Cavero Belaunde)

    Purpose:  For discussion of Peruvian culture and other issues.


    Purpose: a mailing list digest version of "alt.drugs" restricted
    to postings without repetitive political arguments or flames.
    Political articles of particularly novel value and reports of
    policy developments will be included.

    Under no circumstances will any message be passed along that may
    be construed to be a solicitation to engage in any form of illegal

    Contact: (Mike Miskulin)

    Purpose: Physics is a newly created digest to cover current
    developments in theoretical and experimental physics.  Typical
    topics might include particle physics, plasmaphysics,
    astrophysics.  Discussions related to all branches (large and
    small) of physics are welcome.


    Purpose:  For users of the Picasso graphical User Interface
    Development System.

    Contact:  (Steve Masticola)

    Purpose: For all those who enjoy smoking, collecting, or sharing
    information on pipes, tobacco, and related topics. Flames aren't
    allowed (except for the purpose of lighting up :-)

Pisma Bralcev
    Contact: Pisma-Bralcev@IJS.Mail.YU (Andrej Brodnik)
          or Pisma.Bralcev@IJS.AC.Mail.YU

    Purpose: "Pisma bralcev" is an edited (not moderated) mailing list 
    which provides the possibility of publishing readers' opinions,
    questions, inquiries for help, answers, etc.  There are also 
    published travel tips and book reviews.  Anybody can send the letter
    to the editor and it will be published on the list under his name.
    The author can request anonymity and it will be respected entirely.  
    The frequency of publishing is about one issue per day or less.  The 
    language is originally Slovene, but other languages appear as well.

    Contact: (Andy S Poling)

    Purpose: This list was formed, out of desperation for an organized
    source of information, to discuss the Post Office Protocol (POP2
    and POP3 - described in RFCs 918, 937, 1081, and 1082) and
    implimentations thereof.

    The driving interest was lack of easily obtained knowledge of
    available POP2 and POP3 servers and clients.  This mailing list is
    meant to provide this information.  Anyone, whether consumer or
    product provider is invited to participate.

    Contact:  (Stan Hanks)

    Purpose: Discussion of Porsches.

    Contact:  umd5!grebyn!posix-ada-request	-or-	(Karl Nyberg)
    Purpose: to discuss the Ada binding of the Posix
    standard.  This is the IEEE P1003.5 working group.

    Contact: (Chuck Karish)

    Purpose: This list will provide a forum for discussion of issues
    related to testing operating systems for conformance to the
    various POSIX standards and proposed standards (IEEE 1003.x and
    whatever derivative standards may emerge from the NIST, ANSI, ISO,
    and so on).

    These issues include problems related to test suites in general,
    testability of various features of the standards, and portability
    of the test suites to the many very different POSIX
    implementations we expect to see in the near future.  We'll focus
    on the test suites themselves, rather than on the standards to
    which they test (notably POSIX p1003.3).

    Contact:  (Chris Swanson)

    Purpose: While the main goal of the digest is to provide a
    resource for researchers working with prions and interested
    bystanders, all are welcome.  All articles posted will be included
    in the next digest.  If a poster feels that his posting is of an
    urgent nature, it may be distributed sooner than the regular

    Contact:  (John Brewer)

    Purpose: The Pirate Radio SWL list is for the distribution of
    questions, answers, information and loggings of Pirate Radio
    Stations. This includes SW stations, MW (AM broadcast) and FM


    Purpose: PROG-PUBS is a mailing list for people interested in
    progressive and/or alternative publications and other media.

    PROG-PUBS was originally created to facilitate and encourage
    communication among people interested in and active with the
    "alternative student press" movement.  However, the list's scope
    is now broader than this; we welcome and encourage participation
    from people involved in all kinds of small-scale, independent,
    progressive and/or alternative media, including newspapers,
    newsletters, and radio and video shows, whether campus-based or


    Purpose: Discussion of the Progress RDBMS.

    Contact: (Chip Rosenthal)

    Purpose: The administration and use of public access computer
    systems - primarily UNIX systems.  The list membership includes a
    large number of people who run sites listed in the world-famous
    NIXPUB listing.  If you have questions about setting up or running
    a public access system, this is the place to be.

    Contact: (Roger Klorese)

    Purpose: a mailing list for Queer Nation activists and for all
    interested in Queer Nation, an activist group devoted to
    furthering gay rights.  The purpose of qn is to network among
    various Queer Nation chapters, discussion actions and tactics, and
    for general discussion of how to bring about Queer Liberation.


    Purpose: Quanta is an electronically distributed magazine of
    science fiction.  Published monthly, each issue contains short
    fiction, articles and editorials by authors around the world and
    across the net.  Quanta publishes in two formats: straight ascii
    and PostScript* for PostScript compatible printers.  To subscribe
    to Quanta, or just to get more info, send mail.

    Contact: (David Tahajian)
    Purpose: To disuss Audi cars, and especially the AWD quattro
    models.  All Audi-related discussion is welcome, including news,
    opinions, maintenance procdures and parts sources.

    Contact: (Christopher Owen Miller)
    please include the word SUBSCRIBE as your subject

    Purpose: Discussion about the rock group Queen.


    Purpose: To discuss motocycle racing (primarily on asphalt
    tracks) and associated technologies.  This is a fairly broad
    interest group, with experience spanning motojournalism,
    roadracing from the perspective of the pit crew and racers,
    and engineering.  It is also possible to receive the list
    in digest form.

    Contact: (a.e.mossberg)

    Purpose: Digest version of, a USENET newsgroup
    for sharing tasteful recipes.

    Contact: (Jeff Brooks)

    Purpose: recovery is intended as a forum and support group for
    survivors of childhood sexual abuse/incest and/or their SO's.
    Postings are published in digest format and contributors may post
    anonymously. The emphasis is on healing and recovery through the
    use of the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous as adapted for our

    Contact:  (Valerie Ohm)

    Purpose:  Discussion of the music and lyrics by the music group

    Contact: TKosir@ACS.UCalgary.CA (Tomaz Kosir)
          or RokPress@IJS.AC.Mail.YU
          or RokPress@Uni-LJJ.AC.Mail.YU

    Purpose: RokPress is a moderated mailing list, intended primarily for 
    news from Slovenia.  Slovene is the principal language, although 
    articles from Croatian and Serbian source are often included.  It 
    includes also news from international press and important announcements 
    related to Slovenia and Slovenes.  The volume is kept as low as possible.

    Contact: (Rick Morrow)

    Purpose: The RoleMaster mailing list is for the discussion and
    development of the RoleMaster, SpaceMaster and MERPS games from
    Iron Crown Enterprises.

    Contact: -or- ...!mcnc!unc!bell (Andrew Bell)

    Purpose: The RuneQuest Digest is a courtesy of Andrew Bell. It is
    a collection of articles, discussion, and source material for use
    with Chaosium's Runequest fantasy role-playing game.


    Purpose:  fans of the Canadian rock group Rush discuss things
    about the group and its music.

    Contact:   (Douglas Bates)

    Purpose:  Information and discussion about the S language for data
    analysis and graphics.

    Contact:  (regis m. donovan)

    Purpose: A forum and support group for gay and bisexual women.
    The list is not moderated, but may become so if the volume and/or
    content begins to warrant it.  A digest version is available; if
    you want it, be sure to mention it in your addition request.  Men
    who want to "listen in," for whatever reason, are requested to use
    the feminist and alternates mailing lists instead; sappho
    membership is limited to women.

    Contact: (Danulf Donaldson, MKA Dana Groff)

    Purpose: This group discusses anything relating to the Society for
    Creative Anachronism, a world-wide medievallist organization.
    Anyone in the Society (or interested in it) is welcome to join.
    Those with basic questions about the Society should direct them to (Justin du Coeur, MKA Mark Waks), who will
    be happy to answer them. (Please note that the mailing list is not
    officially related to the SCA in any way; it is simply a group of
    talkative members).

    The SCA mailing list is gatewayed into the newsgroup.

    Contact:  (Ed Hew)

    Purpose: The SCO Announce mailing list is a moderated announcements
    list providing product update and new product announcements supplied
    by SCO or by developers offering SCO based products.

    Submissions for the list should be addressed to

    The "scoann" mlist is bi-directionally gatewayed with the USENET
    biz.sco.annouce newsgroup.

    Contact:  (Geoff Scully)

    Purpose: This group will be beneficial to any one interested or
    currently using Santa Cruz Operation products.  This mailing list
    is a single area where discussions and information can be exchanged
    regarding ALL SCO products. 

    The "scogen" mlist is bi-directionally gatewayed with the USENET
    biz.sco.general newsgroup.

    Contact:  (Ed Hew)

    Purpose: The SCO Open Desktop electronic mailing list is intended
    to provide a communications vehicle for interested parties to
    provide, request, submit, and exchange information regarding the
    configuration, implementation, and use of the SCO Open Desktop
    operating system as available from The Santa Cruz Operation.

    All submissions will be posted as received with appropriate author
    attribution.  Questions are welcome.  Someone may even answer them.

    The "scoodt" mlist is bi-directionally gatewayed with the USENET
    biz.sco.opendesktop newsgroup.


    Purpose: This list is designed for persons who perform the role of
    Scribe Database Administrator at their installation.  Discussion
    will be about Scribe features, bugs, enhancements, performance,
    support, and other topics of interest to Scribe DBAs.  The list
    will NOT be moderated, but will simply consist of a mail
    "reflector" - ie. if you send a message to the list, it will be
    rebroadcast to everyone on the list.  Discussion at the level of
    "How do I get a paragraph to indent 5 spaces instead of 3?" is
    specifically discouraged.

    Contact: (Steve Timm)

    Purpose: SDAnet is a list for and about Seventh-day Adventists.
    It is a moderated list.  Anyone may post or subscribe.

Secular Humanist Group
    Contact: (Jim Thompson)
    Purpose: to provide a moderated forum for the discussion of secular
    lifestyles and philosophies among atheists, agnostics, and secular
    humanists.  Theists may join the list; however, proselytizing and
    debates over God and religion will be referred to more appropriate

    Contact: uunet!zardoz!security-request (Neil Gorsuch)

    Purpose: to notify of unix security flaws BEFORE they become public
    knowledge, and to provide unix security enhancement programs and
    information.  Most postings are explanations of specific unix security
    "holes", including fixes or work-arounds to prevent their usage.  This
    list is not intended for discussions of general and/or theoretical
    security issues.  It is joined at the pleasure of the applicant's
    system administrator and the list administrator.

    Requests to join must be mailed from a system administration account
    and must specify (1) the full name of the recipient; (2) the address
    to send the list to; (3) the address of the contact person for that
    site (if different from (2)); (4) whether you want moderated digests
    or "reflected" postings.

SFER-l		(South Florida Environmental Reader)
    Contact:  (a.e. mossberg)

    Purpose: A monthly digest of environmental articles of interest to
    South Florida residents. The newsletter is available in both paper
    and electronic formats.  

    Contact: (Brian Behlendorf)

    Purpose: SFRaves is about the "rave" club scene in San Francisco.
    Even though it's locally focused, people from all over the world
    are on SFRaves.  It is an unmoderated list.

    Contact: sun!kass!richard  (Richard Karasik)

    Purpose:I'd like to get people together on a mailing list who are
    willing to share their skills with others - not just the computist
    ones, althogh that's handy to know, but some of the oddball ones
    that we all seem to have aquired.

    Ground rules: the list is not going to be publicly available but
    requests to the list for specific skills will be passed on to the
    people that have them, and they can decide about the level of
    participation they want to have.  The only public piece that will
    be mailed around is the new skills that have been added, and the
    new requests for assistance.

    I am open to any other suggestions for how to make this work.

    Contact:  (Lyndon Nerenberg)

    Purpose: 	The smail3-users mailing list is targeted towards
    those who administer smail3.X based mailers.  Discussion of
    operational problems and fixes, specialized configurations, and
    other topics related to the day-to-day operation of smail3.X are
    found here.  The list does not discuss smail 2.5 issues.  (Smail
    2.5 is an unrelated piece of software that appeared in the
    comp.sources.unix archives under the archive name "smail3.")
    Questions about smail 2.5 should be directed to the newsgroup
    comp.mail.misc.  Smail3-users deals primarily with operational
    issues. If you're interested in technical discussions on smail3
    internals, consider joining smail3-wizards.

    Contact: (Lyndon Nerenberg)

    Purpose:	Smail3-wizards is a discussion forum for people who
    are actively porting, debugging, and extending smail3.X.
    Discussion should be limited to topics concerning smail3
    internals.  Questions about smail3 installation and operation
    should be directed to the smail3-users list.


    Purpose: We are a mailing list dedicated to the music of the rock
    group, The Smiths.  Though the group is no longer together, we
    feel there is a substantial enough body of work to keep a list
    such as this going.  Topics include discussion/interpretation of
    lyrics, work being done currently by members, and other
    intellectual concerns.

    Contact: (Tom Palmer)

    Purpose: To discuss all aspects of "sonification".  Sonification
    is the mapping of data values to audio, used typically as an
    adjunct to traditional scientific visualization.

    Contact: (Keane Arase)

    Purpose: For people interested in collection, speculation and
    investing in baseball, football, basketball, hockey and other
    trading cards and/or memoribilia.  Discussion and want/sell lists
    are welcome.  Open to anyone.


    Purpose: This is an semi-unmoderated mailing list for sharing
    information about the Sybase SQL server and related products.

    Contact:  (Brad Davis)

    Purpose: This list is for the discussion of all aspects of stage
    work, including (but not limited to) special effects, sound
    effects, sound reinforcement, stage management, set design and
    building, lighting design, company management, hall management,
    hall design, and show production.  This is not a forum for the
    discussion of various stage productions (unless the discussion
    pertains to the stagecraft of a production), acting or directing
    methods (unless you know of ways to get actors to stand in the
    right spots), film or video production (unless the techniques can
    be used on the stage).  The list will not be moderated unless
    problems crop up.  Archives will be kept of the discussion (send
    mail to stagecraft-request for copies).


     Purpose: The stardent-users mailing list provides a forum for
    discussion of using/programming computers manufactured by Stardent
    Computer. The discussion is intended to cover programming topics
    (e.g. XFDI, phigs+, Dore, parallel and/or vectorizaton techniques,
    etc.), using one of their computers as an application engine for a
    Stardent software package or a third party package (e.g. AVS,
    Quanta, NMR1/2, etc.), or any other threads deamed applicable
    (e.g. customer service, fallout of merger, etc). The list will not
    be moderated, and it is hoped that it will generate enough
    interest to justify a news group.

Star Fleet Battles
    Contact: (Henry J. Cobb)

    Purpose: The SFB Tacticsline exists for discussion of tactics of
    the SFB game, and as a contact point for SFB PBeM games.

    Contact: stormbringer-request@ocf.Berkeley.EDU

    Purpose: The Stormbringer mailing list exists for both the fans of
    Michael Moorcock's books and those who enjoy Chaosium's games,

    Contact: (Paul Davison)

    Purpose: For general discussion and news concerning the music of
    Roy Harper, a folk-rock musician with a conscience.
    Recommendations and news concerning similar artists are
    encouraged. The list is set up as a mail reflector.

    NB: Some internet sites may have to route mail through the UK
    internet gateway, "". Also, in some exceptional
    circumstances we may have to refuse membership because we get
    charged for mail to certain addresses in the uucp domain.


    Purpose:  Discussion and information about the 386i-based Sun


    Purpose:  Information of special interest to managers of sites
    with Sun workstations or servers.


    Purpose:  Discussion and information on networks using Sun
    hardware and/or software.

    Contact:  -or-  cmcl2!supercomputer-request
    Submissions:, cmcl2!supercomputer

    Purpose: To discuss "supercomputers" and related technology.
    Contact the list administrators for more information.

    Contact: dynasys!svr4-admin  (Jesse W. Asher)

    Purpose:  This is for discussion of topics related to Unix System
    V Release 4.

    Contact: {harpo,bellcore,cmcl2}!cucard!dasys1!sysops-request

    Purpose: The purpose of this list is to facilitate communication
    among operators of computerized bulletin-board systems.  Topics
    will include, but are certainly not limited to: applications,
    security, legal issues, and software.  

    Contact: (Ted H. Emigh)

    Purpose:  Discussion of T3, a WYSIWYG (almost) scientific word
    processing system for MS-DOS computers.

    Contact: (Dave Datta)

    Purpose: Tadream is a forum for discussions about Tangerine Dream
    and related artists. The discussions are not moderated, but
    discussions should have some small relation to Tangerine Dream
    (solo works and instrumentation discussions are welcome). The list
    is set up both as a mail relay and a daily digest. (alternate
    mail-paths: ....uwm!uwpvacs!tadream-request,

    Contact: diginst! (Todd Day)

    Purpose:  For owners and admirers of Talon, Eclipse or Laser

    Contact: ...!{psu-cs,reed,ogcvax}!qiclab!tandy4k-users (Steven Neighorn)

    Purpose: A mailing list for owners, users, and other interested
    parties of the Intel 80386-based Tandy 4000 Microcomputer. The list
    will contain problems encountered, hints, program source code, and
    anything else related to the operation of Tandy's newest entry into
    the world of microcomputers.

    Contact: astrovax!tartan-c-requests

    Purpose: Discussion related to the Tartan C compiler for the vax.
    This can include bug reports, benchmarks, C quirks handled
    differently by tcc, experiences compiling system source with tcc,

    Contact: (Mark Law)

    Purpose: This mailing list ihas been set up to serve the needs of
    users and software developers of TCAD ( technology computer aided
    design ) codes.  These codes typicaaly aid the the IC process
    designer in developing, debugging, and optimizing new and old
    processes.  The group discusses software such as PISCES, SUPREM,


    Purpose:  Discussion about promoting TCP/IP use on Ham packet

    Contact:  (Brett Slocum)

    Purpose: This mailing list exists to discuss the world of Tekumel,
    the fantasy world invented by M.A.R. Barker in the roleplaying
    games "Empire of the Petal Throne" and "Swords and Glory", and the
    DAW novels "Man of Gold" and "Flamesong".

    Anything related to Tekumel is welcome: game modifications,
    accounts of campaigns, questions, fiction, tables, NPCs, tips for
    converting to new game systems, etc. Listeners as well as
    contributors are welcome. This list is in digest format and is
    mailed when submissions warrant it (weekly if possible).

    Contact: (Brian Marick)

    Purpose: The purpose of Testing-Archive is to collect and archive
    material for software testing practitioners and researchers who
    are too busy to read ongoing discussions.  Therefore, typical
    messages will be abstracts of technical reports, announcements of
    testing tools (both commercial and noncommercial), reviews of
    testing tools, and summaries of discussions from other mailing
    lists or newsgroups.  The mailing list will be archived and made
    available for anonymous FTP via  The list is unmoderated.
    Contact: (Brian Marick)

    Purpose: Testing-Research is a forum for testing researchers to
    discuss current and future research at greater length (and with
    perhaps lower "density") than in Testing-Archive.  The goal of
    Testing-Archive is to create a historical record; the goal of
    Testing-Research is to create a community.  Since testing is one
    of the most down-to-earth kinds of software engineering research,
    testing practitioners are welcomed.  Messages about practice
    should be the kind that can guide or improve research; messages
    that can improve practice should go in  This
    list is unmoderated.

    Contact: (Elizabeth Lear Newman)

    Purpose: This forum is intended for the general discussion of
    theater, in whatever form it make take.  This list is primarily a
    gateway for the traffic in the newsgroup

    Contact:   -or-

    Purpose: The purpose of this list is to provide for the discussion
    of Traumatic Head Injuries, Cerebrovascular Accidents, and other
    related Intracranial Malformations. It is hoped that this
    conference will provide a clearing house for information on the
    above topics, on facilities that specialize in the treatment of
    Intracranial problems, and most importantly a conference where
    victims and their families can meet to discuss problems, concerns,
    and successes. An electronic international support group.

    Contact:  (Mark Nagel)

    Purpose: This list exists to discuss the Think C compiler for the
    Macintosh.  Acceptable topics include discussion of compiler
    problems and solutions/workarounds, discussion of object-oriented
    programming and Macintosh programming, and the sharing of source
    code.  Associated with this list is an archive stored on accessible via ftp and a mail archive server
    (  Submissions to the archive should
    go to think-c-request.

    Contact: (Han Tunca)

    Purpose: The purpose of the group will be to discuss all aspects
    of the Ford Thunderbird Automobiles.  The mailing list is not
    limited to any model year.


    Purpose: Discussion devoted to the programming language integral
    to the TinyMUSH subfamily of mud servers.  (See the
    FAQ for more general information about muds).

    Contact: (James Jerpseth)

    Purpose: This list is a forum to exchange concert and other 
    pertinent information about the band "Toad the Wet Sprocket."
    In order to keep the noise to signal ratio low, this list will 
    filter out FAQ and transmit only new or useful information.

    Contact: (J. Eric Townsend)

    Purpose: For discussion regarding NewTek's Video Toaster, both
    "standalone" and "card-for-the-amiga" versions.  To subscribe,
    send email to with a *BODY* of
    "subscribe toaster-list  you@yoursite.domain."

    Contact: (Julian Bradfield)

    Purpose: Discussions of the linguistic aspects of J.R.R. Tolkien's
    works. This covers everything from Elvish vocabulary and grammar
    to his use of Old English. The list is (lightly) moderated.

    Contact: (Clay Luther)

    Purpose: Torg is the mailing list dedicated to the infiniverse
    of West End Game's "Torg, the Possibility Wars" Roleplaying Game.

    Contact: (Bill Kennedy)

    Purpose: General discussion on the subject of NCR Tower computers.
    Gatewayed with comp.sys.ncr


    Purpose: The charter of the list is for the discussion on almost
    any subject to owners and prospective owners of all models of
    Toyota consumer passenger vehicles and light trucks.


    Purpose: The Transputer mailing list was created to enhance the
    communication among those who are interested in the Transputer and
    Transputer based systems.

    Submissions should be of non-proprietary nature and be concerned
    with, but not limited to:
    	o  Algorithms
    	o  Current development efforts (hardware and software)
    	o  INMOS and third party systems (Meiko, FPS, etc.)
    	o  Interfaces
    	o  Dedicated computational resources
    	o  Occam and Non-Occam language development
    Archives of submissions are available by anonymous ftp from the
    host (userid "anonymous", password is of the
    form "user@host") and through uucp on a per-request basis.

    The list is maintained as a mail reflector.  Submissions are
    therefore sent out as they are received.

    Contact:  (James T. Perkins)

    Purpose: This mailing list exists to discuss the TRAVELLER Science
    Fiction Role Playing Game, published by Game Designers' Workshop.
    All variants of Traveller (Traveller 2300, MegaTraveller), and
    Traveller games (Snapshot, Trillion Credit Squadron, etc.) are
    included, too.  Discussion is unmoderated and open to all facets
    and levels of Traveller discussion.  Listeners as well as
    contributors are welcome.


    Purpose: The tx-firearms mailing list has been created to keep
    interested parties aware of Texas firearms laws, hunting seasons
    and regulations, pending legislation, group meetings, competition
    schedules, basically anything related to firearms in the State of
    Texas. The list is not moderated and is available to anyone.

    Contact: (Steve Salvini)

    Purpose: This is an open invitation to followers of hockey in the
    UK to join a mailing list dedicated to the discussion of (ice!) 
    hockey in Britain.  At present we are mailing out news, gossip, 
    league tables, match reports and results on a fairly regular basis.
    Contact:   (Internet)
          or   (JANet)
          or uk-motss-request%pyrltd.uknet (Brain dead JANet mailers)

    Purpose: The uk-motss mailing list is for gay people in the UK, or
    those who are interested in the UK gay scene / politics. It is a
    supportive environment for those unwilling or unable to read the
    soc.motss newsgroup, and confidentiality is assured. Anonymous
    posting is available.

    Contact: (Brian Smithson)

    Purpose: Discussion forum for users or potential users of the
    original NEC UltraLite PC1701 and PC1702 computers (the V30-based
    notebook computer with a 1MB or 2MB silicon hard disk, not the
    newer 286- and 386-based models).  Topics include general
    information, tips, techniques, applications, experiences, and
    sources for hardware, software, accessories, and information.

    Contact:  (Richard H. Miller)

    Purpose: Discussion of all Unisys products and equipment.

    Contact:  (Bill England)

    Purpose: The mailing list has been put together ostensibly for
    the purpose of linking graduates of The University of Puget Sound.
    This list will also help those interested keep abreast of current
    events and changes at the University.  Commercial postings are

    Contact: (Raul Polakof)

    Purpose: A mailing list for general discussions and information.
    To subscribe, please send name, e-mail, topics of interest, and
    (optionally), address and phone number.  Spanish is the dominent
    language in this group.

    Contact:   (Josh Siegel)

    Purpose: This mailing list is for discussions on various techniques
    for simulations of the universe as related to games and reality.

    Contact: (Syd Weinstein)

    Purpose: Discussion of Unify Corporations Database products
    including Unify, Accell/IDS, Accell/SQl and Accell/"generic
    database engine."

    Send "sub vampire" as the first line of a message to the above address.

    Purpose: There is now a mailing list dedicated to the White Wolf
    Role-Playing game, "Vampire".

    Those who may be interested in the subject, but are not familiar
    with the game itself are also invited to join.  You may yet be
    Embraced :)

       UUCP: ...uunet!arizona!noao!farpoint!vanguard    

    Purpose: Vanguard exists to distribute articles from the National
    Vanguard, the hard-copy magazine produced by the National Alliance.
    Typical Vanguard articles are racial in nature; those uncomfortable 
    with racialist thinking should not subscribe to this list.  From
    time to time on vanguard, previous National Vanguard articles will
    be distributed.

    Contact:  (Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart)

    Purpose:  Discussion of anything related to Venezuela.


    Purpose: This list is for Corvette owners and enthusiasts to share 
    their ideas and experiences about their car.

    Contact: att!houxl!mlh   (Marc Harrison)

    Purpose: A user's group for the AT&T VMEbus products to provide a
    two-way USENET conduit for the open exchange of information, both
    within and outside of AT&T.  There's very little data that's
    proprietary about the products (other than the source code for UNIX
    System V/VME), so the list is open to suggestions as to items of

    If you're interested, please send your name, e-mail path (via att
    preferred), affiliation, and use of WE 321SB (if you have one).
    Suggestions for items of interest are also encouraged.

    Contact: (Tim Takahashi)

    Purpose: Discussion of Volvo automobiles.

Vreme News Digest
    Contact: Dimitrije@BuEnga.Bu.Edu (Dimitrije Stamenovic)

    Purpose: Vreme News Digest (VND) is an English-language newsletter
    published by the Vreme News Digest Agency (VNDA) from Belgrade.


    Purpose: WAIS stands for Wide Area Information Servers, an
    electronic publishing project lead by Thinking Machines.

    The WAIS-discussion is a digested, moderated list on Electronic
    publishing issues in general and Wide Area Information Servers in
    particular.  There are postings every week or two.


    Purpose: WAIS stands for Wide Area Information Servers, an
    electronic publishing project lead by Thinking Machines.

    The WAIS-talk is an open list (interactive, not moderated) for
    implementors and developers.  This is a techie list that is not
    meant as a support list.  Please use the alt.wais newsgroup for
    support, and send bug fixes etc to

    Contact:  (David Harmon)

    Purpose: Walkers-in-Darkness is intended for sufferers from 
    depression and/or bipolar disorder, and affected friends.  This
    includes both "novices" and those who have learned to cope.


    Purpose: For computer war games with the emphasis on the Macintosh.


    Purpose: For the discussion of Games Workshop's Warhammer
    Universe, the Old World, Warhammer Fantasy Role Play, and
    Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

    The Warhammer mailing list is running ListMan 1.0b List Manager
    software.  To subscribe, send email to the above request address
    and as the first word on the subject line or any line in the text
    of the message put the word "sub". You may also include a
    parameter with the sub command.  This parameter will be treated as
    your *real* name, not your address (which is determined from your
    mail headers).  You may also send wfrp-request other commands, not
    the least of which is "help".

    Contact: (Michael Sullivan)

    Purpose: The discussion of all aspects of using weights in
    exercise.  Includes bodybuilding (competetive and
    non-competetive), sport-related weight training, "stay in shape"
    weight training; basically anything to do with lifting weights.

    Contact: (Rich Kulawiec)

    Purpose:  To discuss WhiteWater sports, experiences, and
    information.  Includes kayak and canoeing enthusiasts.  Please note
    that this mailing list is partially bidirectionally gatewayed to
    the USENET group  Whitewater specific postings
    are culled and sent to the mailing list, and mailing list traffic
    is sent to the newsgroup.  This mailing list is moderated and is
    probably only useful to those who do not receive,
    or are only interested in the whitewater traffic in that group.

    Contact: zaphod!pnwc! --or--
     (Eric Woodsworth)

    Purpose: This list is concerned with computing and statistics in
    fisheries and wildlife biology.  Relevant topics include G.I.S.,
    ecological modelling, software, etc.

    Contact:    windsurfing-request@gallium.uucp

    Purpose: The windsurfing mailing list serves as a discussion forum
    for boardsailing enthusiasts all over the world.  While
    non-windsurfers are welcome to join, the primary purpose is to
    promote the sport of windsurfing by specializing in windsurfing
    related topics such as equipment, technique, sailing sites,
    weather, the windsurf industry, etc.  We welcome you to join and
    share your windsurfing experiences and thoughts.  The list is
    non-moderated and your articles will circulate to everyone who

    Contact: (Roger Debreceny)
    To subscribe, mail to with the text
    "subscribe word-mac firstname surname" in the body of the email.
    Purpose: Word-Mac is a mailing list dedicated to serving users of
    the Microsoft Word package in its various versions.  It has regular
    mailings of questions and answers on the use of the package and
    also mails postings on Word that have been made to Usenet groups
    such as comp.sys.mac.apps ... an FAQ list is also under development.

    Contact: (Richard B. Emerson)

    Purpose: This list serves two functions.  The primary function is
    the distribution of NOAA status and prediction bulletins for the
    GOES and polar weather satellites.  This data is the same data
    available via SCIENCEnet NOAA.SAT bulletin board area.  The mail
    list also acts as a reflector for subscribers' comments and
    discussion of matters related to weather satellites, ground
    stations, and associated topics.


    Purpose: to discuss the interfaces and bindings for an
    Ada interface to the X window system.

    Contact:  (Steve Emmerson)

    Purpose: A mailing-list for the maintenance, enhancement, and
    evolution of the XGKS package, created by the University of
    Illinois under contract with IBM and distributed as part of X11R4.
    The XGKS package is a full 2C GKS implementation and allows GKS
    applications to operate in an X Window System environment.

    Contact: (Andrew Josey)

    Purpose: This list provides a forum for discussion of issues
    related to testing operating systems for conformance to the X/OPEN
    Portability Guide (XPG), including Issue 3 (XPG3) and later.
    The scope of this newsletter is the discussion of items associated
    with the testing of the X/Open Portability Guide - including but
    not limited to test suite technology (X/Open's VSX and other third
    party test suites for the XPG), latest news on X/Open Branding and
    other related issues. These issues can include problems related to
    test suites in general, testability of various features of the
    XPG, and portability of the test suites.

    Contact: (Tim Capps)
    Interested parties should send mail with 'HELP XVTDEV' as the body
    of the letter to:

    Purpose: XVT is a multi-platform window environment development tool.

    Contact: (Cliff Tuel)

    Purpose: The Yello Mailing List is a forum for discussing anything
    about the group Yello, or any solo works by the band's members.
    An extensive discography is available, as are several other files
    of interest.

    Contact: (Cathy Leak)

    Purpose: The progressive rock group Yes and its many offspring
    (especially the current branch of Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman and
    Howe). We do a little of everything: news, reviews, trivia, etc.

    Contact:   -or-   lsuc!dave	(Dave Sherman)

    Purpose: articles, jokes, etc. in transliterated Yiddish, and
    discussion of Yiddish language and culture (in English).  Some
    familiarity with the language is required to understand most of
    the messages.

    Contact: (John Sahr)

    Purpose: Activism on employment issues for scientists just
    beginning their careers.  The Young Scientists' Network
    attempts to inform the press, the public, and government
    officials that there is no shortage of scientists; we hope
    to find traditional and non-tradiotional employment for
    scientists.  Stories about the Young Scientists' Network
    have appeared in Science, Physics Today, and on National
    Public Radio; we've met with officials from the National
    Science Foundation and other agencies.

    Contact: (John De Armond)

    Purpose:The Z-car mailing list operates for the benefit of those
    interested in Datsun/Nissan Z cars.  The interest base is
    primarily for the original Z, though all discussion regarding the
    Z line of cars is welcome.

    Contact: (Eric David Hendrickson)

    Purpose:  For fans of the rock group Led Zeppelin.

    Contact: (Jonathan Bowen)

    Purpose: ZForum is intended to handle messages concerned with the
    formal specification notation Z. Z, based on set theory and first
    order predicate logic, has been developed at the Programming
    Research Group (PRG) at Oxford University for well over a decade.
    It is now used by industry as part of the software (and hardware)
    development process in both the UK and the US. It is currently
    undergoing standardization.  ZForum provides a convenient forum
    for messages and queries concerned with recent developments and
    the use of Z.