Listened to on vacation: Ratatat, Shiina Ringo, Deep Purple, Misstrip, Eero Johannes

I don’t know how I ever managed to travel without a 160GB mp3 player.  The people, they are annoying, and they talk all the time!  Gah!  The optimal solution would be to make it socially obligatory to use sign language when you talk on the bus, train etc., but I guess it’s .. easier to just turn on some music if you’re the kind of asshole who is annoyed by that sort of thing.  So here’s what my mp3 player dug up for me this vacation:

Ratatat – Wildcat, from the 2006 album Classics

Shiina Ringo – Ishiki, from the 2003 album Karuki Zamen Kuri no Hana

Deep Purple – Listen, Learn, Read On, from the 1968 album The Book of Taliesyn

Misstrip – Lilly White, from the 2009 album Sibylline

Eero Johannes – HAL Manifesto, from the 2008 album Eero Johannes