40′s movies marathon – part 75

Isle of The Dead (1945) - Boris Karloff, Helen Thimig

Isle of the Dead (1945, USA, Robson) – Quarantined on a cemetary island during an outbreak of plague, Boris Karloff and others, one of whom may be possessed by an evil spirit, sit down and wait to die.  Watched it all.  Another genuinely good 1945 horror movie, this time of the Poeish persuasion.  It’s almost as if something happened that year that made people more appreciative of the horrible and the macabre.

Dick Tracy
(1945, USA, Berke) – Bad comic book movies have a long tradition.  But at least nowadays you can expect them to be bad in an inventively annoying way.  Watched: 8 minutes.

West of the Pecos (1945, USA, Killy) – A rich eastern family goes to Texas to get some fresh air and physical exercise, and meets bandits etc.  I think this is one of those westerns they show on the TV in the background in other movies.  Watched: 7 minutes.

Wonder Man (1945, USA, Humberstone) – Danne Kaye is being very silly, in color.  Even death can’t stop his antics.  Watched it all.  In the clip above he’s trying to tell the district attorney about a murder by, er, infiltrating an opera performance.

Our Vines Have Tender Grapes (1945, USA, Rowland) – Life in a Norwegian farming community in Wisconsin, where some people are good, and some bad, but mostly they’re good.  Watched: 23 minutes.

Blithe Spirit (1945, UK, Lean) – An ironically detached couple gets visited by the ghost of the husband’s first wife, and go through the usual ghost farce stuff.  Watched: 28 minutes.

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