Book roundup: Robert Paarlberg, Fa’iz El-Ghusein, Det hendte 75

Robert Paarlberg - Food Politics - What Everyone Needs to Know

Robert Paarlberg – Food Politics – What Everyone Needs to Know (2010)

All the big issues in food politics, such as international food prices, food scarcity, genetic modification, subsidies, and obesity.  Surveys the current state of things, and what the different sides believe.  Seems even-handed, though the left won’t like his siding with agricultural science and economics, and I find it shocking how easily he dismisses individual choice as a factor in healthy eating.

Recommended: Yes.

Fa’iz El-Ghusein – Martyred Armenia (1917)

A genocide is just an abstract number until you’ve read the eyewitness account of someone who has stood and cried over the corpses of raped women, lying forgotten by the road.

Recommended: Yes, but the translator has decided to leave out the most gruesome details, (hard as this may be to believe).  Why is there no new translation?

Det hendte 75

All the events of 1975 that you can remember, and some that you can’t, such as the wonderful news that the troubles in Cambodia are over at last.

Recommended: Yes.  Such summaries are almost worthless at the time when they’re published, but when you read them four decades later they illuminate all the concerns and blind spots of their age.