40′s movies marathon – part 118

A Hen in the Wind (1948, Japan, Ozu)

There’s a better way for a young mother to stay alive in post-war Japan than to sell off your last belongings.  But don’t expect any thanks from your husband, who thinks a family can survive on nothing but good intentions while he’s been stuck in a POW camp.  Watched it all.

Rogues’ Regiment (1948, USA, Florey)

And the award for least plausible Nazi Untergang scene goes to .. Watched: 8 minutes.  I hope the war criminal they’re hunting turns out to be Vincent Price.  He’s really starting to get the hang of his Evil Voice.

Road House (1948, USA, Negulesco)

This is something new – I love when that happens!  What’s new is the way Ida Lupino walks into a bar, sits down by the piano, and sings like she thinks singing is pointless but can’t think of a reason not to.  Everything bores her, but seeing as there’s nowhere else to go, she intends to chain smoke her way through life until something interesting happens.  Watched it all.

A Southern Yankee (1948, USA, Sedgwick)

You can tell this is a comedy because the title sequence summarizes the story with the use of cute caricatures.  Watched: 4 minutes.

Rope (1948, USA, Hitchcock)

Two men kill their friend just to see what it feels like.  It feels good.  Rope is maybe my favorite movie ever.  I rewatch it every chance I get, and it’s comforting to know that, even if I hadn’t discovered it already, I would have today.  Watched it all.

5 thoughts on “40′s movies marathon – part 118

  1. Gil Gilliam

    I don’t really remember how I first came across your blog, perhaps you were a commenter on another one I was reading, but I’m glad I did. I eagerly await each new installment of your 40s film reviews.

    One questions – how do you source the films in question? Is there some great DVD service etc that has all of these?

  2. Bjørn Stærk


    No, I download them through BitTorrent. There are some really good trackers for old movies out there. (Mail me if you want help finding them.)

    The way I do it is I download everything I can find from a given year, and then I buy the ones I end up liking on DVD.

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