40′s movies marathon – part 65

Dillinger (1945) - Lawrence Tierney

Dillinger (1945, USA, Nosseck) – The legend of John Dillinger.  A hard, brutal B-movie that gets everything right.  Watched it all.

Enfants du Paradis (1945, France, Carné) – Various Frenchmen live and work in a street in Paris.  Watched: 21 minutes, at which point a mime who has witnessed a crime tells the police what he saw by miming.  Incredibly, nobody murders him.

Johnny Frenchman (1945) - Françoise Rosay, Tom Walls

Johnny Frenchman (1945, UK, Frend) – Two Cornish and Breton villages are rivals for fishing grounds, but the war brings them together.  It’s all a bit heavy-handed, but I just love that Ealing feeling.  Watched it all.

Blood on the Sun (1945, USA, Lloyd) – James Cagney gets on the bad side of the pre-war Japanese government by revealing their nefarious plans for world domination.  He’s also, highly improbably, some kind of judo master.  Watched: 17 minutes.  IMDB reviewers claim this movie has an anti-racist message, which just goes to show that people will go to any length to find excuses for a movie they enjoy.

Cornered (1945) - Dick Powell

Cornered (1945, USA, Dmytryk) – Dick Powell returns to liberated France to take revenge on the Vichy official who executed his wife.  He goes about it a bit stupidly, especially for the kind of devious noir world he inhabits, but it’s fun to see the birth of the post-war “Nazi in hiding in South America” theme.  Watched it all.

Pride of the Marines (1945, USA, Daves) – If I hear the Marines’ Hymn one more time in a movie, I’ll .. be very tired of it, that’s for sure.  Watched: 12 minutes.

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