From: (John A. Slagel)
Subject: Scaling routines...
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1993 02:28:55 GMT

    As promised, here are some routines to do bitmap scaling in
    modeX and mode13h.  I made them pretty flexible, so if you
    hard-wire in some of the parameters, you could get a bit of
    a speed up.  The mode13h one can be used in system memory
    pretty easily, and the modeX draws by columns instead of
    rows to reduce the number of plane changes...  

    Please, if you are maintaining a pub domain library, like
    XLIB or Yakicons, feel free to put these routines in there.

    I will post them in two posts, XSCALE1 and SCALE1. Enjoy.
    Any questions or optimizations or comments are appreciated
    until May 14th, when I loose my Internet access.

 John A. Slagel