40’s movies marathon – part 93

Make Mine Music (1946) - Disney - Singing Whale

Make Mine Music (1946, USA) – A cheaper-looking Fantasia.  I must find out what was going on at Disney in the mid-40′s.  They released all these mediocre movies that were also pretty inventive – and fun, especially when you don’t know what to expect.  But still mediocre.  I loved the jazz numbers, though, and the one with the singing whale.  Watched it all.

Paisan (1946, Italy, Rossellini) – Short stories from the invasion of Italy.  In the first, it seems the filmmakers just grabbed some random G.I.’s and put them in front of a camera.  Their dialogue is possibly more convincing if you don’t understand any English at all.  Watched: 10 minutes.

Ride the Pink Horse (1947) - Robert Montgomery

Ride the Pink Horse (1947, USA, Montgomery) – An American tough guy arrives in Mexico to take revenge on a gangster who killed his friend, but mostly he just walks calmly about town being awesome.  I think what I love most about this movie is Robert Montgomery’s voice.  Watched it all.

I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now (1947, USA, Bacon) – A troubadour who cares little for money and less for fame travels around the country spreading joy and harmony.  That’s what the intro text says, and I’ve decided to take it at its word.  Watched: 4 minutes.

13 Rue Madeleine (1947, USA, Hathaway) – There are right ways and wrong ways to make a spy movie.  Starting it with 6 minutes of newsreel-style exposition is one of the wrong ways.  Watched: 7 minutes.

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