Essay archive

I’ve been writing online for a while.  Here are the old essays and blog posts I think may still be worth reading:

Knowledge, belief and ideology

Historical Mythologies (2008)

Lessons from the anti-library (2007)

Exploring the Dark Corners (2006)

Why the news is a waste of your time (2006)

Illusions of Progress (2006)

Thoughts on time and history (2005)

Fooled by Randomness (2005)

Why we need professional encyclopedias (2005)

Opinions about the unknowable (2005)

Goodbye to the missionaries (2005)

The conspiracy smell test (2005)

Modular design in politics (2004)

Objectivity and neutrality (2003)

Woohoo’s and gotcha’s (2003)

The Iraq war

What Went Wrong? (2007)

The Iraq war revisited (2005)

Case of the Missing Nukes (2003)

The city fathers of Carthage (2003)

Islam and terrorism

Living with terrorism (2006)

Islamdebatt v2.0 (2006)

Muhammed cartoons have got everyone confused (2006)

Believe what you say, say what you believe (2006)

The Essence of Islam (2004)

Anti-Islamic views – the debate continues (2004)

More on banning Islam (2004)

Spanking your inner racist (2003)


Lesser Known Nobel Peace Prize Winners (2007)

Snappy Title: How I Expanded A Moderately Original Idea Into 300 Pages of Misleading Anecdotes (2006)

Når Jesus leser bloggen din gråter han (2006)

At the siege of the MSM (2006)

Bli en politikkblogger på 1-2-3 (2005)

Don’t you know there’s a war on? (2005)

Five reasons to vote for Professor Genocide (2004)

Time for another war yet? (2004)

Okay so maybe I’m silent but that doesn’t prove anything! (2004)

Five reasons why Bush is like Hitler (2004)

The racist message of Two Towers (2003)

The Lion roars no more (2003)

General politics

How Far Is Far Enough? (2006)

The Better Kind of Hypocrite (2006)

Victimization on the right (2006)

V for Vendetta’s politics (2005)

Pro-democracy, anti-politician (2005)

Ingen plikt å stemme (2005)


No Gods, No Masters – A Liberal Reads Anarchism (2008)

Bookshelf Curiosities: The Jungle is Neutral (2007)

An Atheist Reads the Bible (2007)

Good Books You Should Feel Under No Obligation to Read (2007)

Are social sciences good for anything? (2006)

Translating Shakespeare into English (2006)

Books of 2004 (2004)

All the President’s Spin (2004)

Anti-Americanism (2004)

Books of 2003 (2003)


Off the fence on global warming (2007)

A global, personalized culture (2005)

Responsible piracy (2005)

Legacies of a blood-red decade (2003)