SPHINX.TXT - Sfinxer og kameler

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  Subject: sfinxer og kameler              142: no.vitser      Status: Public 
Date: 25 Oct 1995 12:57:50 +0100
From: Hans Kristian Ruud 
Organization: Dept. of Informatics, University of Oslo, Norway

> Kamelens seksuelle drifter er sterkere enn en hingsts
> etter flere meneder i oerkenen proevde den e voldta en sfinx
> men de intime deler av den damen ligger senket under floden Nil
> derav kamelens pukkel og sfinxens uransakelige smil

The sexual drive of the camel
is stranger than anyone thinks
at the height of his mating season
he tries to bugger the Sphinx.
But the Sphinx`s posterior sphincter
is clogged up by tha sands of the Nile
which accounts for the hump of the camel
and the Sphinx`s inscrutable smile.

In the history of syphilication
from ancient ape unto Man
it is generally held that the Navy
has buggered whatever it can.
Yet recent extensive researches
by Adams and Huxley and Hall
have shown that the common hedgehog
has never been buggered at all

We therefore regard our thesis
concluselively to be shown
that comparative safety on shipboard
is enjoyed by the hedgehog alone.
Why haven`t they done it at Spithead
like they`ve done it on Haravrd and Yale
and also at Cambridge and Oxford
by shaving the spines of its tail?

- The Rugby song book -