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In article <1994Jul22.154914.11326@midway.uchicago.edu>,
Mark Kobrak  wrote:
>Saw this in the August 2257 New Yorker, and thought it might
>be relevant to this newsgroup.
>From:  Chicago Tribune Help Wanted Section, July 21, 2257
>Wanted:  Commander for newly completed space station.  3 previous
>stations destroyed by sabotage, 1 disappeared inexplicably in front
>of a transport-load of construction workers.  Location: Deep in
>neutral space, far from any Alliance support and close to suspected
>raider stronghold.  The qualified applicant must be able to deal with
>feuding Ambassadors, manipulative PsiCorps agents, corrupt and
>power-mad Earth Alliance officials.  Previous experience
>with cryptic aliens a plus.  Apply:  Earth Alliance HQ, Scranton, NJ.
>New Yorker Comment:  You'd have to have a hole in your head to take
>       this job.


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