1950s movies marathon – part 109

Paths of Glory (1957, USA, Kubrick)

Yes yes it ‘s a great movie. Watched it before, many times, and again now. But let’s look at it from a new perspective: Is this movie really implying that the chief problem with the armies that fought World War I was the occasional bad apples, like ambitious general or a drunken cowardly officer? Because it seems to me that even if these two people hadn’t been present in the story, the death count – hundreds in the battle scene – would be almost exactly the same. So, what, executing three extra soldiers on a phony cowardice charge, that is more unfair than what happened to all their comrades? Btw, Kirk Douglas in a uniform looks very much like Bruce Boxleitner in Babylon 5. Yay!

Bop Girl Goes Calypso (1957, USA)

There were a lot of movies in 1957 which tried to cash in on the rock’n roll craze by telling stories about washed up music executives who were trying to cash in on the rock’n roll craze, but, surprisingly, there were almost as many movies dedicated to calypso, the most annoying form of music ever stolen by the white man. If Cthulhu dreams in music, that music is calypso. Watched: Hard to say, it’s all a blur, like  a nightmare you know you must not remember, or it will drive you mad.

4 thoughts on “1950s movies marathon – part 109

  1. Bruce Rheinstein

    I’ve never really understood Paths of Glory. It appears to be inspired by the French Army mutiny following the Nivelle Offensive, but with the underlying facts changed in order to create cardboard heroes, villains, and victims.

  2. Bruce Rheinstein

    Not that I’m aware of, but considering the French executed more than 600 of their own men during the war, it’s possible.

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