1950s movies marathon – part 105

Sjunde inseglet / The Seventh Seal (1957, Sweden, Bergman)

The mid-20 century existentialism of the main characters is so annoying that I actually like the flagellants better. I mean, what would you prefer to do, if you lived in the time of the Black Death? Make ironic observations about faith and death, or  walk around the countryside in capes, singing the Dies Irae? Wow! Watched it all. Anyway, if you want to watch a movie about Scandinavian old-time religion, go with T. H. Dreyer’s Vredens dag and Ordet instead.

Aphradi Kaun (1957, India)

This is a two hour long Indian movie full of singing and dancing. Watched: 3 minutes. This is just to let you know that, yes, out of all the 50s movies I’m fast-forwarding through, some of them are Bollywood movies. And I hate every second of every one of them. There is nothing that interests me here, not even to make fun of. I’ll return with more when Bollywood starts doing something interesting. They eventually got over that multi-hour musical epic phase, right?

The Abominable Snowman (1957, UK, Guest)

That British guy who had a minor role in Star Wars brings a bunch of loud American yahoos up into the Himalayas, in search of the yeti. Take a guess at how many of them make it back down. Watched it all. Everything is right about this monster movie, but what stands out most of all is the landscape, icy and mountainous, the perfect setting for lying alone in your tent and hearing howls in the distance.

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