About bearstrong.net

Look, a new about page.

That's me to the right. I run a blog about death and suffering, ie. politics.

And that's my twin brother to the left. He comes out when the world is too absurd for me to deal with. You can tell him by the beard.

At daytime I make money as a programmer. I write software for webservers, currently at a Norwegian online bank. This responsibility does not cost me as much sleep as it ought to.

I live in Oslo, Norway. They tell me it's not half as ugly as everyone says. And the buses run almost on time, and are not always full. Could be worse.

I was born in 1978. It was a good year, apart from the invasions, coups and genocides.

My goal in life is to understand everything. Among common symptoms are high stacks of books near the reading sofa and a frantic look as I scream "stop me before I buy again!" There is currently no medical treatment for this condition. It is 100% fatal.

I can be reached by mail at .