40′s movies marathon – part 50

The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek (1944, USA) – Betty Hutton gets drunk, married and pregnant with a soldier – and wakes up not remembering who with. This being a Preston Sturges movie, it’s all quite cheerful and noisy. Favorite line: “This is the greatest thing to happen to our state since we stole it from the Indians!” Watched it all. Contains an early version of the Hitler YouTube meme.

Summer Storm (1944, USA) – The old tsarist aristocracy was silly and decadent and out of touch with the people. Watched: 27 minutes.

Till We Meet Again (1944, USA) – Nazi schweinhunds bother French nuns. Watched: 9 minutes.

Know Your Ally: Britain (1944, USA) – Why Americans should trust the British. “There’s nothing wrong with Britain that couldn’t be cured with a correspondence course in showmanship.” What I found most interesting were a couple of map details: Northern Ireland is not part of Great Britain, Vichy France is not ruled by the Nazis, and the British Empire is quite small and insignificant, hardly any evil empire at all. Watched it all. First in a series – I wonder how they presented the Soviet Union.

Follow the Boys (1944, USA) – Vaudeville stars pat themselves on their backs over how bloody patriotic they are. Watched: 8 minutes.

The Fighting Lady (1944, USA) – Life on the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown, with battle footage from the Pacific. It’s odd to see World War II actually being fought. Watched it all.