1950s movies marathon – part 107

The Curse of Frankenstein (1957, UK)

That guy whats-his-name who had a minor role in Star Wars has the most fantastic cheek bones and nose. It makes you want to hug him, even when he sneaks about dismembering people and performing unholy experiments that violate all that is decent in the world. Watched it all.

Jet Pilot (1957, USA)

The world’s sexiest, most flirtatious Russian jet pilot makes her way into John Wayne’s airspace, where she is brought down to earth, and taught about freedom and this strange thing you westerners call .. “love(?)” Watched: 21 minutes. Was there some kind of Communism fetish in the late 50s, where generals who spent their days cold-sweating at the thought of mutually assured destruction fantasized about capturing a Siberian ice goddess? If so, this movie was made for them. Btw, aren’t you a little old to be a jet pilot, John?

Loving You (1957, USA)

A shy truck drivers turns out to have a great singing voice, and he does something with his knees that makes all the girls scream, but will success go to his head etc? Watched: The musical bits. But enough about the movie, let’s talk more about Elvis. I can’t shake the impression I get from these movies that he’s some sort of god or alien who has been beamed down to earth. I don’t know what star power is made from, but it’s real, and you feel it strongest at moments like this, when it’s introduced in its purest form for the first time in a new field.

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